Thursday, November 24, 2005

the babies who would be kuyas

Babies- young studs!! Yeehah!!

I must admit that one of my favorite shows is Mga Anghel ng Walang Langit. In fact, I voted for it in the USTv survey. I am just amazed at how the young bidas of the show can act that way. They are very good at what they do.

Young stars. Here in the Philippines, seldom do we find young stars who are big in their youth become bigger when they grow up. Aiza Seguera and Nino Muhlach are of course the perfect models of the aforementioned statement. Child stars in the U.S. have bigger mortality rate rate Maricel Soriano and Vilma Santos are exceptions.
This month, I am featuring child stars from the Hollywood who are presently babies but will become kuyas in the future. For sure!!

***Daniel Radcliffe***

<Image hosted by

wholesome now, hopefully not in the future!! haha!!

Undoubtedly, Little boy Daniel is the biggest young superstar this season, what with the much-awaited release of the latest installment of his starrer- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. “I am such a loser, I have not seen Harry Potter yet. “ I have heard Ralph say. I guess I am also a loser. Yup, I have not seen HP yet but I am going to watch it on Saturday with “he”.

Back on Daniel. It’s incredible how our young Harry has grown. 5 years into the HP series and we have seen how Daniel transformed from a skinny boy to a skinny taller boy. Hehehe!! I know everyone just wishes they can be Daniel’s girlfriend. A magic wand may help them or maybe some love potion. I am just disappointed because he is still super wholesome!! Maybe in 3 years when the boy has gained more muscles!! Haha!!

***Jesse McCartney***

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Jesse McCartney, punk'd and beautiful

This boy, a hailed musician of his generation, is one of the hottest young stars today. He may not be the best singer, but his every single will be sure-fire hits, thanks to his female fans, mostly teens and tweens, who gaga over him. I am pretty sure that his fans made sure that they did not miss the punk’d episode featuring their idol getting punk’d by the oh-so-cute Ashton Kutcher. The sitch: The driver of his limousine, an accomplice, “accidentally” hit an almost dozen bikes. Jesse was already nervous because you know how bikers love their bikes and how huge some bikers are. The driver of the car behind them, another Kutcher partner in crime made sure he aggravated the situation by shouting at the already-panicky pretty boy. The real action came when some big bikers came and threatened the limo driver and Jesse. The boy almost cried!! Haha!!

***Aaron Carter***

Image hosted by

I'm all about Aaron Carter!!

It all runs in the family. BSB cutie Nick Carter’s super brother Aaron may be younger but he is not half as cute, half as hot as Nick. He is cuter and hotter.
It was during BSB’s prime when Aaron, then just a 7-year old aspiring performer entered the scene. His passport to fame? Nick. He had a hiatus for a few years and when he came back his fans went crazy one more time for the Aaron Carter in puberty. I can still remember how kilig I was whenever I would hear his song I’m All About You. I was first year HS then. I refuse to elaborate.

The cutie performer was reportedly one of the reasons why Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan do not get along well.

But now, where is Aaron? Heck, where is Nick? Have the Carter’s become has-beens? Hayyyy some young stars never shine that long.

Why talk about those catty young female stars Lindsay, Hilary, Ashley Simpson, Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen when you have guys like Aaron, Jesse and Daniel? These 3 babies who would be kuyas just keep us wanting for more.

Go find your princes while I fined my frog. God bless us all!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I am in a dilemma right now. You see, I have long been wishing to have a new boyfriend. It was even included in my birthday wish. A week before my birthday, I met Guy A. He’s the same age as I am. Then I met Guy B. He’s 21 years old. Then Guy C came into the picture, he is 29. Old!!

Of all, Guy A is the most consistent. But I know in myself that I like Guy B more. He’s sweet and hot but I think his time will just be divided between me and his work. Guy C is totally out of the picture.

Just yesterday, Guy B called me. I was sleeping. He told ate agnes that he is my bf and asked her to wake me up. That was what he told me. I am just not sure if he were telling the truth. While talking to him, I totally thought that he lost it. He was saying that I already told him that we are an item, that I am doing nothing but hurt him, that he’s crazy for me. Later, we figured out in a fight. We always fight when we talk. He said that nothing’s gonna happen between the two of us because we always fight. I am gonna call him tomorrow.

Should I go safe with Guy A because he’s more consistent even if I know in myself that I do not like him that much? What if he were a prince? What if he were prince but just not mine?

Getting into a relationship just for the sake of getting into it is futile. But it is fun. I know that I must not hurry more because, after all, I am only 18. But I miss the feeling of having a boyfriend by my side. I miss having someone I can love and fight with at the same time.

Hayyyyyyy!! Froggie asan ka ba? Gusto na kitang gawing prinsipe!!

Go find your princes while I find my frog!! God bless us all!!


Franzen got the force eviction from Big Brother. Di ba dapat may kapalit siya katulad nung nangyari ka Bob?

All the rumors circulating than Franzen’s gone nuts were, I think, a case of bad editing. Did the crew do it intentionally?

I just wanna shut the hell out of Uma’s mouth!! I mean it.

I want Jason to win. Vote for him come the time he needs your support.

Friday, November 18, 2005

i am 18

I am 18. I know this may have come off late considering that I turned 18 Monday. But the numerous things we had to do in school prevented me from writing about my 18th birthday.

***Friday, November 11***

Just after my PE class, I made way to FIX Dapitan. I had long anticipated this one because I already looked stupid with that long hair meshed by that FIX Stick I bought the weekend before. After I got my haircut, I went to another parlor to have my hair dyed. Yes, for more than 10 years, I have had gray hair on my head it’s been a trademark. My dad stopped me from dying it before but now that I am 18, maybe it’s time to break rules once in a while. Hehe!!

I had my hair dyed black. I was so happy to see the result. It was something new and I love looking at it in the mirror.

Image hosted by

bagong gupit. bagong kulay.

***Saturday, November 12***

I was scheduled to meet my friends this day. We all met at the Rajah Sulayman Park in Malate and went straight to Kalipay- a restaurant located at the baywalk. You see, the bay has played an important role in our high school lives. When we were still in hs, we considered the bay as our barkada’s rendezvous. The bay was a witness to our ups and downs; our triumphs and defeats; our joys and pains.

We had dinner. After that, my pocket was almost empty and my eyes already closed due to lack of sleep. My friends told me that it was still early. It was like 11 PM. So I told some of them to come with me to Starbucks. After having my peppermint frap, we decided to dance the night away since we were already in Malate.

We went to Club Calif. They danced and got drunk. I was in my usual behaved self. Promise!!

I met this really cute guy. But I knew right from the start that nothing’s gonna work out between the two of us.

We had fun. Dexter and Cathy, especially.

Image hosted by

i soooooo missed this guys. barks, thanx for coming. thanx for the friendship. thanx for everything.

***Sunday, November 13***

I got home 4 AM and got surprised that lola was still awake. She told me she awoke 2:30 AM and got worried because I was still not home. She warned me that if I’d want to go out next time, I would have to ask permission from my dad already. Ooooh that’s gonna be extra tough. I am 18!! Well, almost!!

I went to the Santisimo Rosario Parish 7 PM to hear mass. I was very ecstatic when I saw that some of the lights in the lovers’ lane were already lit. They were, as always, magical. I listened carefully to the homily of the priest and learned a lot of things which I can relate to my life.

He met me after the mass. He accompanied me to SM San Lazaro. I was to buy my Bio book and Gonuts Donuts for the whole class. But the book I was looking for was not available in NBS and the donuts in GD were almost out of stuck.

We decided to go to Rob Ermita and buy there the GD for my classmates. He helped me carry them and almost walked me home. I do not know. I am just not that sure about him up until the moment I am writing these things.

I almost fell asleep while doing my Journ paper.

*** Monday, November 14***

It’s already 12 midnight and my sooooper good friend Emil was one of the first persons who had greeted me. My mom called me to greet me happy birthday. Inaway ko sya. Inaway ko sya dahil di parin sya umuuwi.

Right after I gave the phone to my brother, I cried. I cried because I am 18. I am 18. My mother has played a vital role in my life. And it’s just so sad that she’s turned out this way; that she still continues to mess up now that I am already 18 years old and that she, herself, is not getting any younger.

I cried and my brother saw me. He gave me something that made me happy, somehow. He handed me a new pair of Havaianas and greeted me happy birthday. That was one of the most touching things my brother has ever done for/to me considering that we are not that close anymore. I turned my phone off that night because I wanted to rest.

Daddy called. My lola woke me up. I talked to my dad. He greeted me Happy Birthday and asked me how things are going. I told him that I went out with my friends the other night and that I am giving donuts to everyone later. I miss my dad. I know how painful it is for him to be somewhere else while here we are celebrating the important parts of our lives.

After 5 hours of sleep, I prayed and thanked God that I am officially 18. It has been a rough ride. But I know that I am luckier compared to other people even if my life has rough edges here and there.

Aika helped me carry the boxes of GD to our classroom. Expectedly, they sang to me the birthday song. Hahaha!! Inexpect talaga. Just imagine what my reaction would have been like had they not greeted me!! Hehe!!

We enjoyed the GD before our Philo class. Alfredo had a piece of it, gave me a hug and greeted me Happy Birthday.

Image hosted by

donuts for everyone!! hafei virthdei!!

Jacky treated me to KFC. I went home and ate some more for lunch. I took a nap.

We had a modest dinner.

Lola left for her ballroom session.

Mommy called and said she wants to see me. I told her she can just go here.

He called and said he wants to give me something. I asked him if he can go with me to NBS Recto to look for the VCD for our Philo class. Alas, NBS was already closed. He walked me home again and handed me his gifts- assorted chocolate bars. No Snickers. Haha!!

When I got home, mommy was already here. She immediately noticed that I had my hair dyed and told me that she was considering dyeing hers in the future.

I did not really talk to her the whole time she was here. She called us after she had gone. She told me that she was very proud of me dahil lumalaki akong mabait at responsable kahit na ganun yung nanay ko. I told her to just go home to Cavite and take care of her other children.

I spent the rest of the night watching Sisters Act 2.

I am 18 and it was a BLESSED birthday. It may have been obvious in my eyes that some things are missing but hey, I am lucky because I continue to live. And I remain to be the one, the only fabulous epal.

Go find your princes while I find my frog. God bless us all!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

In 5 days- time, I will be celebrating my 18th birthday. And let’s admit it; come

our birthdays, it is more fun to count all the gifts that we have received than the

years we have aged.

This year, I know that it will be great if I will receive a new phone, a jewelry

set, a new wallet, an iPod, a new hankie set, shopping spree, trip to Hong Kong, a

box of Leonidas chocolates, new pairs of Havaianas, cash. But I am sure I have a

slim chance of getting any of those. These are difficult times. So I am wishing for

some other things- things which money cannot buy. But those who will give me gifts

aforementioned will be very much appreciated!! Hehe!!

1. a new love- I know it is uncharacteristic of me to wish of a new love, but I am

not wishing for it. I am actually praying that one of these days, a new one would

sweep me off my feet. This time, I would not want to enter a relationship even if I

know that I really don’t love the guy. I want the next one to be special. And I want

it to last.

2. good grades- God has granted me this one last sem. I hope that with the help of

hard work and God willing, I will be able to achieve the same feat this sem and for

the rest of my college life.

3. peace of mind- I want to get some good sleep at night. I am tired of having to

worry about so many things while I lay down in my bed.

4. health and safety of my family- this is on top of my list when I pray. My dad

works abroad. I just want him to enjoy his job and not be burned out. I do not want

him to get into trouble. My mom lives in Cavite but she has been missing for more

than a month now. I just want her to realize how messed up her life is and try her

damndest to change for the better. She has 7 children. 5 of them are still very

young and are staying with her. Please, mommy, wherever you are, I just hope that

you’ll come back to your senses. Please. I am praying hard for this. I also pray for

my lolas’ and my lolo’s health. I also wish that my siblings will always be good

boys/girls and not be affected by all the things happening to us. I am also praying

for my health and safety. I also hope that all my loved ones- friends and other

relatives- be kept from harm.

5. lasting friendship- I love my friends. No matter how bitchy and how selfish I can

get sometimes, I love them and I hope that they realize this.

6. world peace and prosperity- I know that among my wishes, this is the most

difficult to achieve. It is so easy to wish for myself and the immediate people

around me, but I know that there are more people who experience more difficult times

than I do. I remember how hard I cried at the eve of my 17th birthday after watching

Kontrobersyal feature people who have no money to buy themselves and their families

food that they resort to eating things which they get from garbage cans. Some of

them even sell these things. I also wish that by the time I turn 19, terrorism has

already been eradicated. I also wish that social justice is already effective. Hey

dreams are free and dreams can come true!!

Go find your princes while I find my frog!! God bless us all!!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Adolescent love- no matter how ugly the relationship turned out to be, it will always makes you

smile in recollection.

This year’s 3-week sem break is about to be over. On Monday, the 2nd sem starts. I must say

that I enjoyed this sem break a lot. I slept whenever I wanted to. I stayed up until I can. I used

the internet until I was tired. I watched different movies. I got my social life back thanks very

much to my very good friend Emil. We went to many places- the mall, restaurants, stores,

movie houses we even got to experience Halloween in Malate.

I also got to read two books this break. You see, I am not that interested in reading books

during school days because: 1.) there are so many things to do; 2.) I have read/ been reading so

many things already; 3.) I’d rather sleep during my free time. But since it’s sem break, I have

more time for myself. I got to read two books this time of the year- Jessica Zafra’s Twisted V

which was written and compiled some 5 to 6 years ago and Paolo Coelho’s Na margen do rion

Piedra en sentei e chorei. That made me sound intelligent, didn’t it? Hehehe!! Ok, sick man. It is


***Jessica’s Twisted***

Alright, alright. You can take that apostrophe s up there whichever you like- as a contraction of

Jessica is twisted or the more naïve possessive Jessica’s Twisted book. Banana girl aka the girl

who has been flirting with her ex the whole sem break introduced me to this book last year

when we were asked to do a report on movie reviews. The memories of that report still elicit

some laughter. I remember how I almost did not let Hershey say anything. Of course that was

done unintentionally, or was it? Hehe!! Sorry banana girl.

Well back to the topic, I did not read the book instantly but on one night that I was left with

nothing to do, I decided to scan the pages and I enjoyed the book so much. Jessica is the funnier,

smarter, more in-your-face, more relatable, less glamorous Carrie Bradshaw. I do not really

know if I should compare the two. Heck, I do not know who will be more insulted once they get

to read this one. Carrie or Jessica? Well of course Ms. Bradshaw can’t read this because she is

fictitious. I digress so much don’t I? Well since then, I have asked Hershey to lend me some

more Twisted books. I have read 3 of which is now 7 pieces of Ms. Zafra’s mind and ass.

***by the River Piedra, I sat down and wept***

Image hosted by

River Piedra was less than what I had expect it to be but I still like it.

Before last sem ended, I have heard than many of my classmates have already read Coelho’s

River Piedra and many of them actually liked it. That’s why I told myself that I cannot let the

break pass without me reading the much-talked about book by the famous Brazilian author.

I actually had high hopes prior to reading the book. I was expecting that I would cringe and I

would cry. I thought that it was a very sad story. I have imagined that the piece was loaded with

lines mushier than anyone could think of when they are in love or when they are heartbroken.

The book was a story of two adolescent lovers. They got separated. Pilar, the girl, decided to

stay in their small town, while the boy decided to travel, study and live his life outside the town.

They moved on with their lives but kept their communications lines open. They have not seen

each other for 11 years until one day Pilar was invited by her friend to a seminar he is


They see each other again for the first time. The two have grown to be very different people.

Pilar is studying and is working for the government but still lives in the same small town where

she grew up while the guy is now a Charismatic leader who has traveled the world and has a

“glorious” destiny waiting for him. The guy was very vocal of his feelings about Pilar. He still

loves her. But Pilar kept her guard. She was afraid that the moment she feels the same, he

would just leave her. But of course in the end, love prevailed. No matter how hard the situation

is for the both of them, him-having to deal with his gift; and her- having to deal with her own

issues, they still ended up in each other’s arms.

The book may be less than what I had expected it to be but I still like it. There were so many

good parts- kilig parts in the book. I felt the kilig when he said that he would fight for Pilar's love

and Pilar is worth the fight. I loved it when he said that he loves Pilar upon returning to her the

medallion that she had lost, I loved it when Pilar thought that he was gone but found out that he

had been looking for her the whole time.

There are also a number of lines in the book that I liked so much. But these are the lines I can r

elate to the most:

“But love is always new. Regardless of whether we love once, twice or a dozen times in our life,

we always face a brand new situation. Love can consign us to hell or to paradise, but it always

takes us somewhere. We simply have to accept it, because it is what nourishes our existence. If

we reject it, we die of hunger, because we lack the courage to stretch out a hand and pluck the

fruit from the branches of the tree of life. We have to take love where we find it, even if it means

hours, days, weeks of disappointment and sadness.

The moment we begin to seek love, love begins to seek us.

And save us."


The biggest mystery of the book is what is the name of the male lead character? Why was he

not given a name by Coelho? Please, if you know the reason, shed some light to this confusion.

Go find your princes while I find my prince. God bless us all!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


We all have our fears. Many may be claustrophobic or those who are afraid of close

spaces. Some may be afraid of open spaces- those whom we call agoraphobics. We may

know of people who are afraid of different animals like ophidiophobics or those who

are afraid of snakes; musophobics or those who fear mice, or herpetophobics who are

frightened of reptiles. I am sure no one wants a partner who is afraid of sex or a

genophobe. Some people may even have the weirdest horrors- clinophobics or those who

are afraid of going to bed; pogonophobics or those are terrorized by beards or by

Dale. Some may even fear phobia itself or are phobophobics. According to a survey

shown in Fear Factor during their second season, most Filipinos fear height or are

acrophobics. Well in my case, I am Thanatophobic. I have a morbid fear of death.

There are two different reasons why I fear death: I love living and I do not know

what will happen after I die.

I am only 17 years young. But this early, I already get goosebums whenever the

thought of me dying comes to mind. It may be a difficult life especially here in the

Philippines where we take bad news as breakfast and some more bad news as midnight

snack but I love living. I love the fact that when I live, I breathe. Even if

Manila’s air is suffering from pollution, nothing beats the moment when you wake up

in the morning and take your first breath. It relieves me to know that I am taking

air again- a good sign that I am alive. I love the fact that when I live, I get to

travel. I get to see places that I have not seen before. I get to go to school

riding a pedicab or a jeep. I can go to the mall to buy my stuff or to watch the

movies with my classmates. I get to go to the CR and see all the cute boys who are

staying in the corridor. I get to travel through the television- see the Statue of

Liberty or the Eiffel Tower and know that an island-nation Vanuatu exists even if I

have not been there. I get to travel through the internet- travel at other people’s

homes or other people’s lives even. I love the fact that when I live, I am able to

meet new friends. I love it when I have a new acquaintance. There is excitement in

knowing the person. There is thrill in the thought that when our friendship does not

work out, we can always resort to backstabbing or trash-talking. I love it when I go

to the mall with my friends. I love it when I have friends in school. I love it when

I can have fun with my buddies and talk to them about my problems at the same time.

I love the truth that when I live, I am able to love. I love it when someone new

comes in. I love it when someone sweeps me off my feet. I love it when I get to kuya-

spot in the campus with my friends. I love it when I get to talk to someone over the

phone with a smile fixed in my face the whole time we were conversing. I love heart-

breaks. I love it when I become bitter. I love it when I get over. I love it when I

get even. I love it when I move on. I love it when I know my family loves me. I love

it when they know that I love them.

Another reason why I am afraid of dying is I do not know what will happen when or

after I die. Death, for me, is synonymous to uncertainty. Just who would give his

testimony on how it feels to die? Are we assured of heaven? Heck, even if we are

assured of heaven would we know our loved ones’ names if we see them there? If we

die, do we get to travel the outer space? Do we get to race with meteors and comets?

Would we burn if we come close to the sun? Or as biology would have it, are we

doomed to decomposition by those low-lifes? I have so many questions. And that just

proves my point that I am uncertain with how death is like.

I admire those people who are not afraid of dying. Those who can say dead-on that

they are fine with dying the very moment I asked them the question. What bothers me

more is the thought of how will I die? Will I die in an accident? Will I die in my

sleep? Will I be murdered? One Friday on my way to school, I was riding a pedicab

when it collided with a taxi. Good thing the collision was not that strong or else I

would have gotten into an accident- an accident that could turn into something

disastrous, lethal even. I want to die beautiful.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to die yet but I also do not want to be immortal.

This also worries me at night. Just how would it feel if you were still alive until

the day the sun is about to go off?

My mother may be right, I am paranoid. One of my classmates may be correct too, I

have little faith. But I cannot help but be scared at the thought of dying. My life

may not be perfect but I love living and other people my age may be ready to face

death but that is not going to help. I have thanatophobia and I have a morbid fear

of death. Well at least I don’t fear sex. Or do I?

*** Have a Peaceful All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day ***

Today is All Saints’ Day and many people have already stormed cemeteries in

remembrance of their loved ones. I just hope everything is fine out there especially

that many motorists tend to get really irked by the heavy traffic. Enjoy your lives.

Be patient!!

*** Holloween***

I was in Malate last Saturday with Emil. The whole strip of bars in Malate was very

lively because it was filled with the dead- oxymoron, figure of speech, do not take

literally- because it was the openning of Bed- a gay club in the gay capital and

most bars were already celebrating holloween. I have never seen so many gays in my

life. I have never seen so many cute/hot/cool gays in my life. Fab!! Just Fab!!
*** PBB ***

Sam may be the cutest housemate, and he may have made it in my Kuya List of October

but he's got bad taste; hello? makipaglampungan ba kay CHX at malungkot ng maalis

yung bruha? Hello? So please, vote for Jayson!! PBB will never be the same if he'll

go. So please vote for him!!

Go find your princes while I find my frog. God bless us all!!