Friday, May 18, 2007

when will (insert subject here) ever learn?

For the first time, after three weeks of training in the sports section of the Philippine Star, I got published today.


Check out a copy of Star today. My article’s on page A27. Hahaha, it’s a pretty small article, but I am not complaining. Because I got no one to share it with and I went there without Sir Joey or any other trainer.

Again, woohoo!!

So this is how it feels. I did not tell anyone that I got published when I learned about it. But to my surprise, some people, especially my family noticed it. My mom even texted me to say that my lola asked one of my cousins to go back to the nearby market, which is about 10 Km away, even if it’s already late, just so she could purchase a copy of the Star. Hahaha, sweet!!

For the last time, woohoo!!

The story I wrote about was the then ongoing Jr. NBA tournament in Makati. I attended the event’s culmination today featuring the semifinals and the finals matches, and other side contests.

The tournament was participated in by champion Ateneo, runner-up San Beda, semifinalists UST and De La Salle Zobel, and other schools like De La Salle Greenhills, Don Bosco Makati and Mandaluyong, University of Perpetual Help, Elizabeth Seton and many others.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a bunch of really cute players from the participating schools. The only catch was, the league’s oldest players were only 14 years old. Hehehe. I know, I have the makings of a pedophile.

I would like to thank the organizers of Jr. NBA for being really accommodating.

It has been five days since the elections. Most winners have been proclaimed by now, while the counting for the senatorial elections still continues.

The elections were declared “relatively peaceful” by the PNP. But can the same thing be said about the counting?

I don’t think so. And I know you share the same notion.

The Disastrous: A precinct in Batanngas was burned killing a teacher. What kind of person would do this? For sure, his soul is not being burned in hell.

The Depressing: Teachers who facilitated the elections last Monday voiced out their disappointments in different canvassing areas and city halls after not receiving half of their promised salaries immediately. These teachers were already preparing early morning of Monday, endured the sweltering heat, and tolerated hunger. They deserved to get their salaries right away. One teacher put it best, “Masyado naming pinapapababa ang sarili namin. Pumipila kami dito para sa napakababang halaga.”

The Crazy:Q.C. Congressman-in-the-running Bingbong Crisologo made a scene in the QC city hall early Wednesday because he felt that he was being cheated. He tried to destroy the glass doors of one of the rooms because he was not allowed to enter the room by the guards.

The Abnormally Normal: Cheating’s still rampant especially in Muslim Mindanao. Political Dynasties are still very much alive. Yuck.

The Stupidly Funny:One winning Pampangga mayor was interviewed on the radio some days back. He was very confident that his partymates, including their gubernatorial bet would win. I was bored, until..

Radio Announcer: Kumusta naman po ‘yung senatorial race diyan?
Mayor: Maayos naman po.
Radio Announcer: Sino na ang lumalamang?
Mayor: Hay nako, 12-0 po dito.
Radio Announcer: Pabor po kanino? Sa administarsyon o sa oposisyon?
Mayor: Ah sa Team Unity po.
Radio Announcer: So wala pong makakapasok diyan sa oposisyon?
Mayor: Ah meron naman po siguro.

Huwaw!! 12-0 nga. Hahaha!!

The Inspirational:Pampangga has a new governor in the person of Fr. Panlilio who defeated Pineda, wife of the purported jueteng lord Bong Pineda, and outgoing governor Mark Lapid. Expect changes in Pampangga.

The Good News:Chavit Singson and Victor Wood are no way near the Magic 12 in the Senatorial Elections. Manny Pacquiao trails Darlene Custodio by thousands of votes in their native General Santos. Good choice.

The Bad News:Alan Peter Cayetano is still pretty much in the running to become a senator. Dayumn.

The Outright Wrong:Melinda Doolittle was booted out of American Idol leaving the overrated Jordin Sparks and the mediocre Blake Lewis in the finals. Come on, America!! When will you ever learn?

Smile naman d'yan. God bless us all!!

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