Saturday, June 24, 2006

hahahaha!! ano yan, joke?!

Ever got these text messages or got your friends share them with you in person?



The Bench…
Chi Code


Knock Knock!
Who’s there?
Uod who?
Uod mga kamatid nayo ng magamaama!!

Funny no?! Hehehe!!

When life throws you jokes, you are caught off-guard. You may find life’s jokes funny but I know you will agree that, most of the time, these jokes are not really meant to tickle your funny bones but make you realize that hey, life can punch harder than Manny Pacquiao.

We had our elections last Thursday. Joyce is our new president. I think Joyce will do an awesome job. Hershey did a great one last year. But Joyce’s election was not really the biggest surprise, well that is as far as I am concerned. I was voted to be our class’s representative to this year’s Mr. Journalism. WTF!! I wanted to join last year (my classmates did not vote for me, they were still sane then as they voted for Paolo.) but damn, I did not expect to get voted this year. Valerie is our Miss Journ. Nice choice, eh. Although Clang aka Olyn aka Claudine wanted herself to be it. This early, my classmates already gave me their word that they would come to support us—promises of banners and all. I feel confident. Sana walang iwanan sa ere!! Hehehe!!

Last night (Friday), I went on a date. My date and I met on Buendia and ate at Wendy’s. That was the first time I met with the guy. He was a laid-back kinda guy and a bit showy at the same time. After eating, we said our goodbyes. I rode the FX home because it was still early (around 10 PM). After getting off the FX and walking home, I realized that my cellphone was not in any of my two pockets where I normally put it, nor was it in my bag. I searched my bag but it turned out to be a futile exercise. My phone, together with all my contacts, all memorable text messages and all pictures, is gone. Hayyyyy!! Ang life talaga kapag nagbiro!! Madalas di nakakatawa!!

You have been informed. I lost my cellphone. Wala na naman ako sa sirkulasyon. Hayyyy!! Hayyyy ulit!! Isa pang hayyyyyy!! Sige isa pa hayyyyyy!! O tama na!! Hayyyy!!

I am now accepting donations from kindhearted individuals, civic groups, non-government organizations, and rich tycoons. Kung gusto nyo bigyan ako ng bagong cellphone, hanapin nyo lang ako sa UST AB Building. O kaya sa Varsitarian office sa Main building. O di kaya’y tawagan nyo ako sa bahay 7428783!! O i-message nyo ko sa Friendster o kaya sa YM Maraming maraming salamat!!

Hayyy life, next time wag kang ganyan magbiro ha!! Naiiyak ako sa joke mo eh!!

Smile naman dyan!! God bless us all!!

PS: Popular TV producer Aaron Spelling is dead!! For those of you who do not know the last Mr. Spelling, he is the producer of TV hits such as Charlie's Angels, Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed. He is also one of the richest men in Hollywood, even the World. Spelling, 83 died Friday following a stroke. No more life's jokes on the powerful Mr. Spelling. He will be missed!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

sino ang tatay mo?!

The first week of classes has just ended. And contrary to the popular Kamikaze ditty, I am not having a first day high, or a first week high in this case. I feel very tired and very low.

I am not exactly sure if I get to please you, me dear fans, and I know you’re very few, with my topics that seemingly revolve to my stint as Varsi writer. But I cannot help it. Being with Varsi for a little more than just two months now made me realize how far I can go. And that is not very far, I think.

It’s hard work. I, together with the other writers, gathered our materials early on. But we still ended up submitting our articles late. Please, do not put all the blame to us. I know that you know what I mean.

Nakakapagod. For the past week, I have thought about quitting. And until today, I am still not sure. I have thought of the reasons why I joined Varsi: 1) because I love to write; 2) I want to continue being part of my school’s official publication; 3) I wanted to gain new friends; 4) I wanted to break my routine which was going to school and going straight back home. In the past to months or so, I fulfilled what I wanted to do. I even got more. Being a Varsi writer has many perks: monthly and semestral allowance, connections with teachers and other contacts, fame, and trips to many places. But when I thought about it, I still can get those things without being part of Varsi. Although I know it will take me much longer. I do not know if I am just on the adjustment period for thinking about quitting this early. Maybe it’s the rebel or the bitch in me that tells me to quit. Or maybe it’s the fact that I do not anymore get to relax, watch tv, sleep, and enjoy myself the way I used to. Last Thursday, I planned on going home late to stay at the office and finish my work. I left the office at 4 A.M. but still was not successful in finishing my work. I have so many complaints, please forgive me.

Damn it, I belong to the premier student publication in the country and I still do not make sense!!

Tomorrow is Fathers’ Day.

A father’s worth, more often than not, is judged based on how well he provides for the family. Just that. But let us see our fathers in different ways. They are there to help us when we have problems. They are there to discipline us when we commit mistakes. They are there to take care of us when we are sick. There are just so many a father can do. And I am proud to say that although my father gives primary importance to his being a provider, he is definitely better than Superman.

Happy Fathers’ Day,
daddy!! I love you!!

And Happy Fathers’ Day to all dads in the world!!

Smile naman dyan!! God bless us all!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A rainmaker, cream puffs, Eng'g kuya, and Eclai: rambling of a bored epal who misses blogging

Forgive me, but what you will read here are just pure ramblings of a bored epal who misses blogging.

Rambling #1: I miss the rain. For two consecutive nights last week, heavy rains poured. You should have seen the smile in my face. I did not mind walking in the wet and almost flooded streets of Espana. I did not care. I longed for cold weather this whole summer—which I know was stupid since it’s supposed to be hot during summers. Duhller?! For three days now, the god of rain has not done anything but give me false hopes. I played hard with Marc’s rainmaker but all I got were lightning and drizzle. O dear rain, please come visit us more often. Hey, I’ve got some apostrophe going on in that sentence. Bwahahaha!!

Rambling #2: Last Saturday, we had a Mass of the Holy Spirit at the Varsi office. The celebrant was animated. He gave all of us hugs, and the girls, kisses. Something wrong was running in my mind that time. Sorry. Bwahaha. But that was not the only naughty thing that I did during that time. Sorry. To show remorse, I ate three cream puffs. Bwehehehe!! Just kidding. But the cream puffs were, uh, delicious, the finest I have tasted in a long while.

Rambling #3: Speaking of Varsi, our superiors are in Palawan for their planning. They are staying there for four days. Kainggit. I have always wanted to go to Palawan. I have always wondered how it feels to ride a plane. Sige, maghihintay na lang ako!! Bwahaha!! Because they are out of town, we, the new comers, are left here in Manila to do our articles and tantantananan… clean the office. Sounds like fun? You bet!! It really is fun. I am not being sarcastic. Konti lang yung tao sa office, pero nakakamiss din sila. May kuyang taga Eng’g na pumunta sa office kanina, nagtatanong tungkol sa pictures nung Pautakan. Ang cute nya!! Gwaveh!! Tapos sobrang soft-spoken!! Nahiya siguro sa akin!! Joke!! Hahaha!!

Rambling #4: I went to Cavite last Sunday and stayed there until Monday morning. I missed my siblings and my mom. Eclai’s classes started last Monday and I was happy to have funded most of her school needs. Haha!! Thanks na rin kay daddy!! My mom told me that the setup will be different now that Eclai’s back to school. Mom said that Eclai helped her a lot during her summer break. Eclai took care of our younger siblings. She also helps mom in cleaning the house. She even washes her own clothes. Tears almost rolled down my face because I could not help but be proud of my little sister whom I love very dearly. I just hope that she remains good and unaffected of their situation.

Pasensya na namiss ko lang talaga mag blog. Kaya nag blog ako kahit na wala naman talaga akong maisusulat. Hehehe!!

School starts next week. Am I excited? I am gonna find out soon!!

Smile naman dyan!! God bless us all!!

P.S. Shiex!! Wala pang bagong rector. Kung ganun, feeling ko di na naman ako kuquota!! Kaaser!!