Wednesday, October 26, 2005

the fabulous and the not so

Fabulous epal- a civil rights fighter.

Annoying epal- a no-talent “star”

Today is clearance and enrollment day. I got only 3 hours of sleep maybe due to excitement to see my classmates whom I have missed badly in the two weeks that we have not seen each other. I do not know if the feeling is mutual.

***Clearing the Smoke***

I admit I was nervous going to school to get my clearance especially after Hershey called me last week to tell me that many got low, if not flunking grades in NS. Fortunately, I passed all my subjects this sem. But when I got inside the room, there were already many faces that I can’t paint. It is so sad to see my classmates this way. One of the problems, and I have already written about it here last summer is that AB has no consultation day for students and teachers to meet after the finals to discuss how their grades are computed. You just get surprised that you freakin’ failed the class of your freakin’ professor.

***Aaron, I will miss you***

The saddest part of it all is that many of my classmates will no longer be there next sem. Charity is going to Canada and the States for the whole of next semester. But seeing more names highlighted in that 2jrn1 sheet was upsetting. Most especially seeing Aaron’s.

Image hosted by
you will be missed, Aaron.

I definitely did not expect what happened to Aaron. I know that there is always a possibility that he’ll get low grades for his multiple absences, but what happened to him is just too much. That guy is special. He was one of the first guys I clicked with during the first days of classes. He is always full of life, jolly and noisy. I will miss him and all his hirits. Andyan sya palagi para makipagkulitan at makipagharutan sa akin. Di sya mabilis mapikon. Nakakausap ko siya tungkol sa sports. Heck, he is the most sports-inclined in the class, I must admit. I was touched by his story about his mother when she knew of what happened. Aaron, I will miss you; You will be missed by the whole class!!
Good luck!!


Enrollment is always a tedious process to go through. Just imagine the long line you have to endure in order to get to the Seminary gym. Tapos bigla mong malalalaman na ang lumalabas lang sa computer ay dalawang subjects. Tapos biglang malalaman ng classmates mo na kulang yung pang-down payment nila.

My legs were painful after the enrollment. But at least I got my workout today.

After the enrollment, Jewel, Clang and I went to the church to say our thanks. I thanked the Lord for helping me pass all my subjects this sem. I thanked Him because nothing happened to me today. I thanked Him for guiding me all throughout the sem.
I also prayed for my classmates who will no longer be there next sem. Heck, I even prayed for the most annoying epal in the class.

Thank you, Lord for granting me one more of my wishes!!

***Fabulous Epal of the Month***

Rosa Parks is dead. She was 92.

Image hosted by
rosa parks will forever remain one of my idols and a certified fabulous epal

Rosa Parks’s story is one of the mot memorable for me. She is a black American woman from Michigan who inspired other African- American citizens to fight for their rights in the US where they were/are considered as a minority. She did this by refusing to give up her seat in a bus to a white American guy.

She got arrested after what had happened. African- Americans boycotted the bus for a year until Parks was freed.

In her old age, Parks continued to works as a seamstress. There was news that came out last year that Rosa Parks had problems paying her rent.

Rosa Parks will forever be one of my idols. She fought for her right even though she was/is considered a minority. Representative John Lewis of Georgia told CNN: “By sitting down, she was really standing up for all Americans.”

With reports from AP

***Annoying Epal of the Month***

Luis Manzano used to be on of the yummiest bachelors in the country. That is, until he joined show business.

Image hosted by
Luis Manzano- yummy hunk before, annoying epal now

He is one pretty boy, but just like many young “stars” today, his looks is his ticket to fame.

I just get irritated every time I see him on TV. He cannot act. Puhleeezze. He is like a talking corpse in Kampanerang Kuba. Casting him as Pablo is just one of the stupidest calls made by the show.

He is also not impressive as a comedian. His punch lines are not even funny. He just irks me in Bora.

Lucky? Yes!! He makes you want to ask, “Had he not been some actor’s and actress’ son, would he be in showbiz?”

Yucky? Most definitely!! I have got no love for this guy ‘til the day I no longer see him in my TV set.

Go find your princes while I find my prince. God bless us all.

Monday, October 24, 2005

never ending stories

Never-ending stories- ano pa ba ang di nyo naiintaindihan?

This entry may have come off late but it does prove a point- 1. The topic does not generate that much interest from me as a writer; 2. I am still concerned.

With all the things that are happening in the government right now, many (notice the use of many and not most) have resorted to airing their sentiments in the streets. This is not bad at all because our right to freedom of expression is provided in the constitution. But the problem is these staged rallies affect many people who would just want to go on with their lives. After all, our right to freedom of expression is a limited right just like most of our rights. That is the reason why I agree that it is time for the Calibrated Preemptive Response or the CPR to take effect.

Two Fridays ago, bishops and high-ranking officials were driven away from Mandiola by firemen. It was supposed to be a prayer rally. As if everyone is not aware of the truth that in the Philippines, most prayer rallies are not really prayer rallies. You see in the television how those who participated in the protest complain that they were maltreated, that their human rights were violated. Ok, being driven away by water was a little harsh, but they should have followed what was written in their permits in the first place.

The following week, you see in the television that a man, later confirmed as Jamby Madrigal’s bodyguard, was caught getting his gun from the ground. What’s wrong with this picture? Everything!! When you attend a street protest, you are not allowed to bring firearms. It is a standard operating procedure- a preventive action. Not even the police who are assigned to man the attendees are allowed to bring their guns. Batuta lang tsaka shields.

You also see how Jamby Madrigal was in soap opera mode the same night she was asked if it were her bodyguard spotted picking his gun, “hindi naman yun ang issue dito eh. Ang issue dito ay viniolate ang human rights namin.” Damn!! She was only asked to answer the question if it were her bodyguard seen in the footage. After she admitted that yes, he were her bodyguard, she returns to Judy Ann Santos (who incidentally was her endorser during the campaign period) mode, “Pati ba naman maliliit na tao, aapihin nyo? Ako na lang ang apihin nyo.” Superhero? No!! A master of digression!!


The Supreme Court did not accept the request for TRO against E-vat filed by some representatives. It will formally take effect staring November 1. Hayyy!! Tataas na naman ang presyo ng mga bilihin! Tatataas na naman ang presyo ng gasolina!! Tataas na naman ang pamasahe!! I honestly think that the implementation of E-Vat should have been prevented had the BIR collected taxes more effectively. Blame Marcos, after all, his regime started this large-scale corruption. Blame those fraudulent businessmen who do not pay their taxes honestly. Madam Gloria and BIR Commissioner, just make sure that the people will feel that their taxes will serve them well and will not just go to waste or your people’s pockets.
***La Salle Scandal Part 3***

This is a continuing saga and with the way things are going, this may even take longer. Two players have been accused of having spurious documents. Mac Cardona has been dragged onto the controversy. 10 students from the UAAP and the NCAA are being investigated by the DepEd. DLSU is still not done conducting its own investigation.

Could it be true that DLSU is not as innocent as perceived regarding this controversy? Mark Benitez, and Tim Gatchalian, the other DLSU player suspected to have fake documents were teammates in JRU. Could it be true that JRU has been sending feelers to DLSU that they will reveal the anomaly that’s why de La Salle admitted it for the latter to come off clean?

Could it be true that Mac Cardona also has fake PEPT results? Could it be true that he was rejected by NU’s Coach Manny Dandan when he tried out because he was ineligible? Could it be true that Dandan is lying?

Should the decision to ban DLSU come to a vote would UST vote for the former’s suspension since it, together with UP, will benefit most because they are stiff competitors for the General Championship? Is Palou of Ateneo too harsh to DLSU?

Hayyy ang daming tanong!! Nakakalok!!

***Yehey!! CHX is out***

Ayun nay un!! What is left to say?

An ganda nya ha!! Pinagaagawan sya ng mga guys- gwapong guys!! Nakita nyo ba yung suot nya nung eviction night? Akala ko ang nakasulat sa jacket nya “fashion victim”. Baduyyyyyyyy!!

Please Chx, wag ka ng mag-english!! Naiirita lang ako sa iyo, or whatever!! Hahaha!!

***Ms. Earth***

Have you seen the competition last night? I thought the children’s choir which performed during the evening gown parade was superb. They were so superb I missed the feeling of being in love!! Kaasar!!

Go find your princes while I find my frog!! God bless us all!!

Friday, October 21, 2005

seeing Emil again

Seeing Emil again- includes watching an adult film, strolling at the mall until we get tired, kuya-hunting.

Being gay can be difficult and complicated but it is fabulous and fun. What makes it more fabulous is having friends who are as fabulous as you. What makes it more fun is having someone like Emil as a friend. You read between the lines.

The Nicole Ritchie in my Paris Hilton (minus the fabricated rift), Emil and I have been friends for some time now. We were classmates since 2nd year high school and since then we have shared so many things- secrets, stories, beds, food, money, memories, boys. Now that we are in college, we seldom see each other. In fact, we have not seen each other since Summer Vacation.

I was so excited to see that biatch again (Ian, Dexter, Carmen, et. al., I am also excited to see all of you. Let’s have a reunion one of these days.) and so we planned to meet at Robinson’s and watch a movie, eat, have fun, make out. Just kidding!! Yuxxxxxxxxxxxx!! Hehehe!!

***Movie Trip***

We planned to watch Masahista. We were also planning to watch Dubai but RP does not show the film for some reason I don’t know. At first, Emil was hesitant to buy the tickets. Nakakahiya daw? But he cannot resist me so he went to buy the tickets for the two of us. The movie has already started when we entered the cinema.

Image hosted by
Coco Martin is the masseur named Iliac while Jaclyn Jose is his mother

The movie is about a masseur named Iliac (Coco Martin). He is originally from Pampangga but he had to work as a masseur in Manila to support his family- his father is a dying playboy, while his mother, Jaclyn Jose, is a patient, loving, Tocino vendor. This is where the first problem of the movie lies. Sure, having a playboy father and a mother who only knows how to sell tocnios is equivalent to having a difficult life that’s why Iliac had to work. But it was not clear why he chose being a masseur. Walang evolution na pinakita. Masahista na sya agad.

The director and writer chose the stream of consciousness technique to present the movie. This is where a problem and a very strong point lie. The death of his father is supposed to have happened first before Iliac attends to a customer played by Alan Paule. But in one scene while Iliac was giving his customer you-know-what, he receives a text message saying that he has to go home because his father is in Coma. Or does he have two fathers? Hehe!! The strong point and my favorite scene in the movie is the parallelism between Iliac attending to his customer and Iliac attending to his dead father. He dresses up the naked body of his father while he strips his customer down.

Having been shown in International Films before it had its commercial run here. The film has subtitles in it. Another problem. The translation was bad. You can also read subtitles when in fact, the character did not say anything.

Katherine Luna as the Japayuki girlfriend of Iliac is hilarious in the movie. The gay manager of the joint was also funny when he offered a customer whose masseur had an asthma attack because of baby powder, he said, “Pili na lang po kayo dito. Ito po oh. If you want hard, he is harder.”

Over-all, if you are looking for flesh, a male frontal maybe, then you’ll see it here. There are also a lot, I mean a lot of butt exposures in this film. But if you want to see a movie that will require you to think, then this is not the movie to watch. The social relevance aspect was also downplayed in this movie.

Please do not watch this film at Robinson’s Place Manila. The tickets cost 110 bucks and you expect to get decent seats. It turns out that the seats are not the cushioned ones they have in some of their cinemas. They are still the old ones with surot maybe. It can also be seen that some callboys were already waiting for customers inside the movie house. Ginawang advertisement yung pelikula para sa gains nila. Hehe!!

***Stroll Trip***

Emil and I ate at Sbarro after the movie. The foreigners who were in the line after me sure reeked. Ewwwe!! We saw Rap at Human and at Powerbooks. Rap, invite mo si Emil sa friendster ha?! Hehe!! We also bumped into Maude and Tina before we decided to go home. I miss those girls!! Maude has a boyfriend now!! I am very happy for you, girl!!

Go find your princes while I find my frog and contemplate at how much I spent yesterday!! God bless us all!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

kuyas of October

Kuyas- talented species. It may be said that when you are talented, you already look good even if you really don’t look good. But these guys, they got talent and the looks that come with it. Some guys just have everything.

Matt Long

Image hosted by
the face that will make a thousand girls sigh

This Jack & Bobby star’s looks is enough to keep our eyes glued on our tv sets while watching the series over at Studio 23 during Saturday nights. In the series, he plays the older of the two siblings Jack McCallister. One of him and his brother is destined to become US President in the future. But until that time comes, Jack is a track star in his High School. And did you know that this cutie has already gotten a shot of his rear by no one else but himself? Hmmmm, that’s one picture I am sure all of us want to have. JP, may opinion ka? Haha!!

James Blunt

Image hosted by
this guy will make you want to imagine he is singing to you. he is beautiful.

I never found many Brit guys attractive. But this pop star is an exception. From the moment you hear him sing “my life is brilliant. My life is brilliant. My love is pure.” you just can’t get enough. Then you hear him croon “you’re beautiful, it’s true” you just can’t help but imagine he is singing to you. Then you see him strip off his clothes in his video and you just can’t help but wish he is yours. Then you see him jump off that cliff to the water shirtless, and you just can’t help but say, “ooh this guy’s sexy and he’s got talent. He is not only a singer; he is a stuntman as well.”

Sam Milby
Image hosted by
this housemate is just the cutest and most talented.

Pinoy Big Brother is figuring well in the ratings and this guy’s one of the reasons why. This Fil-American from Surigao is a champion figure-skater, an amazing gymnast, a fantastic guitarist and an able singer rolled into one. Talk about talent!! He is unquestionably the cutest housemate- we wish we are part of the series; we want to subscribe to the 24/7 BB too see him all day and night; we love seeing him in his Close-up commercial; we were sort of jealous because Barbie was paired with him although there are rumors circulating that the former Barbie’s cradle vocalist is with Kitchie; we wanted to strangle Chx after we saw her flirt with our pretty boy. Alas, he is nominated for eviction this coming Saturday. So if you still want to see him, vote. Just type BBSam and send to 2331 for Globe, Kampamilya and Sun Subscribers and to 231 for Smart and Addict Mobile users.

And please also vote for the two other boys- Franzen and Jayson. Just key in BBFranzen or BBJayson and send to the same numbers aforementioned.

Those three guys are talented, amazing, gorgeous- qualities enough to earn them a spot for my Kuyas List for the month of October.

Go find your princes while I wish those three guys are mine. God bless us all!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

cheating's bad

Ageless- my lola.

Last Saturday, my lola celebrated her 70th birthday. It is no secret how much I adore and love my lola. She was already there with me the moment I was born. I grew up with her. She has been a father, a mother and a lola to me. I can still remember how she would give me toys and things when I was younger. Undoubtedly, I was the most spoiled among all her apos. Maybe because I am the prettiest!! Haha!!

We may not be well-off but lola has always made sure that we live comfortably. In fact, she still works up to now. But of course all work and no play makes lola an aging woman. She is fond of ballroom dancing. Ballroom dancing was even the theme of her birthday bash. Most of her guests are her ballroom buddies and dance instructors. Good thing, there were kuyas who attended or else I would have fled the scene right after I see the guests start to dance their chachacha or rumba or waltz or the Macarena. Kidding!!

My lola is a hip lola. Even her guests- a total of 200- could not believe she was already 70. Well I know that she is not 70- she is only 68. But what was written in her birth certificate makes her, technically, 70. Being 68 does not change a thing about my lola. She is more stylish, more fabulous, more beautiful than most of her contemporaries- and she can’t even afford botox or face lift or any other tricks.

What sets lola different from most woman her age is the fact that- hold you’re breath- she has not yet undergone menopause!! Yes, she still gets her visit once a month!! Beat that!!

Happy birthday, lola!! I wish you all the best life has to offer- good health, longer life and genuine happiness.

*** Padaan***

Speaking of birthdays, er birthday, I will be turning 18 in exactly 4 weeks from now!! I wonder how 18 would feel like!! Regalo ko ah!! O ayan may isang bwan pa kayo para mag-ipon!!

***Pinoy Big Brother got us there***

Surprise, surprise!! This week, there are five housemates who are up against eviction- Franzen, Jayson, Cass, Sam, and Chx. Franzen was nominated by Big Brother after the former got to the latter’s nerves. Jayson, Cass and Sam were nominated by the housemates. Chx found out later that she was also nominated by no other than Big Brother. It turned out that Chx had been asking Jenny- fresh from the outside world- tons of questions about what was and has been happening outside BB’s house. Big Brother explained that she clearly violated the house rules which state that the current housemates shall not be allowed to ask questions about the outside world from the new housemate.

Toni tried to explain why Chx was included in the nomination when they already knew that she was already nominated by BB but sorry, Toni failed. She said that Chx had committed the offense at dawn and they still had to consult Endemol what they had to do with the situation. But the nomination was to be done in the afternoon. Had they announced that Chx was already nominated, then she would have not received votes anymore. The housemate/s who voted for her could have voted somebody else preventing the three-way tie among Cass, Jayson and Sam.

Franzen getting nominated just because he would not want to wake up as BB ordered them to was over the top and purely marketing strategy. The heads of the show know that Franzen can rake in hundreds of thousands of votes- as proven by his 1st nomination- that is why they nominated him immediately. BB could have just given Franzen a punishment just like what he had done in the past.

I am a big fan of Pinoy Big Brother but this is cheating!! Oh well, 5 people in the chopping block surely means more votes. Just vote for Franzen, Jayson, and Papa Sam. I don’t care about the two girls!!

***The Continuin DLSU Scandal***

I read in the papers today that there are rumors circulating that DLSU could have fielded in not just one, but 3 ineligible players in their roster for the past 10 years. What are the implications if this were true? Abangan natin ang susunod na kabanata!!

Go find your princes while I find my frog!! God bless us all!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Finally- an expression of relief after some hard work.

Today marked the end of the first sem. I have long been waiting for this day to come and finally it has arrived.

So here’s what happened the whole week:

***Ivan says adieu to table tennis***

We all know how I got to table tennis. Kung di ba naman ako pinanganak na malandi eh di sana dun ako sa basketball napunta kasama nung iba. But surprisingly, the PE Bangge, Rap, and I took was fun. I expected it to be boring but I was mistaken. You just enjoy watching the good ones and the cute ones play- there is of course a fine difference between the two, but in some cases being good at what you do also makes you cute. Hehe. There is also pleasure in dissing your other classmates. In my case, I loved making fun of that girl from Science who wore puke shorts during the whole sem. I wonder why she never got reprimanded. I also loved making fun of those weirdo’s from Music and Eng’g who were so into the game they were thinking they were masters of the sport. There is also thrill each time you return the ball to your opponent through a successful smash or a drive. There is displease in losing and bliss in triumphing. There is excitement each time Bangge and I would blame each other every time we lose. There is definite satisfaction each time you see Rap’s reaction if he can’t return the ball. Haha!! Ang daya nyo naman eh!!

Image hosted by

not necessarily the way to return the ball pero poised parin!!

***La Salle Scandal, Hmmmm***

I was reviewing one night when I chanced with this newspaper. The sports story went like one player from DLSU was ineligible to play for the Green Archers. The item continued that he is a third year player. My first reaction was, oh my gosh!! Oh my gosh!! Then I guessed who could that player possibly be. I was speculating that it could be Ryan Arana or Cholo Villanueva or Jun Cabatu or JV Casio or Mark Benitez. I opened the papers this morning and I saw Mark Benitez’s picture. Oh my gosh!! It’s him. Well not exactly. The player is still not named but the writer, Quinito Henson said that Mark Benitez could be it. It turned out that the player under siege has fake papers and has not yet graduated from high school so he is ineligible to play. Coach Franz Pumaren already knew about this before this year’s finals game 2 started but the UAAP has not made any decision yet so he decided to let his whole roster play. Quinito Henson also wrote that if the player’s papers were not discovered to be fake, Mark Benitez, the primary “suspect” would have still not been allowed to play for the Archers next season because of failing grades. Jemal Vizcarra, can you relate?! Haha Aika!!

The whole DLSU community is not at fault here. Coach Franz believes that the people from the registrar’s are to be blamed. Mark Benitez is not yet proven guilty but I pity the guy because he is already in the middle of this controversy- his pictures are already flashed in different papers by now and he gets all these unwanted attention. Well I wonder how he is reacting to the things that have happened. Hayyyyy!!

***A New Bond***

Because this week is finals week, nagkaroon ako ng special bond sa mga notes at hand-outs ko. Dahil magkasama kami gabi-gabi at uma-umaga, feeling ko super close na kami.

Everybody would agree with me if I say that Math and Filipino were the most challenging tests. The Nat Sci exam was easy compared to what most of us have expected. The English exam was an insult to our capabilities. History exam was predictable. The Journ test was challenging. The NSTP test was not needed.

I think I faired well with many of the exams. I hope everybody also did well. We all worked our butts off to memorize, analyze and study all those things from annuities to Moh’s scale of HARDNESS. I wonder if Friedrich Moh were gay. Well he developed the scale of HARDNESS plus his surname is really malandi oh- MOH!! Hehehe!!

We all deserve a break after all the abuses our minds have gone through for the past four months and this week in particular. Have a safe vacation, classmates. Hopefully by the time next sem starts we have already gotten rid of SWEATY entities. Hehe!!

As for me, magkakaroon na ako ng social life at magbobond na kami ni Jessica Zafra for the third time, at ng aking kama!!

Image hosted by
the whole bunch deserve break after a very stressful first sem. I will miss all of them

***A Send-Off for Charity***

Sob. Charity is gonna leave for Canada and the States. She’s not gonna be with us the whole sem next sem. That’s gonna be sad- I am gonna lose the seatmate I love talking to, the seatmate whose hair I love fixing hehe, the seatmate who I share all my kalandiaan with, the seatmate who was very patient with me although sometimes I slap her for no reason at all and sometimes she notices that I am not really in the mood, the seatmate who believes that I am gonna make it big, the seatmate who is a superstar in the making, the seatmate who is special to the heart of all our classmates.

Thanks to the help of the whole 2jrn1, we were able to pull off a mini send-off gathering for Charity today after the exam. Thinking if the gathering would be successful caused me 2 hours of sleep last night but it’s all good when it’s for Charity!!

So Charity, make sure that you are coming back the soonest possible time because if you won’t we will feel bad and I am gonna steal John from you!! Just kidding. Just be safe while you’re there!! And don’t forget my pasalubong!!

Image hosted by
Charity is a very special girl- an opinion shared by the whole 2jrn1 class

***Bagong Pakulo***

At dahil may yes or no na ang pinoy big brother, meron na rin akong bagong pakulo!!

Hulaan nyo kung kaninong body part ito!!

Ang makakahula ng tama ay mapapanaginipan nya ang crush nya for the 3 days- lahat ‘yun ay sweet dreams, pwede na ring basots kung gusto nyo!! Hehe!!

Image hosted by

Clue: Hindi sya si Racquel ng Pinoy Big Brother!! At sorry to disappoint you girls, hindi rin sya lalaki!! Hahaha!!

Go find your princes while I find my frog!! God bless us all!!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

finals begin tomorrow!!
wish me luck!!

go find your princes while i find my frog!! God bless us all!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sayang- when you wake up late for a game and then watch UST lose to FEU.

Too bad. UST lost to FEU today in the Men’s Volleyball Championship. FEU won the series 2-0. I know UT could have done better. Maybe the cameras got the best of them. Well that was what Charity told me after game 1. The boys apparently want to be tv stars. No doubt, UST has got some cute players. Chartz would not contest if I’ll say that her Ting is one of them.

It’s about time that Studio 23 air other UAAP sports aside from basketball.

Speaking of basketball, tomorrow’s Game 2 of the Men’s Basketball finals. I seriously hope FEU takes the trophy tomorrow. Be sure to watch it because after what had happened last week, we just don’t have any idea what’s in store for us tomorrow.

Before the Final 4 series began, I had already made predictions on who will take what come the awarding ceremonies tomorrow. Now that I have seen the Final 4 series and we’re on the brink of knowing who will take the Championships, it’s about time I make some revisions.

Who I thought would snag what before:

Champion: FEU
MVP: Arwind Santos. His decision to stay and not turn pro this year is enough to make him MVP.
Coach of the Year: Dindo Pumaren
Mythical 5: Arwind Santos, JC Intal, Mark Isip, Bonbon Custodio, Edwin Asoro
Rookie of the Year: could be: Axel Doruelo, Mark Borboran, Elmer Espiritu, Jonas Villanueva, Dylan Ababou
Most Improved Player: Doug Kramer/

Who I think would win what tomorrow:

Champion: FEU still

MVP: Arwind Santos, he earned it. Ask DLSU’s former asst. team manager, even he would agree!!

Coach of the Year: Last year, the UAAP board gave it to the coach of the winning team on the last minute. This time I think the rule would still hold up so I guess it will be awarded to Bert Flores.

Mythical 5: Arwind Santos is a shoo-in. Joseph Yeo will get in because he’s from DLSU and he’s the ninja. LA Tenorio did not really step up but it’s his last year of playing so he’ll get in. JC Intal might get in. I am not sure anymore of Edwin Asoro’s chances. He is one of the most efficient players in the league but they just lost too many games. Sob.
Rookie of the Year: Bonbon Custodio. I did not know that he is a rookie that’s why he was not in my list of possible contenders for this award. Now that I know, he is my hands-down choice.

Most Improved Player: Doug Kramer although his teammate Japeth Aguilar could give him a run for his money.

Most Defensive Player: Japeth may have this in the bag. He averaged 3 blocks per game.

Worst Unsportsmanlike behavior: Hands-down!! It will go to former DLSU asst. team manager Salgago, este Salgado pala!!

I am busy today. I’ll be busy in the coming days!!

Go find your princes while I find my frog!! God bless us all!!

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Kabog- O san ka pa? When Ivan gets what he did not expect.

It has been a long while since I wrote something about a “real-life” experience. Things that happened today are all blog-worthy. I can’t pass them up.

This day was longer than I expected. I had everything planned out the day before: go to school, prepare yourself for a quiz in natsci and philo, go home immediately, take a nap, fix youself to go to Aika’s place, watch Survivor, go to Aika’s, go to Kabog, go home at 8 PM.

But life, and its own magic wand sure made some kinks for the ironing today.

***Almost- good thing it was not quite***

I was already late for my first class which is Journ. It was obvious because I left the house past 7. I rode the pedicab, my mind was flying with all the things I reviewed late last night and then BAM!! The pedicab I was riding collided with a taxi. Mejo napatalsik ako sa driver’s seat, kung yun talaga yung tawag dun. Sumakit yung braso ko. Good thing, nothing really disastrous took place. Thank God. The trooper that I am, I just made fun of it whenever someone would make fun of it, but I tell you, that was really shocking. Di nakakatuwa.

It turned out that there were no quizzes today. Psssshhh!! JP just got someone seriously irked. I refuse to elaborate.

I went home right away to get some sleep because we were supposed to do our Computer project over at Aika’s place before going back to school to watch kABog. After watching Survivor and fixing myself, I went straight to Aika’s only to find out that our project-making was postponed.

No one from the original number of people who went to Aika’s place actually went to watch kABog except Aika and Hershey who thought of some delaying tactics. Kabog diba?

***Kuyas Galore- we are SUCKERS for SOCCER and SOCCER PLAYERS***

And since Aika and I were back to school early (the competition was to start at 4), I decided to take pictures of the football field. I seriously hoped that a game would take place. Luck was on my side that time. A football match was to be played. UST against UE.

Aika and I found this kuya. But I found him first!!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

(take your picks!! But kuya 5 is mine!! No sharing!!)

While watching the game, Paolo, Jene and JP were making a banner for Chartz!! Good job guys!!

Image hosted by

(the banana girl smells like section pride- Go Chartz!!)

We did not get to finish the game but the first goal was very lopsided in favor of Santo Tomas. I hope kuya 5 did not get hurt. He was limping when we left. Kabog diba?

***Off to the Venue- the tale of the Jabars***

When we got to the Medicine Auditorium, no green light to enter was given yet. So we were there, inhaling formalin, getting wet in a sea, err river, err canal of crowd.

Image hosted by

(Hershey and Aika- Hot Mommas!!)

Image hosted by

(Xam- wala sa mood magpapicture)

Kabog diba?

***kABog kayo!! We have our own Goddess of Alternative Music***

We cheered our lungs out whenever Chartz get shown. We cheered even harder when Chartz performed. Big thanks to the classmates of Jan from 2jrn2 for making those pompoms of sorts!! And also the banners!! Thanks guys for helping us support Chartz and Jan.

Image hosted by

(Chartz with the wannabe’s)

Image hosted by

(Chartz perfoming!! Chic and Touching!!)

In my opinion, Chartz gave the sincerest performance of all the finalists. Her getup was the most chic. Hershey even admitted that she had goosebumps while watching Chartz. I felt the same energy. I was touched by Chartz’s performance especially because I know that she is leaving next sem.

In the end, Chartz was not successful getting into the top 3. Some Sarah Geronimo wannabe got 1st place honors, followed by some cusie “kuya nga ba”, and then a journ student/ singer/ Salinggawi Dance Troupe member.

Chartz may have not managed to get to the top 3, but for us, for many people, she IS a winner- BIG TIME!! Kabog diba?

***Battle of the Bands***

Two bands performed tonight- Join the Club and Sugarfree. They totally rocked.

Hershey, Aika, and I flirted from afar with this kuya/ rock star

Image hosted by

(join the club guitarist or bassist (I don’t know)- Hershey, Aika and I will join the club at any given time if he is the moderator!!)

A rock concert is always the bet workout for me- just imagine all the calories I shred off by jumping, dancing, and screaming. Kabog diba?

Image hosted by

(the tired but fabulous epal with the tarp)

***Rock Star sa CR***

Just how often do you get to be inside a CR a rock star is using to change his clothes? Well that’s rare.

Luck again was on my side because after the concert, I felt the urge to unload some fluid off my body. I went to the CR and guess who was there. No other than Sugarfree’s vocalist, Ebe . I instantly screamed, Pa-autograph po!! Haha!! Aika asked if we can take pictures with him and he allowed us to. We joined him inside the room where all the guests were staying, and there we were, flashing our not so pearly-whites with that guy!! When it was my turn to get my picture taken with the guy, I asked the ever-dependable Hershey to take our picture using my handycam. I thought everything was fine until I checked the photo album in my handycam and charan- banana girl did not get the picture taken successfully.

Image hosted by

(Hershey and Aika got their pictures taken!! Unfair!! Unfair!!)

Oh well at least, that CR’s forever gonna hold the memory that I was once there with a rock star. Kabog diba?

***Sinong Nanay Mo?***

Happy birthday to my mom!! She is now 38. My prayers go out to her. I don’t know where she is right now. I am worried. I am disappointed. I am pissed. I still love her!! Kabog diba?

Go find your princes while I find my frog!! God bless us all!!

PS: thanx to rap for providing some music to this fairy tale of a blog/ blog of a fairy tale. mr brightside was the same midi file that i used in my powerpoint presentation. it got the whole class rocking!! fancy!!

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