Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Attack of the Hams

Undoubtedly, Maging Sino Ka Man is one of the most popular local soap operas today. It features four famous young star(let)s entangled with/by/in love. Because of its star power and decent storyline—a very rare combination in local soap operas today—, Maging Sino Ka Man enjoys a huge fan base, especially among my classmates.

But there are some things/ people I find problematic in Maging Sino Ka Man. The biggest one is Smokey Manaloto. Smokey is quite effective in comedy. But in the heavy drama that MSKM is, Smokey is such a ham. I swear, I just cringe each time I see scenes that have Smokey in them. I hate Smokey. I hate how he cries. I hate how he attacks his character as Eli’s brother. I hate the way he is sooooo over-acting. He is just not effective. The audience should be sympathizing with his character, yet, I, as part of the audience, am not really sympathetic to him. Instead, I want to kick his face.

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Smokey Manaloto-Ham!! Ham !! Ham!!

Recently, Smokey’s ka-o.a.-an has been rubbing off to John Lloyd Cruz. The latter’s slowly becoming a ham.

And have you noticed how Sam Milby has capitalized on his popular line “I never said that I love you”? Now he seems to be syllabicating each time he delivers his line. Just imagine him saying these the same way he delivered the aforementioned line. “Jacky, I am horny. I want to have sex with you, on the other hand, after seeing your huge arms, I decided to have sex with Piolo, after all, he’s hotter.”

The only things I really look forward to in watching MSKM are Christopher de Leon’s and Chin-Chin Gutierrez’ acting and Anne Curtis’ Australian accent each time she speaks English.

Goodness gracious. News has it that Manny Pacquiao’s been included to the Administration Ticket for this upcoming May elections. The good news? He is not (yet) included in the senatorial lineup. The bad news is he has the choice to run either for a seat in the lower house or a mayoral position in General Santos. His mother has already said that if Manny decides run, she would not support him. His kababayans have also expressed their disagreement with the election plans of the people’s champ.

Please, Manny, think. Politics is definitely a bigger fight compared to the ones you have had in the boxing ring.

“Minsan, para maging masaya, kelangan mong manakit ng kapwa,”—Chin-Chin Gutierrez’ Corazon to Sam Milby’s JB in Maging Sino Ka Man.

Smile naman d’yan. God bless us all.!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

crushing absence

I feel really weird these days. I don’t know. Maybe it is because I am already 19. And in less than a year, I will officially be leaving my teen years behind.

When I was younger, I used to have a big crush on Donna Cruz. I can still remember how I would gush every time she sang “Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso” in That’s Entertainment. I also used to have a crush on my playmates—both boys and girls. We would play around the house, in our room, on the streets, and in the playground.

But ever since I moved here, I no longer went out to play. I would just go out the house to go to school, or to go somewhere else, but never stay outside and play with kids my age. So that erased the chances of my having a crush on anyone in our neighborhood. After all, I though that the kids here looked mabaho. Haha.

But whatever our neighborhood lacked in cute guys galore, school made up for. High school was fun. There were plenty of cute guys. What made the sitch better was that the girls were separated from the boys. I had crushes on guys from all year levels. But there were guys who really stood out—those whom I went gaga for.

It was also in high school that I learned that there are guys who are just for sex, and there are guys whom I can take seriously. But do not get me wrong, I did not lose me virginity until I was 18.

Three years into college, I find it really weird how topics about crushes do not really appeal to me; how, when asked who my crush/es are, I cannot easily tell the answer.

Yeah, maybe it is because I am 19. And I have, somehow, matured a little bit. Before, when I see a cute guy, I could say that he is my crush. But now, when I see a cute guy, I go, “ok, he’s cute,” and that is all. I no longer stalk somebody the way I used to back in high school. Or maybe it is because I study in UST, and countless gorgeous men walk in the halls and streets of our campus, so it’s become ordinary for me to bump into someone cute.

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where has all the saccharin gone?

Or maybe it’s because I have now set a high standard for love, and for the man I will love. High standards on love mean high standards on guys I will have a crush on.

Whatever, beyotch!!

“Ladies, I have here a bachelor—he has hazel eyes, long hair, and a very big dick,” –Nicole Richie’s public announcement in a supermarket about a 10-year-old boy she was babysitting in A Simple Life.

Smile naman d’yan. God bless us all!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

nueva oficina, new addiction, lumang campus

Good News: After decades of considering Room 112 of the Main Building as its office, the Varsitarian transfers to its new home at Room 105 of the Tan Yan Kee Student Center .

I must admit that I am impressed with the office’s features. It is definitely more spacious than the old office. Each section now has a computer. The News section has two, not to mention all computers have flat screens. The Ed Board have their own private offices within the office, so does our Publication Adviser. We have a huge conference room. The lounge area will also be very comfortable for visitors, and for staff members who will be staying overnight. We also have this mini library, a pantry, and our own restroom. In short, it is an upgrade. And I dare say that V has one of, if not, the best student publication office in the country. Sir Ian even said that our new office is better than that of the Philippine Star’s.

All these upgrades made me want to extend my stay in Varsi even for just one more ish . I want to experience the place for a longer time. Hayyy, but I already talked to my dad about my quitting. He seemed happy when he heard about my desish. Hahaha. My mom also seemed to go with my dad’s opinion.

After all,

I sometimes feel that

I am no good to Varsi;

that I

have disappointed

too many


that I am

the one who

slacks off most

among the staff;

that all I do

is make noise,

make some people laugh

and irritate the rest.
Hayyy. Hahaha!!

OMGosh. It’s offish. My body’s adapted to my new sleeping cycle. I now sleep regular at 5 A.M. or later. Nakakainis!! It all started last Christmas Break. Of course I made full use of the free time I had. I stayed up super late thinking that I can wake up until whatever time I want to. But this time, it’s different. The classes have begun. I now stay up late to finish many of my readings which I have to do again because the Prelims week is just in the corner.

But I also have to admit that sometimes, all I do is waste my time. My body’s so used to it, it’s beginning to feel ok. With that slacking off comes my new addiction to the show ambush makeover . The title pretty much explains how the show goes. It is one of the stupidest makeover shows in the boob tube today because the “style agents” do not really know anything about the personality of the individual they ambush to make over, thus some of the people they intend to help end up being victimized with a style they do not really want, or a fashion that does not really make them happy, but it is very entertaining. Kaya kahit 3:30 A.M. ang show, hala sige nuod pa din ako.

Rap, Ketch and I went to Ateneo and UP-D a couple of days ago to get some awards of well-known Varsi alum to be featured in our upcoming exhibit. It was a tiring, yet fun experience. It was my first time to go to Ateneo and to UP. Buti na lang, pamilyar sila Rap at Ketch sa area. The two campuses are huge as they are far from Manila. I may be wrong but I noticed that not all buildings in Ateneo have guards but the students wear their id’s all the time it’s amazing. I was kind of disappointed to see a few cute guys in Ateneo. Maybe they were not informed that I was arriving that day. Hahaha ilusyonada.

UP is huuuuuuge. Pero kapag pinagtabi mo siguro yung LB at ‘yung Dil campuses, wala masyadong pagkakaiba. Para talagang probinsya. Hahaha. Pero mukha din siyang isang malaking komunidad. I also got to see the Statue of Oblation in person for the first time.

With all modesty aside but without thinking twice, I still prefer the UST campus over the two campuses in Katips .

“Yes, I am a slut. But I am the best slut in town.” –Anne Curtis’s Celine to Sam Milby’s JB in Maging Sino Ka Man.

Smile naman d’yan. God bless us all!!

Monday, January 01, 2007


I got to watch Click two nights ago. I was puzzled each time I heard people say that the movie made them cry because I knew that the Adam Sandler starrer was a comedy, something that can even be classified as slapstick. But I was mistaken. Aside from delivering the antics Sandler is know for, the movie also moved me and made me cry.

The movie makes you realize how time flies by, and of course, the more obvious lesson that the family should go first.

I was particularly touched in the scene where Sandler’s character repeatedly watched his father say I love you to him in their last encounter. The scene where Sandler also saw his mom at the former’s son’s wedding was also moving.

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Adam Sandler in Click, a touching comedy.

Also, I got to watch the Phantom of the Opera. I was not really impressed with the movie. It did not have the pizzazz I got from watching Chicago, or even Moulin Rouge. The costumes were amazing, but the production numbers lacked the wow factor. Emmy Rosum, however, was impressive. Last year, I was amazed when I learned that Emmy Rosum was also Jake Gyllenhaal’s love interest in the movie The Day After Tomorrow.

I also watched Domino starring Keira Knightly. I am sooooo going lesbo over Keira. Personally, I think she is one of the hottest female stars in Hollywood today. I was planning to watch Domino in theaters last year, but good thing I did not. The movie had some elements which I appreciated—the scenes where Keira pulled the hair of her co-model who bumped her, and when Keira hit the nose of her sorority upperclassman, fine performances from some of the supporting cast, and the cinematography was also awesome—but overall, the movie was blah. Keira’s leading man, is super hot though.

“I am sure that tonight in my bed, it will be my pussy you’ll be thinking about,” Keira Knightly to Lucy Liu.

On the topic of movies, 2006 saw a lot of great films. Films like the Return of Superman, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, raked in the goods at the box office. I was not able to see both films in theater. But I watched Superman in video, and slept in the process.

Animated movies like Ice Age 2, Cars, and Happy Feet delighted the kids, and the kids at heart.

The only local films I was able to watch were Sukob and Manay Po. The former was awesome, the latter, uggghh.

Controversial films like the gay cowboy drama Brokeback Mountain, the novel-based the Da Vinci Code, and the comedy Borat were also big hits this year.

The supposed last installation of the X-Men series was also show this year, so as the movie that relied on the Internet for its promotion—Snakes on the Plane.

My top 4: Brokeback Mountain, Happy Feet, X-Men III, and Click.


I will be celebrating my New Year in Cavite. This is the first time I am going to this in years. The last time I did this was I think, back in 2000-2002.

What I hate about the New Year festivities are the firecrackers. I despise each time I hear those tiny stuffs explode especially here in our neighborhood where even kids get to light firecrackers. I also hate the canyon-like boga.

These firecrackers, needless to say, are dangerous. They have caused fires in Ormoc and Marikina, which claimed dozens of innocent lives.

Of course, indiscriminate firing of guns is another problem. This should also be stopped as this is more dangerous.

The government should really be strict about this.
In Davao, Mayor Duterte is very strict about the use of firecrackers and gun-firing during the New Year.

Celebrate the New Year safely, people. There are other ways where we can joyfully welcome 2007 without possibly hurting ourselves, or other people.

Now that 2007 is just hours from reach, I cannot help but reminisce about the year 2006. This year was so memorable for most of us.

I learned, discovered, tried, experienced, gathered so many things this year.

Thank you and goodbye, 2006.

Hello, 2007!!

Happy New Year, everyone!! Here’s to wishing good luck to you and your family. To myself, good luck to you, too and your family.

Hayyyy sana mas swertehin pa ko sa lahat ng aspeto sa bagong taon na ito!!

Smile naman d’yan!! God bless us all!!

P.S. I was supposed to post this a couple of days ago, but because photobucket was not working maybe related to the Taiwan quake, I postponed my posting.