Saturday, January 29, 2005

The tale of the twisted. Twisted fries- this McDo recipe brings a smile on my face and maybe to other people too. Its shape and taste are so different- different from the rest. It was brought back just several months ago much to its fans delight. I am sure thousands have trooped to Mc Donald’s to get their fill of the treat. We were fed. I was fed- well, fed-up maybe. It used to be all good, until I have realized that it takes 25 more additional Pesos to your regular “value” meal to get your fries twisted as if going for the Big Time at 17-18 Pesos is not enough. I am a fan of fast food. Iba ang mga burgers nila. I personally like the cheeseburgers of McDo- and of course their fries. But oh my gosh- for a student who still depends on his dad’s income, I consider those food very pricey now. But my wallet goes ok. I thought it was reasonable because my stomach gets its fill; it is satisfied. But twister fries? Its shape is supposed to be twisted- but now everything about it is twisted except its form. Insane and impractical I call it- additional 25 Pesos for a saltier, almost burnt fries? Now that an advertisement has come out informing the public that the Twister Fries will be gone again for a while, I can’t help but be excited. It should have stayed in the pantry anyway.

Star Circle Quest has now come to an end. Unlike the first batch, this one showed less brilliance. But I still found myself burning fat in the couch while watching the show because its rival also showed less promise compared to its predecessor. Haha! Who said that Joe Millionaire II will be the only flop sequel in reality TV-dom? Now it is joined by two more shows from our Native Land. But unlike the 3 programs aforementioned, other reality shows were success stories. One of the secrets of these hit programs was their correct usage of the word “twist”. This term, however, has been the most abused word in Reality TV history. Kasi ba naman, kaunting pagbabago lang sa daloy ng programa, “twist” na kaagad ang bansag nila. Haha! Dingdong Dantes come to mind. Hay, buhay!

That’s all, folks! Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal! Don’t forget to cherish each moment you spend with your family! God bless us all!! ☻☻☻

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

It’s Wednesday and it seemed like years since I have written my last entry. This will not be long, thus such a lousy introduction. After getting some sleep, I browsed the papers again. And I have read my horoscope. Well, for the purpose of not being branded “jologs”, I would like to believe that I do not believe in horoscopes but I do-well sometimes. It says there that it’s official- a past love is back. I went shit. This is true. I dreamt of him last night and thoughts of him still linger on until now. Well the feeling was never really lost- it wasn’t just consistent. Dreams are weird and mine was no exemption. He went to me to ask for help; he said he is cursed. But come to think of it- maybe he was one of the most pleasant things that ever happened to me, but that is what he WAS- a curse. He was a jerk. Haha!! A jerk in my own eyes. I am finding- and the search continues- until my heart gets satisfied.

Birthday greetings go out to my dear friends Carmen Espiritu who turns 17, Cristine Barozza who is now 17, and Jenny Lei Ravelo who has celebrated her debut recently.

That was all the stupid shit I can write, folks!! I hope to be back with a vengeance. And oh, by the way, my whole body –particularly my legs- still hurts after that PE torture!! Haha!! Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal!! God bless us all!! ☻☻☻

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Ella used to be a beautiful lady. She was 19, and was taking up nursing at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. She had her eyes set on working abroad after she graduates. She was almost there when she met a dashing young man named Ben. Young and restless, they both succumbed to their impulsiveness. And this brought a child to the world- a baby boy. At 20, Ella was a mother who continued her studies and Ben was a father who stopped schooling to work. The baby boy they had was followed with another boy after 2 years. Ella was working that time so as Ben. They lived in the house of Ella’s parents and there they raised their two children. The two were full of love when that day came- that day when all feelings went numb and they had to separate ways. Ben left his two children under the care of Ella since she was earning more. Nevertheless, he continued supporting his produce. He worked so hard to send the two to a fine school. Ella had pride for the wrong reasons that produced erroneous effects. She became addicted to the Casino. She was earning a lot but she lost much too because of her addiction. Still attractive, she fascinated the fancy of many men particularly this one guy named Polly. Polly and Ella bore a child- a girl- a very beautiful baby girl. Polly wasn’t that secure with himself and with his job. He wasn’t that responsible to support his kid. Ella and his boyfriend would often fight. And because Ella’s parents did not approve of their relationship, they were sent packing- together with their children from the house. But Ella and her parents soon reunited- this time in a new house, and without Polly. Her two boys are no longer with her as well. Their father got them from her since he did not trust his former wife if she can still support their kids. She was jobless. The only thing she got left was the dream of living with her 2 boys again, and her precious little daughter. She spent her life in the province living within the means. But she still attracted many men. One of them was Elmer, a simple barrio boy. Both were in their 30’s and still fertile and potent. They both enjoyed these traits, and brought forth results- results that were not really accepted by Ella’s oldest child. She gave her a promise- a promise that she will no longer have a child with another man aside from his dad. But that promise was broken- broken so many times. Elmer and Ella now have 4 children- still infants. Ella remains jobless while Elmer’s earnings continue to be insufficient. She may have had so many affairs with men but her affair with the Casino continues. It was an affair caused by good intentions but brought unwanted effects. Now Ella remains jobless and lives without the trust of anyone. She does not even have her own self. The only thing that she has left is that dream that someday her children can be proud of her.

Friday, January 14, 2005

I come undone.
I think I am crazy.
No, maybe I am just schizophrenic.
Or maybe I am just wearing too many masks.
Neurosis, J.P. Sartre calls it.
I think of it as survival.
It’s not easy.
You go to places-
That was literal-
Wearing smiles.
Sometimes, you are even kind enough
To give out that precious laughter.
The former are pearls.
The latter are diamonds.
You live in a mine.
Think about all the things
Happening to you.
How could you?
How dare you?
How dare you keep them all by yourself?
Oh I forgot.
As if you have a choice.
Ironically, there are ears to listen,
Minds to stir.
But maybe for the wrong reasons.
Maybe it will just bring forth an
Ineffective effect.
And when you can’t handle things anymore,
You face your familiar friend.
The one that knows your thoughts.
It has recorded them.
And then they mistake you.
Mistake you for a bitch-
Demeaning people- without any reason
And without any cessation.
Now you are rightless.
He has no right-
No right to speak his mind,
No right to opine.
He has no right because of what others think.
He has no right because of what others might say.
Who cares?
The only truth is that
He can’t. He shouldn’t.
His neck is held.
His heart is crushed.
Pain runs in his blood.
With all theses things-
Pain must be too gentle?
No emotions. Lots of thinking.
But amidst all the rationality,
There is no question that he
Also feels.
A lot like it.
He lies in the night.
Thinking of how much more he has to lie.
Thinking how much more he has to hide.
How much more does he have to think
Of what others will say?
How much more can he bear?
I thought he is tired of feeling?
I thought he is tired of thinking?
But maybe inside him, there speaks
Life is beautiful, and so is he.
Would he want to go ahead?
Then feel nothing anymore?
Nor know anyone’s name?
Or would he stay
Get attacked?
Then forgive?
Or even get even?
Face that familiar friend?
Think of things in the night?
Feel things by yourself?
In solitude,
You re not alone.
You have got you
And a thousand of thoughts
A million of heartbeats and pulses
Maybe some dozens of tears.
And God is not to be outdone.
Crazy, maybe.
Or that’s just being you?!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

During Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, we are dismissed at 3 PM so normally, we would take our snacks together. That was not the case today. I have decided not to go out with the guys because I have realized now the value of saving more.

My dad called last Monday. He had that usual happy tone he has been letting us here whenever he calls us. I was excited to talk to him. I told him that I was reading that night and was about to prepare for our PE class some hours later. Excitement was replaced with the realization of reality. My dad is there- in the biggest luxury liner in the world- working. He is busting his ass off to send us money. He works everyday almost every time. Not only his work is tough, he must undergo a situation wherein he must live on his own and away from us- his loved ones. He told me that he has been doing the rounds in search for something he can give me when he comes back in April. I said he need not bother anymore. I am fine. He told me not to worry. He works abroad to be able to give me what I want. After talking to him, I started to cry. I felt his pain. I felt how tough it was for him. Saving was a part of my New Year’s Resolution. That conversation with my dad reiterated to me my promise.

Instead of going out with the guys today, I accompanied Hershey to McDo where she plans to hold her 18th birthday party. She was pretty convinced with what the fast-food can offer. I promised myself to blog about this- Herhey is the class’s Jobert Socaldito!! Wahahahahahahaha!!

Walking that long made things a little worse my already-hurting legs. As usual, PE yesterday was torture. Criminals should be made to run around the field 10 times a day continuously. I came minutes earlier for our Track and Field class yesterday. My spirits were high though I lacked sleep. After I did my first speed, the right part of my tummy ached. I don’t know what part exactly was in pain, but it was aching. Jewel my partner every PE class was complaining about her period (I don’t know if I am supposed to write about this. I just hope he does not get offended.). What we did was walk. After completing our first lap, we talked to Ma’am and aired our complaints. She said we were okay and nothing was really wrong. We asked permission if we can just walk instead of doing the usual routine of speed, jog, and recover. She agreed. It took us forever to cover the whole field just by walking. Ma’am scolded us. She told Jewel and I not to wear our TnF uniform anymore if we were just going to do what we did. Hayyyy naku!! Ang hirap niyang intindihin. Things were back to normal anymore after our second set of stretching. My body was not aching anymore. We proceed with shot-put. We were supposed to throw that 12K ball to the farthest distance possible. That was heavy. Holding it almost destroyed my fragile but very reliable wrists. Carrying it was painful. Tossing it was hard. Hayyyy!! I can’t wait to get out of the hell that is track and field come the next sem. Good thing; PE classes are cancelled next week!! Salamat!!

That’s all folks. That was rollercoaster ride of emotions in just three days. We’ll see what happens for the remaining days of the week. Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal! God bless us all! ☻☻☻

Friday, January 07, 2005

It’s just a little after 6 in the morning and here I am in front of the computer typing this shit. Just like 2 days ago, sleep is insufficient. I woke up too damn early. This will be a long day, I am sure. I just hope that my brain functions well in our classes this day. Bakit ba may pasok? Sana wala na lang! Tutal, dineklara na naman na ngayon ay ang pambansang araw ng pagluluksa. I am really taking my promise not to use Filipino and English in the same sentence seriously. Haha!! But just the same, if there were no classes, I don’t think that I would spend the whole day- or even half of it- praying.

There are like 5 more hours before my 1st class. It is Friday today so it will be journ. I am becoming less and less excited about my 2nd subject. Last Wednesday, he did it again. He kinda included me in his lecture- I mean ranting- again. Every time he is irate at the administration, he always makes sure that I am there- included. Jokes are half-meant, someone told me before. But this one is no joke. He really means the shit he is saying. Bakit kailangan may parinig sa akin? Humingi na ako ng paumanhin sa kanya at sinulatan ko pa siya!! Wala siyang kwenta. Naasar ako!! Nabubuwisit ako!! Putang ina!! My classmates were laughing- Jaypee’s laughter, I heard the most. They thought it’s funny? They were wrong!! I mustered enough courage to admit my mistakes. It takes more to bear with my classmates who can get pretty insensitive at times. I don’t complain each time they tease, “blog! blog!” I think it’s alright that’s why I don’t get offended. But I just wish that next time that ogre incorporates me in his rants again- some of my classmates be more sensitive in keeping their mouths shut or at least keeping their hands off my shoulder. I don’t mean to send the message that I am mad at some of my classmates, it’s just that they do not experience what I am going through that’s why they do not know. I kept silent- to the point of being mum when I did not bring up the issue that some of them also wrote nasty stuff about him in class. Ayaw ko lang magpaka-plastik. Naasar ako kay Chiesos, pero nasaktan ako sa ginawa ng ilan sa kanila. ‘Nuff said.

I am thinking of not pushing through with my plan of going to Cavite- at least this time. I am pretty scared with the “outbreak” of meningococcemia. I’d rather stay home and rest or at least watch AA’s play at the Colayco Park.

Today is the National Day of Mourning. Please offer some of your time praying for those who have fallen victims to the catastrophes that has struck Asia including the Philippines. Please pray for the victims of the meningococcemia scare and the possible epidemic in the countries affected by the tsunami.

That’s all folks! Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal!! God bless us all!! ☻☻☻

Monday, January 03, 2005

I am back to school. It was pretty okay today, nothing really special. Ooooops!! I almost forgot Ralph’s new hairdo. He now sports a do that is supposedly inspired by the film “Panaghoy sa Shuba”- his own version of the Visayan film by Cesar Montano. As usual, it was laugh trip with the guys the whole day. But it was also fun spending the day with Ralph because I got to share my stories this Christmas vacation to him.

Hay naku film review na nga lang!

Last Week, Emil, Ian and I met at Robinson’s Manila. We went to watch the film So Happy Together. The story revolves around the lives of two best friends Lianne played by Kris Aquino and Osmond portrayed by Eric Quizon. Lianne is a businesswoman who is into buy and sell. Just like Kris in real life, she is in the quest for her Prince Charming. Along the way, she meets a lot of men, but there is always something wrong. After years of working hard, she gets richer, and now has two children played by Jennelyn Mercado and Yasmien Kurdi. On the other hand, Osmond is a copywriter who works for an advertising agency. All his life, he has wanted to create a brilliant teleplay that he and his best friend can be proud of. Unlike Lianne, Osmond is not the practical type of person. He is easily fooled by the men in his life. The two experiences a lot of bumps in the way, nevertheless, their friendship lasted for a long time. So Happy Together reminds me of Will and Grace with a few qualms: the latter is of course better and funnier. But the film does not disappoint especially to those people who are looking for some good laugh this lackluster Christmas season. Kris Aquino and Eric Quizon have great chemistry. Their chemistry helps a lot to elicit laughter. The two lead actors get fantastic support from the other casts particularly Nova Villa. The story is predictable and it does not provoke your mind. However, these reservations do not tarnish the film’s value. Overall, this film directed by Joel Lamangan gets an 8 because it is enjoyable to watch.

Yesterday, I got to see my mom again. She came to meet me and Itoy. The three of us went to SM Manila to watch a flick. We decided to see Aishite Imasu. The film is set during the Japanese occupation in the Philippines chiefly in the small town of San Nicolas. The lives of the people in the small town were simple and quiet. But all of that changed upon the arrival of the Japanese. The film stars Judy Ann Santos who plays Binya, the prettiest girl in the barrio. She marries Edilberto, portrayed by Raymart Santiago. Also in the cast is Dennis Trillo who is the cross-dressing Inya, and Jay Manalo who personifies Ichiru, the Japanese soldier who fell in love right away to Inya. The guerillas knew that Ichiru’s affection for Inya will work to their advantage. So they send him to spy on the Japanese. He did all these for his love of Edilberto. But things got complicated when Inya falls in love with Ichiru. Inya was suspected to have betrayed both camps. Edilberto dies later on and Binya decides to take his place. In the end- after the death of countless Filipnios and Japanese- the guerillas were successful in driving the Japanese soldiers away. The story is not original at all. We all have seen period dramas like this that have love as sidetrack. What was different this time is the gay relationship between Manalo and Trillo. The film has poor dialogues and I think that the director can use more subtlety. The acting was okay. The two gay lovers were a standout. But the supporting cast was also brilliant. Joel Lamangan scores a 7 in this drama.

That’s all, folks. Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal!! God bless us all!! ☻☻☻