Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Chorva

So how did your Christmas go?
Finally, my HS friends and I got to see each other again. It has been a year since we last saw each other. Emil, Ian, Dexter, Carmen, Cristine, Vanessa and I had our exchange gifts at the mall.

We also went to G-Box and sang our hearts out. I missed that. We used to do that often back in HS. I was surprised at how few now go to that Videoke section of G-Box.

Ian, Emil, Dexter and I later went to Verve in Malate. We were originally planning to go to a gay club but every gay club was full that Saturday night. So we settled with Verve. Good thing we did.

There were so many cute guys in the bar. I heard they were part of SOP boys. Hahaha!! I flirted with them!!

One day before Christmas and I still was not done with my Christmas shopping. So I went to SM San Lazaro to buy gifts for lola, mom and Itoy.

There I met with my mom who was borrowing money from me so that she would be able to buy my siblings gifts. She is already working but it just so happened that she has been handling too many expenses in Cavite especially because Lolo’s been hospitalized.

I lent her P3,000. She said that I no longer need to buy her a Christmas present. She told me I saved her from going back to her old habit of going to Casinos to find easy money.

Also on Christmas eve, my first Havaianas pair was broken. The strap of the right one got disconnected from the base. I was extremely sad. It was my first pair. I had it even before Havaianas became so famous in the Philippines. Now, I heard from my mom that our “new-rich” relatives in Cavite are soooooo proud of their Havaianases they are soooo funny. I cannot wait to see them and the OA pride they take of their flipflops.

So yesterday, after hearing Mass, I went straight to Robinson’s to buy a new pair. But Rustan’s was closed. So I decided to just go to my last ex’s place to bring him his Christmas present. Good thing he was there. He told me he celebrated his Christmas alone because his roommates went to their families’ homes. He was still so cute. He still has those gorgeous arms. I would not deny it. I missed him. And I was soooo happy to see him again.

We hugged as I said goodbye. Aside from that, nothing else happened.

Today, I bought my new pair of Havaianas. I chose a black Brasil. Black Havaianases are so versatile I love them. It cost me 795 bucks.

Hindi ako tigang ngayon. Wehehehe.

Merry X-Mas everyone. Few days left til we say goodbye to 2006.

Smile naman d’yan. God bless us all!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

christmas parties

The nice thing about my Christmas this year is I got to be a mall rat for 5 straight days. Why? Because I can. I had to.

I have been doing my Christmas shopping lately. Thanks to my dad and to Varsi for funding it.

Last Tuesday, the class had its first taste of how it feels like to have a class Christmas party after our three years of stay in UST. It was thought of by our adviser but the class had everything to do with it. We divided ourselves into groups that would bring the food. Jewel, Jane and I brought puto. Sobrang nagpakiharap pa kami ni Jane par lang makabili ng puto. We were supposed to buy the assorted puto we saw at Goldilocks Laong-Laan that Tuesday morning. But when we came back in the afternoon, it was already taken. So Jane, Rap, and I went to the España only to find out that they also did not have the assorted puto. We later went to Sm San Lazaro to see if they have it there but they did not. We ended up buying the puto that was already available in both the Laong-Laan and España branches.

The party was awesome. Masaya pala. We played different parlor games won by Aaron and Jane, Clara and Gian, and Joyce. Our adviser also gamely participated.

I was soooo lazy to come to this year’s Pasakuhan. It did not really create that big buzz. Still I came last Wednesday, and good thing I did. Sponge Cola performed. But the KJ that the priests were, they ordered Sponge to cut their performance short as it was already 10:30. According to them, it was already “late”. Rap and I decided to stay in school for a while after the event. But the guards had to ask the students to leave as it was already “late”. So Rap and I went to the Baywalk. We ate at Shakey’s then went home. Ang dami naming napagkwentuhan.

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Rap during our “date” at Shakey’s.

Our Varsi Christmas party last night was also fun. As usual, we had pageants as sideshows. We were divided into three groups. I belonged to group 2. I was also chosen as the group’s representative for V-Struck, a talent show of sorts. Kerwin and Warded were our representatives for Mr. and Ms. Varsi. I spoofed Kris Aquino in a game show called Brief or No Brief. I had fun doing that. In the end, I only came in second, thanks to Jenny’s better showing. Wehehehe. Warden and Kerwin were named Mr. and Ms. Varsi. Our group won the over-all title.

I received a jacket from Ate Maje for our exchange gifts. I was no longer surprised to get it because I had to add another 500 bucks just so she can buy it. Hehehe.

After the exchange gifts, some people already went home. I stayed together with my Varsi friends. We had our light and serious talks. I was soooooooo touched when I got to talk to Ate Kris, Ate Mj, and Kuya Lawrence. They were convincing me not quit. Kuya Lawrence even asked me what it would take for me not to quit. I told him I was not worth it.

Over-all, it was an awesome party. I will miss this kind of party next year because I will no longer be part of Varsi. Sucks.

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Myla, I, Raye, Celina

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Ketch and I

Smile naman d’yan. God bless us all!!

P.S. There are three more days before Christmas.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

can i still be merry?

Before turning 19, I wished to have a boyfriend on my birthday. I almost had. He was adorable, cute, engaging, and good at “it”. But we could only hang on for just a month. And so, four days before my birthday, I broke up with him—through Friendster. Up to this point, he refuses to talk to me.

Now that Christmas is nearing, I wish for a boyfriend whom I can be with this Yuletide season and beyond. I thought that Santa Claus has heard me out this time. He gave me someone who has the same facial structure as Chris Tiu’s. He has these chinky adorable eyes. We watched Happy Feet together last Friday. I was watching a cute movie with a very cute guy, what more can I ask for? He lent me his jacket and held my hand when I felt cold. He even treated me for dinner. But now, he seems to have lost his interest for some reason I do not know. Maybe I was not good enough to deserve someone like him this Christmas. At least I can say, Santa played a joke on me this Christmas.

I have already made up my mind. After two more issues, I will be leaving Varsi. Varsi has taught me a lot of things. I improved my craft in/through Varsi. I have met so many wonderful, sometimes even despicable, people in/through Varsi. Varsi has a lot to do with my growth not only as a journalist, but also as a student.

But after 8 issues, I can no longer say that I am still happy with my V stint. It has taken its tall on me. I do not feel happy with my relation with the E.B., I am getting tired with how things are going, I am already tired, there are other things that I can do with Varsi, and there other institutions outside from V can also provide me ample training on my way to becoming successful (haha). Leaving saddens me. But I know in my heart that it is already time to go.

After all, “he” already said that me getting the news editorship next year is impossible. That just gave me one more reason to leave.

And yeah, one of the things on my to-do-list once I leave Varsi is to get some effing serious love life. Hehe.

Ate Agnes is leaving us. She will leave on the 14th, go back to her province in Mindanao, and then be back to Manila some weeks later to work. This time she will be working on an establishment where she and her family can stay together.

She brought this lady in the house. That lady is supposed to replace her. But she is sick, and she complains a lot. She does not do her job systematically. Most importantly, I do not trust and like her.

Good thing, she is leaving. My lola already asked her to.

Personally, I’d love Ate Agnes to stay. She is already part of the family. My lola treats her like her own child. One of these days, I’ll try to convince her to not leave us.

Smile naman d'yan!! God bless us all!!