Sunday, July 31, 2005

Juh-bee-lay-syen. Finally, after 6 outings, UST has snatched its first win in the 68th season of the UAAP Men’s Basketball. They were pitted against the lowly bulldogs. Jokes have been circulating in the community recently that this battle is the mother of all battles this season. Both teams were winless, both were hungry. UST led to as much as 21 points before half time when NU, led by the underrated Edwin Asoro, orchestrated an explosive comeback in the second half to tie the game and force the decision until overtime. At the end of the extra five minutes, UST barely escaped the bulldogs to get their first win. What these tigers should learn is to play tougher defense. They may be a short team but they can capitalize on their speed. They should believe more in themselves. They don’t get failing marks in their classes when they are absent for practice or for a game, they should deliver. Santo Tomas’ last game for the 1st round is on Sunday and it will be against the undervalued but superb University of the East. Hope springs eternal. I have predicted that UST is this season’s UP(67th season). Come on, guys. Jojo Duncil said it all, “Ayaw ko ng matalo.” Go USTE!!

Jacky’s debut at the Ball Room of the Hotel Rembrandt was a blast. She looked fabulous in her green and yellow dress. Jacky expected more to come but I told her never mind those who did not make it, but feel thankful for those who attended. Jane, Jewel, Francis, Aika, Jenny, Dale, Chartz, Jene, and myself were present and we learned so much about Jacky. According to her relatives, she is a very “kikay” lass yet very responsible. I wanted to dispute that but who am I to contest when those words came from the mouths of the very people who know her best. The highlight of the night was when Jacky talked to her mom who is in Canada via phone-patch. Feeling artista daw sya. Hehe!! But the highlight for the group was when Jenny and Dale performed a song. Todo!! But I have different highlights. There were so many cuties in attendance. But the cutest would have to be Jacky’s younger brother, Igi. Malapit na kaming maging magkapamilya ni lola Jacky. Magiging sister-in-law ko na sya!! Haha!! Happy 18th birthday again, Jacky!!

A guy called me this evening saying that a former schoolmate recommended me to him. He asked me if I were willing to commit to a part-time job with a Php 10,000 salary per month. The job is to help educate middle-aged people about preventive health. We are going to discuss the details tomorrow in Makati. I hope he is a cutie so that it will be easier to decide!! Hehe!! But who gets offered part-time jobs everyday with that salary? Ang dami kayang walang trabaho!!

That was all, folks!! Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal!! God bless us all!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Getting attached, going detached. It was an emotional morning yesterday. It was already 7 and not even half of the class is already in the room. He peeped inside the room to see if he still has students- if after the entire hullabaloo we were still there. A few were, some were to arrive late. Sisyphus, oh Sisyphus, to depersonalize or not to. It was no accident. He related and he was so attached to the essay. He was Sisyphus and we could be his rock or the gods. I believe we were the former. So after an hour of reading the essay, and explaining it, he talked to us. He uttered lines that struck our lucidity- which by the way is one of the key terms used by Camus in his essay. I could not help but feel with and for him. He told us that if he were to form an elite group of 40 people, there was no doubt in mind that he would choose us; never in his teaching career did he become so close to any of his classes except our class; among his expository classes, we are the worst; it’s hard to be professional when he already treats us family; nagpapanggap lang kami; and it’s hard not to miss our class. My eyes were misty and so were his. That was the banana we have to swallow that early in the morning. Good thing our prof for the next subject was absent- we got to rest. Hehehe!! Baka mamaya, may iba na namang masabi. I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world- laughing plastic, it’s fantastic. You can brush my hair, undress me anywhere, look at my panty see if I’m made in China.

Yehey!! Bati na kami ni Ralph. I finally talked to him yesterday. I let go of my pride. I did that for the sake of our friendship and for the class. I don’t want to just call the attention of my classmates about our present situation as how I see it and not make a move toward making the situation better. Masarap sa pakiramdam dahil namiss ko talaga si Chokoleit.

That was all, folks!! Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal!! God bless us all!!

Monday, July 25, 2005

No, I am not touching the issue on SONA. I’ll leave the spitting, swallowing, and digesting to the experts and to the feeling experts.

No classes today. I ate tacos. I watched Game Ka Na Ba. I slept for more than 10 hours the whole day. In short, I am sure that I gained some extra and unwanted pounds today. To make matters worse, I have nothing decent to write on my blog today. Just who writes about how he gained some additional and useless pounds in a day?

That’s all, folks!! Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal!! God bless us all!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Not even mediocre. My effectiveness as your teacher is greatly diminished. I hate to be mean but even a grade 6 student can do better. Deciminate- I can’t believe it. I get a feeling that I don’t need to be with you anymore. Sounds like Simon Cowell? No, those are lines uttered by someone our class holds dear; by someone known for his charm and sense of humor. It is disturbing that he has walked out on our class for two straight meetings. But at least finally, he had set the limit. He had set his boiling point. This way, our class will take him more seriously now- I hope.

3 straight hours of no classes. I was there since before 7 only to realize that I’ll be spending 3 straight hours burning my ass on my chair, vexing Xam, and getting vexed by some mean girls-wannabes. Well at least I enjoyed spending most of my 3 hours with my classmates and I also got to sleep inside the classroom. I also taught my classmates two new songs. And they seemed to like the songs!! Hehehe!! And Hershey got to kiss two new girls!! Oh my gosh!! Just imagine getting that kiss from Hershey, of all people!! Mumog, girls!! Mumog!!

Joke time during our vacant period:
Bakit takot si Dale sa matataas na lugar?
Dahil may BEARtigo sya!!

I would like to thank our first and last prof today for coming to class instead of staying in the hospital to take care of his son. Had he not come, going to and staying in school today would have been pointless. At dahil pumasok sya, pointles na lang ang araw na ito!! Nabawasan ng single s!! Hehehe!! Sana gumaling na anak nya!! Sabay bawi ng ganun eh noh?! Seriously, I meant that with all sincerity.

That was all, folks!! Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal!! God bless us all!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

mtv bolahan. live in: makati, malacanan, journ class!! todo na ito!!

that was all folks!! thanx for being one with the fabulous epal!! God bless us all!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Delirious. Only those who are uberly- optimistic will say that the Philippines is not in turmoil. The Peso is down. Oil prices continue to rise. The economy is still down. More and more people are becoming poor. Protesters continue to hound the streets. The government continues to lose the trust of the people. The Filipino may be losing all hope. But one thing remains to be seen- I am beatufiul. And early today, I wrote about doors. Hahaha!!

The ire of the people is set towards the government particularly Mrs. Arroyo for all the problems that the country is facing. In fairness to the lady President, she is not to be blamed solely for all these occurrences. If she is to be faulted for any of the ordeals our nation has- it is the crisis in education. Year after year, less and less people are able to go to schools. Our public school system is inefficient. Just imagine the ratio between the students and the teachers. Does that look conducive for learning? The quality of education in our nation is deteriorating. No wonder people do not know why these problems exist and just easily get swayed by other people who supposedly know better that the government is the only one at fault. Had the people gotten the education they need, then they will realize the Oil-producing countries have control over oil and its pricing. That is why no matter how the government tries, the world market still has the last say. The people would also understand why wiretapped materials are inadmissible in any judicial court. And most definitely, they will be asked to write about a topic they don’t like to write about, say, doors. Haha!!

It still continues to rain. Rain has been falling from the skies since early this morning. Ang lamig ng panahon. Sa wakas, tag-ulan na. Too bad because of the non-stop rain I was not able to watch the exhibition game between the champion tigers and the “ailing” tigers. I do not have high hopes for UST this UAAP season which kicks-off on July 9. DLSU may even be able to finally beat UST in the over-all championship. Speaking of DLSU and ADMU, my classmate once wrote about the DLSU shit. It was an angst-filled entry that if read by people who study from the “prestigious” (notice the quotation mark!! Hehehe!!) school will surely get their ire. I am glad my classmate is still alive today. It is sickening, how these two schools continue to slug it all out in many fields. Matagal na silang magkaribal. Sa sobrang tagal, nakakasawa na. That rivalry produced an image that the two are the best schools in the country. Sure they may have produced many of the countries most successful men, but I doubt that they are the best schools in town. Last night, I watched Insider and I quote Ces Drilon and Dong Puno before the show closes.

Ces Drilon: Dong, may tanong ako sa iyo.
Dong Puno: Ano ‘yun?”
CD: ‘Di ba Atenista ka?
DP: Oo. Atenistang-atenista.
CD: O, ang La Salle nagsalita na. Eh ang ADMU?
DP: Eh kasi ginagamit pa naming ang utak namin eh. Nag-iisip pa kami!!

Sick!! %$#&*^^%%$(*(!!

Testing lang:

That was all, folks!! Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal!! God bless us all!!