Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Enough. Things have been really going bad for the country these days. More and more are becoming victims of the disillusioning condition of the nation. Last night, er, this very early morning as I laid awake, thoughts ran my mind. What if, for one day, I were given a chance to play someone Bruce Almighty-esque, what will I do?

If God will give me His powers for one day, I will:

1. Control the climate/ temperature/ weather here in the Philippines. I will not make it this hot. No skins shall burn. No armpits will produce buckets of sweat. This change shall remain constant. In this way, more people will find it more conducive to study or to work.

2. Crucify corrupt officials. Or feed them to the lions. Have you seen the lions at Manila zoo? Aren’t they the thinnest? Have you seen politicos lately? Aren’t they getting fatter and fatter each time they appear on TV? Let the lions at Manila zoo gnash with their teeth the corrupt officials in our country. Let the good ones stay. After this has been executed, go look at the lions. Aren’t they the fattest? Oh but lions know how to puke too! Haha!

3. Make the terrorists change their cruel ways. Make them plant trees and flowers. Make them learn how to cultivate and harvest these. Flash in their minds the faces of people they killed. Make them ponder what they will feel if the people they killed were their children or their wives, or their parents. In this way, they will feel guilty and will not return to their wicked ways and terrorist misadventures. Or am I just being too positive? Maybe they will kill themselves after I have flashed to their minds the damage they have caused.

4. Find an effective cure to AIDS (and other incurable diseases). Deliver the medicine to countries greatly affected by the syndrome especially the ones in Africa. I just hope that Africa will not have population problems because it is already the 2nd biggest continent, next to Asia, in terms of population. Let medicine be not only accessible to the rich.

5. Eliminate all non-talents in Showbiz and celebrity-dom. Make those superficial rich society people donate half of their belongings to the poor.

6. Produce more jobs and quality education in third-world countries like the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Botswana and many others.

7. Make family ties closer but not to the point of children growing forever dependent of their parents.

8. Control Oil price-hike. These oil companies are getting to everyone’s nerves including mine. They are definitely abusing their power. If they do not conduct an 80% roll-back and continue on with their irritating increases, let them drink their oil products to death!! Let the government officials who do nothing to confront this problem join the drink fest.

9. Make all products and services priced reasonably and affordably. Let the poor people experience buying D&G products every time they want to. Let them purchase kilos of blue marlin each time their stomachs crave for the yummy fish.

10. Clean the environment. Turn illegal-loggers to trees and make those drivers and factory owners breathe the smoke they produce straight from where the smokes come from.

11. Let words have uniform meanings all over the world. In this way, understanding each other will be easier. Let context be contextualized.

12. Make all my dreams come true. Haha!! I am hedonistic!! Haha!

But then again, I find it impossible for me to have God’s powers. But I can start with myself so are the people reading this. The realization of these may be wishful thinking but then again dreams are for free.

That’s all folks!! Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal!! God bless us all!!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

EXtreme Sacrifice. I don’t know why it’s always this friggin hot every holy week particularly the last three days of it. I was roasted in my bed this morning. I am sweating with the rest of the Philippines. I want to shout!! But then again, no!! Hot!!

“I have moved on,” may be a sentence to cliché-esque in 1jrn2’s quotable quotes thanks to Angela and more thanks to Mr. Buko but however overused it is it still applies. Hot!! Choosing a bf/gf is hard. Maintaining your relationship is harder. Forgetting about him or her is the hardest. Getting over is not an overnight process. You can cry all you want and tell yourself that that will be the last time that bitch is gonna make you cry but still find yourself crying the next day. After days of locking yourself inside your room with your wet pillows and nose filled with dirt, you open your door and decide to eat because you are hungry. Hot!! You can dress up and go to your friend’s house or go to the mall with your buddies and confess to them that you are totally over that guy but still find yourself waiting for a text message from the bastard who made you cry. You can fill your stomach with chocolates and other sweets imaginable then remember the same chocolates and sweets he has given you when he was still willing to spend on you and buy you chocolates then complain that you are getting fat. Hot!! After some weeks of thinking that it is ok for you to become friends with your EX because you think he might be suffering too, you call or text him. Ask him how he is. When he replies to your messages saying that he missed you, you think that there is a possibility for reconciliation. You tell your gal pals that early that you think your EX is planning to get back with you. But then the next day, you find out he is courting someone else. He is courting his ex-girlfriend before you were together. Hot!! You go back locking yourself inside your room and crying and blowing your nose as hard as you can to the point that of losing all your nose hair. You ask yourself what is wrong with you. You speak to yourself in front of the mirror. Hot!! You speak to yourself while listening to your CD player or your MP3 as it plays songs that remind you of that pig and songs that urge you to commit suicide. But then again, suicide is bad. You then choose something that is lesser evil. You plot and scheme. You think of ways on how you can get your boyfriend….oops… ex-boyfriend back. You think of ways on how you and your friends can embarrass the girl he is courting now. Hot!! You now turn yourself into the proverbial mean girl who is out for revenge after his boyfriend left her. But after months and months of trying you still find yourself unsuccessful and you realize how unworthy your EX is of all the things you did and you tried to do. Hot!! You remember how smelly his feet were, how dirty his nails were and how, sometimes, he would even ask you to pay for what he had eaten. You feel stupid but then again you’d feel good because at least that pig is not your boyfriend anymore. You do not have to suffer again bearing with his snout. And you no longer have to experience that EXtreme sacrifice again. You just have to be careful next time.

That’s all folks!! Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal!! God bless us all!!

Monday, March 21, 2005

The Manny Murder. The town is still buzzing and the public is still talking about it; Manny got beat. Patriotism aside, I think Morales is no doubt the cuter boxer and by that single factor he deserves the win. But I think Manny had the bigger heart but he also had the bigger wound. Props still. He continued on with the fight and lasted the whole 12 rounds. I did not see the whole fight but I actually saw the most crucial one- round 5. After that, I went to the mall with my sister to do some shopping and hunting.

No matter what angle Paquiao’s camp would play up- it won’t matter. He lost. But he accepted his defeat. His future is now up to him. The Philippines has it share of champions that after being beaten had been miserable. In real life, however, we should learn from Manny; he stood up after falling down and continued on with his bout. It is a tough world and life offers tougher punches. Excuses don’t matter. What we should not pick from Manny is his English!

That was all, folks. Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal!! God bless us, all!!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Graduation blues. I bet Vitamin C has been selling so much these days because it’s graduation season. I like the girl; too bad she did not last that long. I heard her hair was squeezed after her town craved for orange juice but there was shortage. Haha! I love digression!! This time last year, we were practicing and taking pictures of ourselves. We were so busy saving ourselves remembrances. Now, batch 2005, it’s your turn.

MCS will always be home to me, no matter how corrupt the institution is or no matter how bad the system is. It has been my house for 11 long years. What I like most about it is its red gates mainly because I like red. Tomorrow, you will be marching wearing your togas and caps in baby blue. I actually do not know the reason why it’s baby blue. It should have been red or white since those are the colors of our school. Nonetheless, those togas are not really important; you will return them back anyway. I can still remember how hard I cried last year but still afforded to smile each time I saw cameras flashing. The mass will soon follow. Believe me in the so many years you stayed in MCS, this is the only mass that will not make you feel sleepy. After that comes the giving of the diplomas. I reminisce 3 years ago when I first attended a graduation ceremony in MCS, after the students were given their diplomas; their parents were waiting down the stage. You can feel genuine love as the graduates hugged and kissed their parents. Last year, I was with my lola, my tito Lito, and my mom and Eclai who were late. Please do not be ashamed if your parents or guardians are like this and that. It is important that you share this memorable event in your life with them. After all, no matter how hard you try, you cannot claim that you did it all on your own. Then the giving of special awards follows. I can also recall how disappointed I was when I though that I will only be receiving 5 medals last year (I was mistaken, of course). But now I realize that that no longer matters; you will meet even more intelligent people than your toughest competitors in HS later in life. Then what follows after is up to you.

I may not know all of you, batch 2004-2005. But I am happy that I have met many of you- some of you have even been my crushes. Haha!! High school is fun but life does not stop there. Life should continue. Do not worry that you will not be seeing each other again. My friends and I are testimonies. If you want to succeed in life, stagnation is the last thing you would want to learn. It’s time to turn what is potential to what is kinetic. No matter how you hate how the school works, be proud of it. Be proud of yourself. Use what you have learned. Never forget the memories you have gathered in all those years of your stay at MCS but do not linger on for such a long time. There are so many things waiting for you beyond the red gates. You will meet more outstanding, more fun classmates and definitely more impressive teachers! Treasure what there is to treasure tomorrow and the years that precede it. But most of all, just for kicks, do not forget the lines and the booboos your teachers and classmates have uttered and have done so in case you find your to-be college classmates irritating, you will have something to laugh at.


That’s all folks. Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal!! God bless us all!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

What’s with worrying? Alliteration. I am a self-confessed worrier/hypochondriac/paranoid. But of course those terms apply in different situations. Thanks to my mom, and Mr. Webster, I have learned those plus the very “big” word for others- anxious and the oh-so constant in a student’s dictionary- procrastinator. The feeling of having to rush things lately was not exclusively mine. I am sure my classmates and other students on this side of the globe felt the same. We have to meet with deadlines. Whoever invented that term must feel guilty and sorry!! But as I penned the last word in the last page of my last test paper, I also painted a smile to my face- a sign of relief. Aside from our English research paper which is already for passing, I have no other things to think about. Goodbye wrinkles. Goodbye, additional blemishes. Goodbye, sleepless nights. I am sure my bed missed me. Well, the feeling is mutual. I think I faired well in all my exams. The Economics test was not that tough but I still think I could have done better. But there is one thing I am sure of- in all my exams, I did my best. My brain cells remain in a state of entropy after I squeezed them and tortured them to extract the answers to those questions.

I am sure right at this very moment, I am worry-free. But I sympathize with what the country has gone through the past 2 days. The siege in Bicutan has again put the Philippines in a bad light. Terrorism in the country continues to become a perennial concern in the Pearl of the Orient. Do not blame what happened just to those who attempted to jailbreak. Fingers must also be pointed to those who were supposed to be doing their jobs to prevent what had happened. That incident just showed the whole world how poor the penal system is in this 3rd world country. You can’t help but feel disappointed at the authorities especially now that there are reports that they were warned that what happened is a possibility because you know that preventive measures could have been applied. Now that the Camp Bagong Diwa is a just picture of a war zone, where will you place those other suspects or criminals? Will you just let them wander in the streets? Strategize for their next big “surprise”? Or place them in other jails where the prisoners are already dying because of claustrophobia? Last February, my classmates and I went to Bilibid. It was a memorable experience particularly the moment we entered the prison, the time when we were interacting with the prisoners and the instant when we were supposed to enter the maximum security level but heard gunshots and learned that there was a riot taking place. We have seen how the quarters of the prisoners in the medium security level was. It was not conducive to life. Imagine sharing a very small room with 7 other people. Consider the fact that summer is here. Oh please. Just do something. Increase the VAT rate. Go ahead. Do not debate. You are wasting your time and the people’s money. Just make sure that you are giving the Filipino’s money’s worth.

F**k!! Do something!!

That was all, folks. Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal. God bless us all!!

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Pride isn’t just for lions.
Two days from now are our final exams. There are just so many things I feel I have accomplished in the past few days. The past days were exhilarating and frustrating but nonetheless, I feel so proud with the outcomes my group mates and I have produced.

Power of Thoughts.
I have been attending anticipated Masses for the past several weeks. In that way, I get to do more things during Sundays. This day was no different. I made my way to the church. After the homily given by the priest, he said that another priest would want to share his thoughts with us. The 2nd priest was so animated I freaked out. I swear. I was on the verge of leaving the church for the fear that I might be living out one of those films where in just one wink, everyone dies. I promise to read more next time.

The logic of appreciation.
I appreciate all my teachers this Semester. That is all. I don’t want to get in any trouble anymore. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Haha!

That was it. Thanks for browsing. Let’s just hope those people watching Norah Jones’s concert don’t get bored! Haha! God bless us all! Thanx for being one with fabulous epal!!

Saturday, March 05, 2005

I am back. The thing is- I don’t know if it’s good or bad- but I have really nothing to blog about. Honestly, I almost have forgotten that I still have an existing account. These past few days have been really excruciating. I have forgotten what the word “idle” means. This is what you get after spending hours and hours of brainstorming for a crazy newsletter and a workable research paper material- selective amnesia. Forget it. But the only time I get to rest during weekdays is when I daydream. The only consolation I get is the fact that in a few weeks’ time it’ll be the long-awaited summer vacation. What kills me is the reality that it is called “summer” and the climate is as hot as a teacher’s head after discovering that students are using the internet nowadays to evaluate the performances of their mentors. Why does it have to be that way? Well, I’d rather keep mum rather than be punished for having to think and then transforming my thoughts to words that can be read by people from all over the world as long as they can access them.

Last Saturday, I went to Joanne’s debut celebration, a day before that I was with Vanessa who was also celebrating her debut. It was fun getting to meet my high school friends again. It served as something like our high school reunion. There were no pressures- only excitement, unlike the regular high school reunion where you have to show to your whole batch that you are the most successful, considered as media goddess and they are all a bunch of people who still depend on their parents for a living. You are the sleek showbiz personality, while they are the sluggish suckers. It has just been a year, and I missed them. Ok. To make things clear to those who have been to Joanne’s party, I mentioned “friends”, so you know who the odd one out is. To my surprise, Joanne has loads of cutie classmates. I am sorry Emil, but they had left when you changed clothes to impress them. Haha!

Our finals will start the week after next. Only then will my beauty be restored. Haha!

Thanks for dropping by; it was my pleasure to write again. God bless us all! And oh, I missed writing this- I am the fabulous epal!! ☻☻☻