Thursday, December 30, 2004

Trend- (n); a general inclination; what is hot

2004 will soon bid us goodbye as 2005 is ushered in. But this year has sure been very memorable to everyone. This is the year when I graduated from High School and stepped in to college. Let’s see what else I remember in the fields of national and world events, entertainment and fashion and lifestyle.

World and National Events

* 2004 saw Filipinos and Americans voting for their new leaders. GMA is elected anew as president of the republic when she beat FPJ and other aspirants. Until now, controversies surround the election of GMA as RP’s top man or make that top woman. While knowing who our next president was going to be took almost a month, the Americans knew who their president was in less than 2 days after the election thanks to their efficient computerization program and to John Kerry’s concession. George W. Bush is reelected and is now declared as Time’s Person of the Year.

* AFP was in hot seat this year as some of its high-ranking officials face charges of corruption. The matter is up until now under investigation.

* Angelo dela Cruz was held hostage in Iraq and was freed when the Philippines pulled back its humanitarian contingent in the war-torn Asian country much to USA’s disappointment. Months later, 2 more Filipinos were kidnapped- Angelito Nayan by the Taliban in Afghanistan and Roberto Tarongoy by Iraqi rebels. Nayan, a UN volunteer, is now freed together with his “co-hostages”, while Tarongoy’s fate is still unknown.

* Iraq has been granted its independence after President Bush’s US-led war against terror. But Lo, and behold, they are still under American “supervision”. Afghanistan, on the other hand has elected its newest President in the person of Hamid Karzai

* The Philippines has experienced another fiscal crisis this year. This occurrence brought forth the formation of the Bayanihan Funds. Some legislators have also surrendered their pork barrel, while some cut short of their budgets.

* The Philippines gets devastated by typhoons come the months of November and December. Thousands of Filipinos, particularly in Quezon, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya, and Aurora, are left homeless after the tragic incident. Thousands have also died suffering from flash floods that hit their towns.

* Another calamity has hit Asia, this time in larger proportions. An earthquake that occurred under the sea near the island of Sumatra produced a Tsunami that battered the countries of Thailand, Myanmar, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, and Sri Lanka. The death toll is now at almost 80 000 and is expected to even get higher as days go on and the search for missing bodies continues.

For world and national issues, my most fabulous epals are the “heroes” who risk their lives in name of service for those who were struck with these calamities. My most annoying epals are Eddie Gil, the nuisance presidential candidate who later on joined Showbiz, and Ellie Pamatong who is another nuisance candidate this time for a post in senate who later on spread hundreds of nails in the streets of EDSA damaging the tires of many cars and endangering the lives of many motorists.


* Animated movies are a hit again this year as the movies Shrek 2 and The Incredibles drew in the buckets and are 2 of the movies that belong to the top 5 box office hits of 2004 according to ET.

* The Philippines witnessed the Reality series The Amazing Race visiting our beloved country. The 4 remaining couples back then went to Cavite to assemble jeeps, to Laguna to plow, and to El Nido to witness how beautiful the beaches were.

* We have all seen the crowd-drawing artista searches this year namely Starstruck and Star Circle Quest. But this year, the runaway winner is the singing contest American Idol. Now on its 3rd season, AI hits the Philippine shores for the 1st time. Camille Velasco and Jasmine Trias, 2 of the finalists in the contest are proudly half-Filipino.

* Thousands of our kababayans mourned the death of Fernando Poe Jr.. FPJ, who ran for President last May, is also regarded as the king of Philippine cinema. Many of his fans and supporters trooped to Sto. Domingo Church to pay their last respects to da King.

* 2004 is definitely Usher’s year. Mr. Entertainment scored such a big hit with his album Confessions. He has received more awards than any other artist this year, thanks to his singles Yeah, Burn, Confessions Part II and his collaboration with Alicia Keys, My Boo.

* Piracy is still around. But an obvious trend this 2004 was buy Orig Pinoy, then it’s ok to purchase fake foreign. This plays good music to the ears of different Filipino artists as Filipino music is very much in this year. Stand out performers are Rivermaya, Bamboo, Parokya ni Edgar, MYMP, Christian Bautista, Kyla, South Border, and many others.

* It is a weird year for Show Business both here and abroad. You have Britney Spears marrying twice this year. Marie Kate Olsen also admits that she has eating disorders. Martha Stewart is now in jail. Michael Jackson might soon follow her. And Janet has got problems keeping her clothes on. Locally, we get confused which is which. Drama is added to reality. Drama now has comedy, thanks to Dugong. And Comedy has now a dash of reality. Ang gulo!

My most fabulous epals in the field of entertainment this year are Dugong, that famous sea creature character played by Malou de Guzman, and Camille Velasco and Jasmine Trias. The most annoying epal to me is Lindsay Lohan for singing rumors. VJ KC Montero has said it well: You are a celebrity. You cannot expect a quiet life or the paparazzi not following you.

Fashion and Lifestyle

* South Beach diet is very in this year, especially now that more and more people are getting conscious of their figures. And yes, as PDI has put it, diet has proper names now. South beach even has its Filipino version. Talk about ingenuity.

* Monique Lhuillier is now big in the US. Monique has designed the gown that Allison Janney wore in the Emmy’s this year, and the wedding gowns that Britney and Natalie Imbruglia sported. In case you still don’t know, this fashion designer is Filipina and is part of that clan of jewelers originally from Cebu.

* 50’s chic is back. Now, it’s okay to look old. Elegant tweeds, fabulous pumps, and brooches are back en vogue.

* Pitoy Moreno, a well-known Filipino designer has been given a tribute this year at the CCP. He had a two-night show there featuring his old and new creations. The event also praised all the laborers that have stayed with Pitoy all these years.

*This year belongs to the Young Designers’ Guild. They are a class of their own. Theirs are the hands and minds that created the most stylish pieces of 2004. Some of the members of the Young Designers’ Guild are Avel Bacudio, Mel Vergel de Dios, Dennis Lustico, and my favorite Ivarluski “Ivar” Aseron.

* Statement shirts were en vogue in 2004. It was very successful that even Bench was inspired to make its very own “I Series”. It is perfect for people who are very much into their individuality. My favorite statements are those which are printed in the shirts available at American Boulevard.

* MTV Philippines gave out awards this year. No, I am not talking about MTV Pilipinas or the VMA’s or AMA’s. I am talking about the very first MTV Style Awards in the country. There were 2 sets of judges who chose who the winners are going to be- the public and the design council.

My most fabulous epals in this field are of course Celine Lopez and Ipe Cruz, simply because they are fabulous. Annoying epals are those who don’t care about any other thing except their photos getting taken for different society pages. How shallow!
That’s all, folks! Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal!! Happy New Year!! God Bless us all!! ☻☻☻

Monday, December 27, 2004

New Year is just around the corner, and just like Christmas, it entails a lot of excitement. Polka dots are back in vogue and so is everything that is circle or has circles. Lalong tumaas ang presyo ng bilihin, lalo na ng mga prutas na bilugan. Expect some body parts to be scattered on the streets to, as firecrackers are put back to use. These firecrackers are used in belief that they drive bad spirits away, but in reality, they drive me nuts. Magtatalunan na naman ang mga taong di katangkaran sa pag-asang tatangkad sila. I also do that because I wanna be at least 2 inches taller each yr. But the New Year also marks a new start. It may seem like a cliché but it is true. So here are some of my resolutions that I will try to fulfill this New Year:

1. I will try to lose some weight. This means less chocolates, less donuts and more exercise. This does not sound fun.
2. I will try not to stay as late as usual. Kaya lang sana makaya ko. I am an insomniac at heart; if there is such thing.
3. Try to be more secure with myself- with what I am and with who I am.
4. Try not to judge people by merely looking at the external.
5. Be more careful with my things. Mahirap ng may kasama kang pakialamero sa bahay niyo.
6. Save some more. Try not to indulge on things that aren’t really that of importance.
7. Study harder. If I wanna get to the top, I should rely on myself more than on others. I also wanna get a job by the time I turn 18. In that case, I would have to work harder.
8. Free my mind. Explore myself more.
9. As KC de Venecia would put it, don’t mind the negative and accentuate the positive. I need to be more optimistic, less of a worrier and pessimist.
10. This is one of the toughest, lessen on the gossip. My 1jrn2 friends, say they don’t trust me that much because they think that I can’t keep a secret. They don’t realize that they are just the same, some are even worse. Ako lang ang napapansin nila, dahil mas maganda ako. Hahaha!

Putting those to realization will be tough. But I am gonna try my best. Kayo rin, subukan niyong maging mas mabuti sa taong darating.

That’s all folks, thanks for being one with the fabulous epal. God Bless us all!! ☻☻☻

Saturday, December 25, 2004

It’s Christmas Day!! We aren’t really expecting visitors this year that’s why lola, Itoy, ate Agnes and I have decided to go to the mall early in the morning. My lola started the day feeling not so ok. We are living with a thief; she said she lot $20 US. Hayyyy, grabe na talaga yung magnanakaw na yun dito sa bahay namin. Hindi na siya nahiya. I know I should not be saying this, especially now that it is Christmas Day. But that thief should not be doing that too; he should not be stealing from my lola, and from me in any form. I prayed to the Lord: please enlighten that person that he may know how much damage he is causing. The fact that I am using the pronoun he does not mean that I am pointing fingers. It’s just that I am not in the mood to be one with the feminists today. Going to the mall, we purchased a couple of tickets for the movies we will be watching. Lola and I called the shots- they were going to be Mano Po 3 and Lastikman. Both titles have already been shown last year; only that this time they have different casts, and different stories to tell.

Mano Po 3: My Love
This film from MAQ is believed to be the last installment of the saga produced by Mother Lily featuring the lives of Chinoys living here in the Philippines. In this feature, Vilma plays the lead role as Lilian, a crime crusader who has been caught in between two loves- Jay Manalo as Paul and Christopher de Leon as Michael. She is also the mother of Patrick Garcia who turns out to be the son of Michael, and Karylle and Angel Locsin both from Paul. Lilian and Michael played by Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino respectively were a couple back in their younger years. Paul, then played by John Pratts, was their best friend and confidante. Things changed when Michael decided to leave for abroad under circumstances they can’t control. Paul Marries Lilian and they had 2 children plus one (Patrick Garcia). The couple is now planning to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary until Lilian and Michael meets again in the picturesque Thailand. Michael explains everything and Lilian realizes that she is still in love with her first boyfriend. Things are shaken including the married couple’s matrimony.
I have seen the whole saga of Mano Po, all in theater, all in SM Manila. This installment, I must say, is the weakest of the three. The film’s viewers are much younger now, and the love team of Vilma and Boyet just does not bring that kilig feeling to the younger generation. The acting was okay. Vilma delivered what was needed, but nothing really excellent. Eddie Garcia’s golden front teeth are the only ones that stood out. It is still fun, though, to experience the culture of our Chinoy brothers and sisters. The film also stars Sheryl Cruz, Boots Anson Roa, Jean Garcia and Dennis Trilio. On a scale of 1 to 10, with ten being the highest, I am giving Mano Po 3 a 7 1/2.

Lastikman: Ang Unang Banat
Vic Sotto’s Viva films-released box office hit last year returns to the big screen this Film Fest, except that there is no bossing to reprise the title role. This time it is Mark Bautista’s turn to take on the superhero created by Mars Ravelo. Mark as Adrian, a typical teen from the barrio, is paired with Sarah Geronimo as Lara and pitted against the likes of Cherrie Gil as Lastika, and John Estrada and Danilo Barrios as the Taong Aso (dog-like creatures). Mark got his powers from the rubber tree in their province when he saved it from illegal loggers- the next thing he knew, he can already be stretched. The same rubber tree granted the special elastic powers of Cherrie Gil who was killed, together with her family, by the barrio people who thought they were a family of aswangs. On the other hand, the taong aso played by the 2 handsome actors were the only ones left of their kind. That’s why John Estrada convinces son Danilo to learn to protect himself and stop protecting other people. Danilo did not want to obey his father until the night John was killed by the people from the city. Danilo resolves to take revenge against Lastikman. Revenge was also Cherrie’s moving force who plans to take it against the murderers of her daughters and anyone who stands in her way. In the end, Lastikman prevails over Lastika, and Adrian confesses to Lara his feelings for her. It is called Unang Banat because there is a part 2, for sure, that is because the viewers have yet to see who wins between Lastikman and the remaining Taong Aso.
How I wish I did not see this movie from Director Mac Alejandre. It was a waste of time and money. If the first one was bad, this installment is worse. I jut can imagine how that part 2 to this is going to be. The film tries to take on a Spider Man-esque story line but fails, not only because it lacks originality, but because it does not compare to the special effects of the Sam Ramie film. If you were an intelligent filmmaker and screenplay writer, you would have discovered that Spiderman drew in the buckets, many have seen the film, the young and the old alike. That is why you would not dare copy its plot. Kahit na papaano. The acting wasn’t really great- even Cherrie Gil’s character and acting were mediocre. I’d say that the most stand out in this film are Tuesday Vargas and Bearwin Meily. The film also features Elizabeth Oropesa and Joel Torre. So far, this is the psssssshest film I have seen in the cinema this year. I am encouraging you people, who have not seen it yet, not to watch it. You will just be wasting your precious Pesos to this flak. At mabubwisit lang kayo sa mga batang maiingay sa sinehan. Hahaha!! I am giving this film a 4. 4 because it is the number that sounds like the word poor the most.

One realization, though: today’s Filipino films have also been indiscreet venues for advertisements of different products- from canned goods to fast-food chains, from tonic drinks to insurance plans. Hayyyy, producers!!

That’s all folks, my first in-depth film reviews. Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal. I am fabulous. I am epal. God Bless us all, and Merry Christmas!! Happy Birthday, Jesus, and to my cousin Cheryl, and to someone really pogi who belongs in the past. ☻☻☻

Friday, December 24, 2004

“Tis the season to be thankful

Christmas is just hours from now. I am excited, and I guess everyone is. It is a season for gift-giving, but we should also not forget that Christmas is time for thanks-giving. So let me thank these people:

My dad: you have been working abroad for a long time now. I just can feel how hard it is out there. I can also feel your sorrow each time you will call us and sing us that famous line “have yourself a merry, little Christmas.” Don’t worry, daddy, we’re just under the same sky. Merry X-mas! I love you!

My mom: Mommy, we may have some misunderstandings at times but I feel so happy because we’re really close. I just wish that you change your ways now that you’re bearing another child (hayyyyyyy!!!!!!!). I love you!

My lola: I keep on saying that you are a strong woman, and I really admire you. Thanks for taking care of me and Itoy while daddy is away. I love you!

Ate Agnes: Thanks for being patient with me each time I shout at you. Hehe!!

Christian Arribe: Salamat sa Havaianas at Billabongs na pinadala mo na hindi pa dumarating. Nauna pa yung gifts ng tita ko galing Canada na kagabi niya lang pinadala.

Emil Tumbaga: After graduation, you have remained the friend that I knew back in HS. We still talk regularly and go to the mall together each time we can. Thanks!

Eclai: Thanx for being my favorite baby sister. I really miss you. I can’t wait to spend New Year’s Day with you!

Tita Jo: Thanks for always checking on me and itoy. Gaya ng dati, katuwa parin kayong kausap.

Tito Michael: Thanks for your concern. It’s such a joy having you as my ninong.

Tita Maricel: I may have not liked you in the beginning but you have been so good to us and my dad. Thanks for that!

Tambe: Thanx for not forgetting your beautiful cousin here in the Philippines while you’re there in Japan and now temporarily in Hawaii. Sosyal ka na!! You have evolved!! Haha!! Tita Rose misses you so dearly!! I love you.

Carmen, Ian, Dexter, Joanne, Vanessa, Tina, Cathy, Amor, Mel, Crizelda, Ange, Dorothy, Cristine, Acel, Jovie, at sana’y wala akong nakalimutan: thanks for being my “BARKS”.

Matteo Guidicceli: Thanx for being cute, you are the local version of the fast and the fabulous

Ipe Cruz: thanx for being cute and awesome. Haha!! Feeling close!

Celine Lopez: Thanks for good reads during Sundays. You are one of the reasons I am taking up journ. I am looking forward to the day I am more fight! than you are!! Hahaha!!

Patricia Evangelista: Thanks for being fantastic. You are also one of my idols. And thanks because your writing has now improved.

1jrn2: Thanks, guys!! You have been there for me in triumph and in loss, in pain and in joy, in happiness and in sorrow, and everything in between. (cathc the full wish list by clicking here.)

Snickers: Thank for coming in my life. I miss you so much!

Jesus: Thanks for being my brother, and thanks for coming to the world to redeem the human race. Happy birthday!!

God: Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings you have given me and my family!

That's all, folks!! Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal!! I am fabulous, I am epal!! God Bless us all!! ☻☻☻

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Get Listed

With Christmas just around the corner, I might as well make my own wish list. I love gifts, especially if I know that they are expensive but I desire far more important things than what money can buy. I hope Santa gets to read this.

1. Health and Safety for me and my family and all my loved ones (friends included)
- I have been feeling chest pains lately; I hope that it’s just nothing. I only live with my lola and my younger brother while my dad works abroad and my mom stays in Cavite; that’s why every night I pray to God to keep us always safe and healthy. I want to spend more time with all of them.

2. Success in studies
- 2nd Sem is going to be tough especially now that there is one teacher furious at me. I hope that he does not take thing personally. I am a good student… with a disturbing behavior. Hehe!!

3. Less calories gained after the holidays are over
- It’s really tough to watch your diet during this season. There are just plenty of food we can splurge on.

4. I wish that typhoon victims and the poverty-stricken be able to start anew
- I can’t help but just feel for those people. I just wish that more fortunate people will extend their hands to help those who are in need instead of spending their money buying those non-sense things.

5. That the world be defined
- There are just so many things that we can’t understand nowadays. Had things been defined uniformly all over, it would have been a more peaceful world since there is less space for misunderstanding to occur. I also wish that people start listening more than talking.

6. People start looking at what is not obvious
- People nowadays have become shallower, more superficial. I am also guilty of this, I admit. But there are just so much that we tend to overlook if we base things on their external.

7. Stop politics; Public service is better
- I wish that government officials start doing their jobs, and stop putting a big deal out of the funerals they attend. Funerals are big now, they have become publicity stunts. They must understand that yes, those people who have died are their friends and are important people, but there are more people who are alive and are in need of their attention.

8. Christmas lights and decorations stop burning
- I wish that Christmas lights and trimmings are made more efficient and safer so that less damage are brought about.

9. Media become more an outlet for service than an industry
- I will be working in media soon; I just hope that by that time media is more trustworthy and that the situation now doesn’t get worse. I don’t feel good watching the news whenever I realize that they are more concerned with profit than service. I wish that they realize that they are given a big responsibility, and they can change so many things if they just want to.

10. That all my wishes come true
- I can only wish.

There you go, people. Those are some of the things included in my wish list. Ibahagi niyo naman ang inyo.

Post Scripts:
I got to read one of Jaypee's short entries this week- the one which was about Christmas. I totally agree with him, Christmas has been too commercialized. Thanx, jaypee! Nice entry!!

Last night, I have realized this: I need not rush things. I am 17, living in a world soooooo complicated. But I am glad because I have myself in my own universe.

I was blog hopping last night and I got to read Bianca Gonzales’ blog for the 2nd time. The girl rocks. She is very beautiful inside-out. I wish more people were like her. I also got to browse at Ala Paredes’ site which was also rocking. When I clicked one of Ala’s links, I got to read this:
Falling in love used to be a simple matter. It isn't anymore. People are being born too smart or too dumb or too wicked for it, or perhaps people have stopped being born and only shallow, brittle spurious cowards are walking the streets.
--Kerima Polotan, The Hand of The Enemy

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Post Script from FPJ’s death

If you have been following the news lately, it may be very obvious to you what da king’s biggest blockbuster hit is- his demise. You can jut see how the people- his fans, allies, and enemies- trooped to Sto. Domingo Church which now seems to be the newest movie house in town where the rich and the less fortunate meet to pay their last respects. Nakakaaliw ding pagmasadan kung pano nagmistulang isang agaw-eksena ang hari ng pelikulang Pilipino sa mga noo’y bida na biktima ng mga bagyong naminsala sa ating bansa. (Notice my Filipino? I am trying my best not to use taglish in one sentence. Let one sentence be purely English or purely Filipino.) It’s one big hit after the other, pun intended.

W. Dreams

Wait, wait, wait. I am not talking about wet dreams here. W stands for weird in this case. My dreams today were really odd. I dreamt of ghosts from my sleep last night. Napanaginipan ko yung tatay ng kaklase ko na nagmumulto, pero hindi pa naman siya patay sa totoong buhay. You should give me credit; this is tough, man. I was really scared. Natulog ulit ako nung hapon. I was surprised because in my dreams was one of the ultimate kuyas (no English substitute in this context) from CA- Ronald James. They transferred to our class for our supposed project in Philo. Sayang nga lang nagising ako agad. I wanted to sleep again; take my chance if he is still there. Haha!!


I got myself a copy of Youngtar’s December issue. On the cover are the hunky AJ Dee and the beautiful Bianca Gonzales. The fab magazine features stories about the critically acclaimed stage play The Penis Talks, fantastic ways to accessorize your plain whites, and the awesome Young Designers’ Guild. I will write more about this topic on a separate entry next time. Youngstar is available in all bookstores and newsstands. It costs 80 bucks per copy. Please check out Metro Mag’s Annual Body Calendar issue that showcases “surprise” celebrities such as my favorite kuya these days, Ipe Cruz, model/ tv host Phoemela Barranda, make-up artist Xeng Zulueta and many others at their sexiest. On the cover are real-life couple Iya and Drew. It is a special edition that is why it is 20 Pesos more expensive than the usual 100 bucks.

So goes, time to go. Folks, thanx for being one with the fabulous epal. I am fabulously epal and I am proud of it!! God bless us all!! ☻☻☻

Monday, December 20, 2004

Why I hate Milk

I don’t know if I am lactose-intolerant or what, but I really don’t like drinking milk. My parents told me that when I was still a baby, I would not settle for the ordinary milk but consume the one that is made with soy which was very pricey. Ganun na daw ako kaarte kahit na nung bata pa ako. They also told me that they had to use Neutrogena when bathing me. No ordinary soap, please.

What really annoys me is not the milk, but the milkman or the milkmaid. I am not talking about the ones you are thinking of right now. I am not talking about those who milk cows but those who milk on events- those who use different situations to their benefits. I was not able to watch Manny Pacquiao’s fight when it was aired live. I was tired after a day of shopping and strolling in Glorietta. I only got to watch it when it was replayed one Sunday morning when I was reviewing for CWG. Regine Velasquez sang the National Anthem to the amazement of the crowd. Dumgundong ang boses niya sa boong Taguig. She almost got me confused what the real Yanig sa Taguig is. I was also not surprised to see many political figures and rich businessmen in the fight. Gambling maybe. It also did not shock me that Manny won; I am not a fan, but the guy is impressive. What surprised me the most, er, annoyed is the next scene that followed. A photo op with Manny and Vice President Noli de Castro. It was a publicity stunt of big proportions- a boxing champion and the champion of the masses. I admit that I am a fan of Mr. de Castro but that was when he was still anchoring TV Patrol. But when he ran for a post in the Senate? Pshhhhh. Much pshhhh when he ran for Vice President. I did not even hear any achievement from him when he was still an “honorable” senator. And now, there are news conveying the message that Noli boy is planning to run for President in the next presidential elections. Heaven forbid.

FPJ is dead. It was a death used by people from the opposition, the administration, and the media to their advantage. Come on people. Now you see many people- including the enemies of the diseased- mourning and telling oh so many good things about the guy. I have so much respect for da king, but the thing is, he had little for himself. He let those selfish people convince him to go politico. It is a death larger than life. No matter how the opposition denies it, it is very obvious that they are benefiting from the death of their “leader”. Now it is foreseen as a comeback for Erap or even the entrance of Susan to politics. The administration uses the demise for redemption if they really had cheated last May elections. And the media? Need I say more? I think there is no need for elaboration. One more thing, they say that FPJ is such a great loss in showbiz. What is there to lose in an industry such as ours?

Sana ngayong pasko, mabawasan na ang gatasan sa pulitika, sa showbiz, sa trabaho. Let’s leave the milk to the children who are left hungry by all these non-sense milking.

Laugh trip: I got to see a friends’ friends’ friend’ profile in friendster. In the “about me” section, she made an acrostic with her name to describe herself. These are the funniest:
O is for organic
E is for enjoyable
And the last E is for Exhausting

Fabulously made over is my blog by Aika!! salamat, yayaclez!!

Folks, thanx for being one with the fab epal. I am fab epal and I am proud of it! God Bless us all!! ☻☻☻

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Or so we thought?!

I am back. Finally, my MS Word is put to use again now that I am back blogging. The thing is, I am a blogger, and I will always be. So here is the change- the change I made a big deal out of- change in URL, change in name, and change in layout. This may not be as drastic as Rafael’s R Evolution; I am a blogger, not a freak. Hehe! Juk juk juk!!

Ponga is the new Santa Claus
After I visited their site, my desire to own Havaianas has increased. Those babies are so cute and so stylish. Limited stores offer those Brazilian flip-flops here in the Philippines (I only know of Celio in Greenbelt and Taboo, but someone messaged me sa Friendster telling that some boutiques in Rob Galleria and Manila also sell those pricey babies.). Kaya I asked my good friend Ponga who is based in Australia if they have them there. Sabi nia nga meron kaya I asked him agad if he can buy me my Havaianas. He said yes. Bait talaga ng lola ko!! Haha!! The next day, nagulat ako dahil habang nasa English class ako, nagtext ang loka telling me that he has found my Havaianas, only that they are not the Trekking Havaianas. Top pala yung nakita niya. Nag YM kami and he asked me if ok nay un. Xempre nmn noh, everything Havaianas is an appreciated addition. He also offered to send me a pair of flip-flops from Billabong. The designs of those Billabongs are also fabulous. Di ata available ang Billabong dito so it will be awesome to be one of the few to own a pair of Billabongs. Christian is a wonderful friend. Walang halong bola. Isa siyang tunay na Santa Claus in form and in spirit. Haha!! I can’t wait ‘til I rest my feet on those beauties.

Mall-Hopping with Emil
Matagal nang nangangati ang mga paa ko to go to the mall. Kaya naman I asked Emil to come with me para mamasyal at mamili. At first, he declined my invitation. Pero nung Friday, pumayag din siya. Later that night, I called him to confirm if he was really coming. He said yes. Kaya kahapon go kami sa SM Manila and then sa Glorietta. Napagod ang mga paa namin kakaikot, at naubusan ng laman ang mga wallets namin kakapamili. Emil is such a wonderful companion sa mga lakad na ganito. Palibhasa kasi sanay na siya sa ugali at kaartehan ko, wala na xa masyadong reklamo. Hehe!! While strolling around the mall which seems like a maze, nakita namin sila Nicolette Bell at Rissa Samson. Rissa was sporting a dark makeup, and Nicolette is prettier in person than how she appears on TV. Next time, kasama ko na sila mamasyal!! Hehe!!

A Tribute to all Epals
Let’s admit it, lahat tayo ay may kanya-kanyang kaepalan. But there are epals who are annoying, and there are epals naman who are fabulous just like me. This blog is a tribute to epals of all kind. That is why Diss Miss is out, and the fabulous epal and the annoying epal are in. The fabulous epal is something that appreciates the kaepalan of someone I know. On the other hand, the annoying epal is something that serves in place of Diss Miss- inaba nga lang ang pangalan. The first fabulous epals are my friends (in alphabetical order): Aika, Emil, Jaypee, Ponga, and Rafael. These people are so good to me. The annoying epal for this time being is Loajo. He took all the opportunity to sour-grape when I was being confronted by Chiesos. Nakisakay siya sa issue nang sobra for publicity. Magsama silang 2.
Folks, that wraps up my 1st entry. Thanx for being one with the Fab Epal!! I am a fab epal and I am proud of it!! God Bless us all!! ☻☻☻

Saturday, December 11, 2004