Friday, February 24, 2006

damn it

I do not know what is happening in our country right now. I do not really know what’s in it for the politicians who want to take it a mile further just to stay in power. Are they in it for the money? The fame? The prestige? Those things shall perish once they die. And their souls will burn in hell.

The President is one tough lady. She is small but you can sense the toughness in all 59 inches of her frame. But this is enough. She has done so many stupid things for the country. This also goes out to all our politicians today. Let all those who have clean consciences stay in power and please God. Let all those who just serve themselves, and their political parties be ousted, be struck by lighting. Let their souls burn in hell.

If things continue to go this way, the National Telecommunications Commission shall control local TV and radio stations. This shall affect all citizens. Our freedom to free speech and expression shall once again be compromised. But this will affect people like me more. I am a budding (bading) journalist. Hopefully, in two-year’s time, I will be graduating. As if the labor problems in the country are not yet worst, if PGMA will turn into another Marcos, then that will definitely make my journalistic ambitions on hold. Damn it!!

Let our politicos be models to our student leaders at school. The elections are now over. Start doing your jobs, people. Greeting the students is not part of your job. Again, the elections are over. Stop acting stupid. Do not follow the footsteps of these filthy politicians. Be public servants, do not be politicos.

JournSoc’s election is fast approaching. I just hope things will get better. The outgoing president and some other officers did not quite fare well. The acquaintance party was a bad one. The place rocked, but the food was not fine. The bulletin board is one of the worst there is in AB. The President did not even show up in the Journalympics and the AB unity games to support the Journ team. Biggest project? The Jrn shirt. No wonder our batch has no love for the queen Lilliputian.

I was the Student Coordinating Board President back in High School and Elementary. But I was more frustrated with how I performed back in hs. We (the officers) could not push through with our projects because we did not get any support from the administrators, much more from our own moderators. There was a time when I was about to consult with PTAC the unreasonable price increase in our canteens. But my own moderator stopped me from doing so because the directress was upset. Damn in!! I enjoyed high school but that was because of my classmates, friends and teachers. What I did not enjoy about it was how corrupt the system was in our school. It still is, based on the stories I hear from my brother. It was only now that I am in college that I realized the difference between Student Council and Student Coordinating. Ours was meant to kiss the butts of the administrators and serve the students at the same time. Some teachers even complained that we did not organize a Teachers’ Day for them. As if admin butt-kissing and serving our co-students were not enough pressure yet. But my being SCB President is over. I am happy. But looking back, it still frustrates me. And I apologize. If I could only turn back time, I would know what to do. Damn. Had I known that I would suck, then I would have not run in the first place.

This should be the lesson to our politicos. Stop butt-kissing. If you know that you would suck or that you suck, then resign. Or do not run in the next elections, if there will still be elections.

Go find your princes while I play with frogs. God bless us all!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Today is Valentine’s Day.

Damn it!!

Haha!! What’s wrong with Valentine’s Day, you ask. And you still do not know by now. You must be one of those lucky people who are in a relationship right now!! Or you must be those naïve young ones who do not give an ass to V-day. V-day is that day that reminds you that you are single- and you are miserable.

Damn!! Walking in the catwalk today I have seen heart balloons placed beside those bulletin boards announcing who the successful UST applicants are saying, I love you alleanah!! Then I saw really cute kuyas carrying bouquets of flowers. It was difficult controlling myself not to ask them if those were for me, and yes, we can get married the next day.

UST students are very creative when they want to say something to their loved ones. Aba, aba, may nagfefeeling na kuya pang nangharana kina Val at Jacky kanina. Kamusta naman yun? Pero yung iba naman, sobrang nageffort para lang isulat gamit ang rose petals ang gusto nilang sabihin. I love you lang naman yung isusulat nila Bakit di nila itry isulat yung supercalifragilisticexpialidocious gamit yung rose petals. Tignan natin kung di sila mawindang kapag ginawa nila yun!!

Sobrang gasgas na rin yung bibigyan mo yung girlfriend mo ng flowers with matching chocolates. Next time, try nyo naman magbigay ng Christmas tree sa February. Samahan nyo na rin ng Christmas lights. O kaya Christmas ball!! ^_^

Now you know, who’s sourgraping!! Hahaha!! The bitch who stole v-day.

Nah, nah. Valentine’s Day is a special day. You do not need to have a lover to appreciate this day inasmuch as you do not need to be single to be called loveless. Mabuhay ang mga single sa V-day!!

At mabuhay din yung cute na presidential candidate ng dekada!! Ang cute nya. Nakalaro na pala namin sya sa volleyball nung journalympics. At nakalaban na rin sya ni Gian sa badminton. Cool!! Promise iboboto ko talaga sya, kahit na wala syang gawin sa student council!! Haha!!

Bryan Villoria’s also cute. Manny Pacquiao, stop speaking in English!! Mukha kang trying hard!!

Si Mr. AB bakla? Pinagkakalat po yan ni Dale de Vera!!


Go find your princes while I play with frogs!! God bless us all!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

of tragedies and losses

Four days since it happened, the ULTRA stampede is still the talk of the town. What had happened was truly tragic. What is happening after the stampede may even be more disastrous. Pointing fingers and washing hands are not the solution to this problem. Practically, we may all be blamed for the disaster.

Yesterday, the fact-finding committee investigating the stampede released its statement. The head of the committee and DILG Undersecretary Marius Corpuz could not bear not to give his comments against ABS-CBN. I think what he did was unethical since they were supposed to be unbiased in their investigation.

Early this morning, I was listening to DZMM. The radio broadcaster Neil Ocampo was interviewing Mr. Corpuz. You can see traces of partiality in Ocampo’s questioning. He was interviewing Corpuz in a way that he would seem as if he were the lawyer of ABS-CBN. I can understand Ocampo because he works for channel 2 and what Corpuz said was really hurtful- but he should still bear in mind that he is a journalist. Reserve the judgment. But one can also not help but hear traces of dishonesty in Corpuz’s answers. He was obviously lying. Scrap it!!

Yesterday, I read in the newspaper that the mayor of Pasig was washing his hands clean. He said he was not at fault for what had happened. According to him, ABS-CBN was purely to be blamed. You can accuse the station for poor organization of the event. But I do not think the mayor was in his right mind when he said that he was innocent. The tragedy happened in his city. He sure knows what was happening before the stampede occurred. He surely has an idea how many people were already there.

Stop pointing fingers. Stop washing your hands clean. Start acting!!

This has been a weird week. I do not know. Last Monday, I was pulled out of the show I was hosting. I know. I know. It also came as a shock to me. I do not remember doing anything wrong for me to get scrapped. I felt jittery the time I started hosting the show. But I guess that was normal. demmit it was my first time!! But they- they were doing it for a longer time than I was and up to this point, they still produce a bad script. I am disappointed. Had I known it was my only chance to prove myself then I would have done a better job compared to what I had already done. But when I carefully thought about it the other night, I realized that I should not look at it negatively. Maybe God has other- and I hope better- plans for me. He has always been good to me. And I know that no matter how difficult life is, and no matter how bad I act sometimes, God will always be there.

During Journ class today, another awful thing happened to me. I am partly to be blamed for it, I admit. And no, I am not blaming anyone for writing a bad paper. I am ok with criticisms for I know that I am not that good. I am mediocre most of the times. Most of the times, I can be really bad- just like now. So please stop accusing me that I am egoistic and that I am too proud. Because you do not know how much I have improved from what I was when I was in grade school and in elementary. I am glad that you apologized and I accept your apology. The water is already under the bridge as long as you and I are concerned. I cannot say that though, with the other guy concerned. See how bad I have written this one?

I missed blogging. I have not updated my blog for a long time. And this is what I come with, huh? Hehe!!

This has been a weird week. And I would like to thank my friends for sticking it out with me.

Lord, big thanks too!!

Go find your princes while I play with frogs. God bless us all!!