Saturday, January 21, 2006


Star-struck- that’s how I felt when I saw Bianca Gonzalez.

I should have watched the Backstreet Boys concert last night at the Araneta Coliseum with Ralph and Angela. But because of the many things that had happened in the past few days, we did not get to. Instead, we settled for the USTv Awards held at the Medicine Auditorium.

***Backstreet’s Back!!!****

I grew up listening to the songs of the Backstreet Boys. I was never that rock chick when I was growing up. I can still remember how the BSB songs were such a hit in production numbers during Elementary. I can still recall how my female cousins would swoon each time they see BSB on TV and how I secretly did the same. Hehe!!

During high school, my admiration for the boys grew fonder. I loved watching their videos and was ready to defend them from my female cousins who started to become N SYNC fans. I used to play their black and blue album everyday without fail that my dad also got used to hearing their music. He even told me that if the BSB were to come, we would watch their concert. But for reasons already explained, BSB went to a hiatus. Because of this, new acts sprouted and I came to like them more than I like BSB. Soon, I already did not care if the BSB were still to reunite. But this year, they are back. And I realized that I am still a fan although not that big of a fan anymore. I still enjoy singing their songs with my classmates even if we’re on the streets.

I hope they will come back to do another show soon.

The fan that I am, I am making the Backstreet Boys, kuyas for the month of January.

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BSB. I loved watching their videos and was ready to defend them from those who liked other acts more.

***USTv awards***

The USTv awards last night was a blast. But this year, UST has made it a bigger deal asking those who will come, even those who will just watch to wear their formal attire. Fortunately or unfortunately, I and my classmates did not know this until we got hold of our tickets courtesy of the heartbroken Banana Girl.

GMA 7 took home most of the awards. Thus, the station was named Most Awarded TV station. I still think the name of the award comes with an undertone. I refuse to elaborate. Many celebrities came- Charo Santos, Iza Calzado, John Lloyd Cruz, Diana Zubiri, Hale, Rufa Mae Quinto, Daphne Osena, The Going Bulilit Kids to name a few. But the most blog-worthy of them all is Bianca Gonzalez.

I started having a crush on Bianca when I first read her blog. I told myself- this girl is something. She looks great. And this girl is also intelligent and very humble. These traits make her more beautiful.

So when she sat in front of me and my classmates, I grabbed the opportunity to have our picture taken. Grabe!! Naloka ako!! Ang ganda nya!! Please don’t hate me for being a lesbian!! Haha!! Joke!!

This is our picture:

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Aika, Moi, and Bianca. Bianca looks great. And she is also intelligent and very humble.

Next gig: Livre 2006!!

Happy birthday jenny lei!!

Go find your princes while I play with frogs. God bless us all

Friday, January 13, 2006

harsh comments

one of the many things i hate about myself i how i lack control of the things i say.

words are very powerful they can make the people around you or hurt them. Today, I hurt a few people because of my harsh comments.

I am guilty. No denying of that one.

To my classmate whom I have hurt today, I am very sorry. I know you might not be reading this but i apologize for that comment i gave while we were in class. I did not know the whole story. I am in no position to say anything like that even if i meant it as a joke.

Ate Agnes may very well be the subject of most of my jokes. Sometimes, I find it unbearable to talk to her. Today, I texted her asking her to bring my umbrella at 3 pm. 3 pm came and she was not there. i called her asking if she received her message. Irked by the way she spoke, I shouted at her not minding of the people around me and her feelings. I got so vexed I sent her a text message saying, "ate mababaliw ako sayo." It turned out that I sent the text message asking her to bring the umbrella to another person. Thus, she did not really receive the text message.

When i got home, she texted me her reply to my mababaliw comment. It read, "wag kang mag-alala malapit na akong umalis d2, di ka na mababaliw sakin.

My consciene still bothers me up to now.

Sometimes, just because I am surrounded by mean people, I think that I have to be extra mean even to those people who are nice to me. There's nothing fabulous about it- just plain kaepalan.

To the people whom I have hurt today and in the past, and to the people whom I will eventually hurt in the future, I am sorry.

God bless us all!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

TV star

TV Star- ako yun!!

Last year, I auditioned to become a host for TOMCAT. TOMCAT is the official cable channel of UST. I did not write about the experience because there is always a possibility that I might not get the part. But the audition was tough. They had me introduce myself in a creative way (to which I said, “This is the whiteboard. Bakit ang whiteboard white, pero ng blackboard hinde?” –yak!! ), answer questions, pretend as if I were interviewing people, read the news. It was made tougher by the fact that I as nervous. You see, when I was in high school, I never had to audition to get in an organization that I like to join. There were screening tests but that’s about it. Except for the Glee Club where I auditioned to become a member of. I flunked it--- twice.

Last Friday, an Executive Producer of one of the TV shows of TOMCAT asked me if can host this coming Monday (yesterday). I said sure. But she said that I was only going to be a reserve since they encountered a problem with their original host. I thought it was ok. Last Sunday, she confirmed to me that we are to push through the following day. We are going to visit the make-shift workshop in Calookan of one of the costume designers of Etheria. I was excited. I kept on imagining what I was in for. The next day, I dropped by the TOMCAT office to meet with the EP and get the script. There, they told me that I am already part of TOMCAT- that I actually passed the audition and that they will just determine the show I will be hosting. Then the EP told me that she was planning to make me a regular host of the show- make a tandem out of myself and the original host. Ayayay. TV star na ako???

In the afternoon, the cameraman and I went to Caloocan to do the interview. The make-shift workshop was tiny but the owner’s creations were nothing short amazing. He is one of the most brilliant persons I have met. You see, I do not watch Etheria. But during the interview, I got enough reason to at least give the series a little more appreciation.

Unless there will be problems, the show will air Monday at 11:30 A.M.

Finally, I am done with my English Prelims. I can stop memorizing now. Last night, I had some difficulty sleeping because the words from my speech kept on recurring in my mind. Sixteen cousins… tantamount to spitting on that sacrifice…Filipino diaspora… borderless world… we give back… quarter-of-a-million seafarers… richer in every sense of the word… whatever opportunities… snow outside….

Thank you, Lord for helping me with my endeavors for today.

Go find your princes, while I play with frogs. God bless us all!!