Sunday, February 13, 2005

The repeat performance. It is just a day to go before the uber commercialized V-day. I have not written in this spot for a long time and I am seriously thinking of getting this axed. I am considering the diary suggestion of someone I know. Haha.

AB week has just ended. It started with a parade that made me curse Dale because of what he did- rather what he did not do. The AB week was culminated with the faculty show featuring of course the teachers. It was the ultimate laugh trip- getting to watch those professors who flunked you make a fool out of themselves. Haha!! What was disappointing were the change in schedule and the line that lasted forever. All in all, the faculty show was a success because it has delivered its purpose- retribution for the students and more funds for more programs in the college of AB.

During the middle of the AB week the campaign for the new set of ABSC officers has begun. Three parties are in contention- SDP, GAP, and Dekada. Each political group has their different platforms with unique names to match. And boy do they have lots to promise. I realized that politics in college is much tougher compared to that of in HS. Simply put, it really is politics. Some of the wannabes are already familiar faces because they were already elected for an office in the ABSC in the years passed. I was caught surprised when I saw some running for office when I thought they were already on their way out of college. Akala ko magtatapos na sila, iyon pala, hindi pa. These are politicians in the making- they made use of their office last year to wish us luck during exams, to greet us with his and hellos, to flash their sweetest smiles whenever they see us. If you are too naïve, you will think that they did those with all the sincerity they can muster. But if you analyze it, you will learn that all were done in the name of politics; in the name of securing an office in the student council. I wonder what they get when they are in office. They are all there for “service” alright, but they also miss their classes, more importantly they are missing the reason why their parents are busting off their asses just to send them to school. Our parents do not send us to school to be politicians; they send us to school to be students. But notice the term that I used- it is politician. I am sure they will be very proud if you were to be a PUBLIC SERVANT. Haha! But of course kuyas will remain kuyas, and they are getting my vote. Haha! Stupid! I hope I don’t get into trouble with what I have written here. Haha!! I wish that they have come across the term democracy used wisely.

Jut like what I have mentioned earlier, it’s a red-letter day tomorrow. I am happy that I have someone to spend my Valentine with tomorrow even if we will not see each other because he is in Naga. Pure soul so in love. But I am still happy. I just wish that Valentine’s Day were a day of real love and not of commercialized affection. What matters most are not the roses nor the chocolates but the message you send with them.

It may seem a cliché but we are all performers in a theater called life. Pero lagi nyo sanang tandaan na ang pagganap, gaano man kaganda, nakakasawa rin kapag paulit-ulit na lang.

That’s all folks! Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal! Happy Valentine’s Day and God bless us all!! ♥♥♥

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Talk the talk, walk the walk part 2. It is the night before the first day of the AB week. I have just gotten home from a very tiring day. Oh, make that a very tiring day--- and night. Our classes went okay; well we had just two of our subjects. The action began after the bell rang at 3. I had to go to ABSC to confirm what is to happen tomorrow. I was there with a bunch of other 1st year journ class officers. Kuya Milfen asked us who can buy the utensils for tomorrow’s Salu-Salo. I volunteered since I have already planned going to Divisoria to buy the materials for our classmates’ costume. Boy, was I not warned what to expect!! Val accompanied me to Divi. We had to go to MW first to buy some materials needed for the costume. I was amazed at how well she knows the Divisoria; it turned out that she and her mom would frequent the place. She told me about all the gems that I can find in the place since it was my first time there. We shopped for headbands, spray paints, plastic cups and spoon and fork, paper plates, and many others. Natuwa ako sa pagtawad sa mga tindahan! Haha!! At nagpapasalamat din ako sa mga tinderang pumayag sa mga pambabarat ko. We can all call it charm and beginner’s luck. Haha!

We ended the spree at around 6:30. I had instructed Hershey to send some guys to meet Valerie and me over at MW. Cars were bumper to bumper and we were certain that it would be tough to hail a cab going to Recto. To make matters more difficult, we were carrying some heavy load. Ang bigat! Pero hanga ako kay ninang Val, kasi mas macho siya sa akin! Haha! We rode a sidecar instead. Kahit na sobrang mahal ng singil ng mama, pinatos na rin namin. Traveling using the sidecar was easy though, and I believe it is faster than using a cab. After some minutes of waiting, Raf and Toni have arrived at MW. They helped me carry the things Val and I bought as Valerie waved as goodbye. Pagdating namin sa Lovers’ lane, kaunti palang pala ang nagawa, pero dumami ang mga tumutulong. Dinala na muna namin ni Rafael at Michael ang mga pinamili ko papaunta sa ABSC. Reaching the office, there was no Milfen to welcome me. Instead, there was this “office girl” who received all the stuff. I did not notice if she said thank you to us or maybe I just did not feel it. Haha! Binalik naman niya ang ginastos ko sa pamasahe.

We went back to the Lovers’ lane and continued with our tasks. It was easy doing business with those who helped, even if most of us were seriously tired. The girls finished painting Dale’s videoke er, typewriter costume at exactly 10 PM- the clock on top of the Main Building alarming. Haha! Alarm ba ang tamang term? Pagkatapos nun, umuwi na kaming lahat. And I am sure I wasn’t the only one exhausted.

Before I end this non-sense, I’d like to thank all those people who helped! We deserve cash incentives! Haha!

That’t all, folks! Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal who couldn’t even raise his legs because of pain! Haha! God bless us all! ☻☻☻