Sunday, May 13, 2007

un tributo para las madres (a tribute for mothers)

Today is mothers’ day.

I have mentioned in this blog how close my mom and I are. Although we live separately, she knows everything about me—even my sex life. Hahaha.

So I went to Cavite last night to be with my mom on this very special occasion. And I realized that this year is her 19th mothers’ day.

She may have been involved in different issues, especially her “addiction” toward gambling, but she has been a good mother. She accepted me for who I am. And she has taught me so many lessons.

It was just years ago when she taught me the alphabet, how to read the clock and how to spell. But now that I’m already 19, my mom is teaching me new lessons. She has taught me that life is not easy, and that nothing’s permanent in this world. But the best lesson that my mom has taught me was how to pray, and its importance.

So to my mom, happy moms’ day!!

And to all the mothers out there, happy moms’ day to you too. You surely have made this world a better place.

Tomorrow’s election day. Finally, after two months of campaigning will halt. Unfortunately, mudslinging will still continue. After all, nobody loses in Philippine elections. Every one of those who “lost” were just, uhm, “cheated.”

Since I did not register to vote for tomorrow’s elections, I would not be able to practice my right to suffrage. Instead, I would like to implore the readers of this blog, who are also registered to vote, to please vote for these people, because these are also the people that I would have voted for had I been able to register:

1. Joker Arroyo
2.Francis Pangalinan
3. Chiz Escudero
4. Loren Legarda
5.Edgardo Angara
6. Manny Villar
7. Ralph Recto
8. Migs Zubiri
9. Mike Defensor
10. Ping Lacson
11. Richard Gomez
12. Noynoy Aquino

Yes, I would vote for Richard Gomez had I registered. He is smarter than what people deem him to be. He is actually smarter than the other actors who have previously won their seats in the Senate. I would have also wanted to vote for Cesar Montano, had I not seen his performance in that debate organized by GMA 7.

As you might have noticed, the distribution of my favored senatorial candidates is 5-5-2 administration-opposition-independent.

Just like Aika , I liked how the administration clearly presented its platforms. The opposition on the other hand, might have felt overconfident that they would get majority of the seats that they did not need to present their platforms clearly, but only assure the people that they would continue fighting the Arroyo administration. Philippine politics is one of the messiest. It is also one of the stupidest.

I don’t know if it’s just me, or have you noticed that the acronyms made by the opposition and the administration using the names of their best were just, uhm, terrible—insults to the Filipino’s intelligence. Boo!!

Again, I implore you to not vote for Alan Peter Cayetano. Records show that, among the congressmen running for Senator this election, he is the least effective. He got his 15-minute of fame by fighting Mike Arroyo, which is a decent cause on paper. But being a senator takes more than just that.

Also, do not vote for Chavit Singson. Everyone knows he is a dirty man. Filthy. Also do not vote for Victor Wood, for, well, obvious reasons.

Too bad for Pichay. I guess he will not be “planted” in the senate this year, even if he spent millions and millions of pesos for his campaign. He promised to fulfill the wishes of the Filipino—too bad he could not fulfill his own wish of winning as Senator.

I saw Celine in Philippine Star’s main press office last Wednesday. To say that I was star-struck was an understatement.

Smile naman d’yan. God bless us all!!

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