Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Picture-picture. Tapos na nga ang Academic year 2005-2006. Next year, 3rd year na kami. Hehe!! I know I am stating the obvious but we still don’t know. Anything is possible!! Hehe!!

Dahil tinatamad ako magusulat, paniniwalaan ko ang kasabihang, “A picture paints a thousand words.” Itong mga larawan na ito ay ilan sa pinaka di ko malilimutan.


1st Sem:

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the good ol’ days

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falling out. I don’t wanna spill some more.

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surprise before Charitai’s departure

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ang kajungulan ni Hershey. Sila lang tuloy ang may picture nila Aika at Ebe. Hehe!!

2nd Sem:

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donuts for everyone. Yum!!

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ja-ne at ako walang magawa nun gab week.

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whatever pleases you, ma’am. Hehehe

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field trip woohoo!!

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mga nagmamaganda

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cast ng salvation for dummies

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walang significance! Gusto ko lang pagtawanan natin si Ralph!! O sige tawa na ng malakas!! Hehe!!

go find your princes while I play with frogs. God bless us all!!

ps. thank God umulan last night and today.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

closing time

Closure. Do not get me wrong. I have not been in another failed relationship. I do not know. This is one of the times when I get apathetic when it comes to love. Anyhow, before this becomes an FHM-worthy introduction, let me begin with my business.

What a relief!! School’s finally over and it is vacation time again. Can you believe it? I have not updated my blog for such a long, long time because I was busy with school works. Thursday last week, we had this musical as part of our requirements in English. It was successful- we had the biggest audience compared with our counterparts from the other classes. It felt great seeing that large crowd line up for the show. Thanks to the teachers who required their classes to go watch the show and thanks to my production staff who invited as many people as their powers would allow. Speaking of the production staff, I am going to repeat this again- you are the best people to work with. You are all a-w-e-s-o-m-e. You made work seem like play. The actors also did a fantastic job embarrassing their selves on stage.

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some of the production people- very tired but still all smiles.

Then came the finals week. It was as hectic as hectic can be. I know that if I still want to be part of the dean’s list then I would have to make up a lot for all my complacency. Hopefully, with the help of God, I did a great job.

More assessments regarding the past school year on later posts. ^_^

My brother has just graduated high school. It was nice to see the improvements in the school particularly in the gym. Sosyal, bumuga ng laway yung electric fan!! Hehehe!! Congratulations to my brother and all the graduates of school year 2005-2006. Good luck in your future.

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minus daddy who took this picture- itoy, mommy, eclai and the fabulous epal

Go find your princes while I play with frogs. God bless us all!!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

on different things

ON Friendship, on trust, on discord.

The issue involving Ralph, Hershey, Angela, Aika, Rap, and Dale is nothing new in the class. I am not involved in the fracas that is why I do not think that I have anything to do with. I am on my perennial role as the nosey classmate, always there to take in all the gossips. Hehehe, but I promise, I keep all the dirty secrets to myself. Those which the source does not want me to share with others, I do not share.

It just saddens me that those people involved are my friends, and they all used to be good friends too. It’s amazing how in a short span of time, every thing changes, relationships get tainted. I just wish that these guys think it over. They should consider the fact that they were once good friends and that many are affected because of their “misunderstandings”. I just wish that in time, all wounds get healed, all mistakes forgiven, all relationships restored.

ON Stress

On second thought, I do not think I am to say all these for there are also people in the class that I don’t get along well with. There are those who used to be really special to me but are not as close to me as they used to be. I guess everyone goes through fallings-out. Doing this play in English can work in two ways. One, this play can improve our bonds, and provide us dozens of UBE’s; or it can bring about more friction in the class. Lately the latter has been prevailing. Based on what I have been hearing from the people close to me, they get upset because of different situations. This play can irritate us or bring out the best in us.

But I have to say this. Yesterday was stressful. I woke up early for our rehearsals/photo shoot/ panel board-making. I lacked sleep and I was still tired from our trip the other day. I easily got irritated. I am sorry to all the people I shouted at, especially those who did not deserve it. Yesterday, I prayed to God to help me get through all the stress. God helped me. At the end of the day, I realized that I am not the only one who was working my butt off. The people around me were also working very hard. I am most grateful to the members of the production staff. Indeed, you are the most talented, most flexible, most patient people.

ON Our exposure trip, Kajungulan

Sa wakas, natuloy din yung RC trip namin nung Thursday. Grabe ang daming pinaghirapan nila Hershey, Aika, Jenny at Ralph para matuloy yun. Pero sabi nila si Paolo daw yung nakapagpapirma sa dean. Basta dapat lahat sila pasalamatan kasi sobrang nagtiyaga sila para matuloy yun eh.

Kumusta naman yung trip? Masaya siya dahil mega bonding kami. Ang paborito kong part kapag may mga ganyang trips ay yung time nyo sa bus. Todo kwentuhan, tawanan, landian at shempre kainan. Tsaka kahit college na kami todo baon parin kami kapag field trip. Para paring elementary. “Nagsawa ako sa pagmumukha ni Rizal,” sabi yan ni Jacky nung Friday. OO ganun din yung naramdaman ko. Nagsawa din ako sa pagmumukha nya. Pero shempre in fairness, ang galing galing ni Hershey maging tour guide. May promise. Hahaha!!

Kahapon, super naging close kami nila Jacky, Jewel, Ja-ne, at Clang, Sobrang mahal ko itong mga babaeng ito. Sobrang espesyal sila sa akin. I love yah, love yah, love yah!!

E2 yung mga pictures, maki usyoso na lang kayo.

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the whole class at rizal shrine

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ang reyna ng bulletin wars at pinakamagaqndang hayop sa balat ng lupa... sunod kay dale hehehe

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j.lo's in the making, guess that ass

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ang barkadang against jungolz hehehe

Go find your princes while I play with frogs. God bless us all!!

P.S. ang tagal ko palang di nakapagblog noh? Sobrang busy kasi tlga eh hehe!! Namiss nyo noh? Hehehe!! Malapit ng dumating daddy ko!! Malapit na rin ang bakasyon yeheh!!