Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sick!!!!!! I have returned to school today after being absent yesterday. I was sick. I am sick. I have to behave like I am sick. Many of my classmates are sick. Many things going on in the class are sick. The news is sick. The country is sick. The world is sick.

I regret missing my class yesterday. I regret each time I miss my class. There are just so many things that I fail to take. I am glad I wasn’t absent today. Our math teacher sure is very particular to attendance. You miss passing what you are required to pass, you get zero. We watched a film today about the last emperor of Ancient China. Mahirap sabihin ang pamagat kung praning ka na baka lumabas sa search engines ang sinulat mo kapag may nagsaliksik ukol sa paksang iyon. Haha!! The film was aesthetically fantastic but a little boring sans the actor who played the boy emperor’s cuteness.

I have other things to do. I refuse to comment anymore on the issues the country is facing right now. I am sure that most of us are already tired reading about them. I just pray for Jaime Cardinal Sin’s eternal repose. Such a great man.

That was all, folks!! Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal!! God bless us all!!

Monday, June 27, 2005

i am sick!! huhu!!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Finally. It has been days since I have written my last entry. My hits are at an all-time low. I do not know if I have to admit it. I do not advertise my blog anymore for the fear that some one who is not meant to read this may be able to. The President supposedly did not escape the plotting of wiretappers. Am I going to be any different?

The congress is currently investigating the issue about the alleged wiretap conversation between President Arroyo and Commissioner Garcillano. Spokesman Ignacio Bunye and NBI Director Wycoco are in hot seats as they are questioned “eagerly” by the representatives from the House. Congressman Etta Rosales raised one very good point to Dir. Wycoco about the raid the NBI conducted in a printing press which was accused of producing copies of a poster featuring PGMA as Valentina. I personally believe that the printing press did not violate any rule. The NBI believes otherwise. They confiscated the printing paraphernalia of the printing press because of a defiance by the said printer to a prohibition in the revised penal code which states that the printer should put its name in the posters. Congressman Rosales asked if that abuse were enough for the Bureau of Investigation to confiscate the printing gadgets of the company. I have always been against excessive street action but I think that the recourse of the NBI was exaggerated and an explicit display of a violation against the inherent right of free expression. Oh my golly, I hope I do not get incarcerated because I wrote this one.

On a lighter note, all our teachers this sem are fine. Three of our profs from last sem serve as out teachers again this time. Am I glad about it? My lips are sealed. Haha!! I try not to focus any more on the teacher but on the lessons. In that way, I can perform better. However, I always have to remind myself to be careful with what I say about my teachers for: 1. I do not want to have that image that I am a teacher’s pet. 2. I do not want to vex any of my teachers or classmates. 3. I just want to focus on my studies. But it’s not a secret!! I have a crush on our Journ prof. Hahaha!! Ang plastik ko!! Dami pang sinasabi dun naman din pala pupunta!! Haha!!

My cousin from Japan has finally arrived!! I am so excited to see her!! I missed her so much!! Sabik na akong makipagasaran sa kanya!!

An Asian monarch is lucky because he has a wet nurse? Uhmmmmmm!!

That was all, folks!! Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal!! God bless us all!!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Whatever. A day from now and I will be back to school. I am super excited. I can’t wait to see the classmates that I love- there are about 39 of them. Of course, seeing the only classmate that I loath does not thrill even my intestines. This summer has been a long one. It was definitely hot but nothing compares to our country’s political heat. Every one knows what is going on in the Philippine political arena. Last Saturday when I went to church (I hear anticipated masses because they are more convenient) I saw a number of police men. The area was tension-filled. Fortunately, nothing happened.

Political analysts say that the reason the people will not support any revolt against the government today is not because they are happy with what is happening but because the opposition does not have a qualified alternative. A deposed president with surgically-operated kneecaps coming back to office will surely not do the country any good. It will definitely give the Philippines a bad reputation in the international scene. Let’s just pray and hope that in a few days, the smoke gets cleared and every thing goes back to normal. Or are we normal now?

Mr. and Mrs. Smith was indeed eye-candy but it did not rock me that much. Angelina Jolie sure was hot and Brad Pitt was smoking but the action-comedy wasn’t really that awesome. Some of the action scenes were awesome but I still have my reservations towards the film. The rumored romance going on between the two paid off as the film drew crowds to the cinemas. If you want to see two scorching hot human beings and have some penny to spare, go see this. If you want to see two scorching hot human beings and don’t have money, save yourself. You will not regret not watching this one. If you are a masochist and so is your partner, but don’t have money, find ways to see this. Just for kicks- pun intended.

Ate Agnes is going on vacation for almost 3 weeks. I’ll see how the setup will be in the house once our entertainingly stupid but definitely diligent house helper leaves. I can still remember how she put foot powder on lola’s back. I just keep on laughing whenever I recall that scene. Hahaha!!

Oh my classmates, my dear classmates, In less than 48 hours, our classes shall begin. It will be a new semester. I am sure we are all united in the thought that we are excited to see one another except that ape seated in front. Let’s all do our best this semester. Sayang nga lang at hindi na multi-media room ang silid natin. It’s going to be costly. Sayang din na hindi na natin makakasama ang iba nating mga kaklase. They will be greatly missed. And please, please do remind me not to name names once I start writing about our teachers!! Even if it’s for the purpose of evaluating!! Some people just don’t get it!! Hehe!!

Summer was long!! I am glad it’s gonna be over soon. Once the rains start pouring really hard, I will need some cuddling!! I am glad to have found him!!

That was all folks!! Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal!! God bless us all!!

P.S. Birthday greetings go out to my friend and favorite biatch- Ponga Arribe!! I love you and I miss you!! Go send me some more Havaianas!! Kidding!!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

I am back. It’ been quite a while since my last long entry. Fortunately, my pc has now been repaired. I can now surf the Internet at any given time. My dad has already left the country last Wednesday. It will take another 6-8 long months before we see each other. I just pray that while he’s far away from us, he remains safe and healthy.

One man left me a few weeks back but now a new man came to my life. He is one sweet guy. Hehehe!! Di halatang kinikilig ako!!

Enrollment was June 2, 2005. My classmates and I decided to come earlier than the 12-noon schedule. I was so excited to see my friends. It has been a long time since we last saw each other. Of course they noticed my new do. Some of them also have new haircuts and hairstyles to sport. I like Xam’s the most. I have always believed that among the girls, Xam is definitely the most trendy. I missed Ralph and his jokes. He also has a new haircut which emphasized his forehead more. Hehehe!! Peace tayo, Tocarra!! Hahaha!! Val has a new boylet and he is very cute. I can’t wait to see him in person. I bet the feeling is mutual between the two of us- I am pertaining to the guy, not to Val!! Joke!! Arianne also has her stories. Ang daming karir ng lola nung bakasyon!! Mukhang napaligaya sya ni Soliman ng todo!! Hahaha!! The biggest surprise (oh really?1) was Hershey enrolling to UST. She has told us that she had decided to transfer to UP and study there. But to our horror and dismay, the story is not true!! May mga natuwa pero mas marami ang nanghinayang na hindi n sya tuloy sa UP!! Hahaha!! Joke!! Toni, on the other hand, has his mind already made up that he will be studying in UPD from now on. I will miss Toni. Sabi nga ni Hershey, kung kelan nmn magkakaroon tayo ng Filipino tsaka aalis si Toni. Durian candy will greatly be remembered. Among the guys, he is the only one who is outspoken without compromising sense. He is one of the brightest in the class and one the most diligent. Wala na akong tatawaging Durian candy!! I heard Judee is also transferring to UP to take up theater arts. I have so many good things to say about this girl who has been my seatmate since the beginning of last year’s classes. She is intelligent, talented and funny. She knows how to act and solve the toughest math problems. She never fails to make me laugh. I know she will do very well in the future. I heard that Sherman and Doray are also moving out. Hehehe maybe they will start their family na!! Hahaha!! Joke!! Mamimiss ko ang aking little sister ko na si Doray!! Yuri and Ica are also out of the class. Bakit ba kasi kailangang kayo pa ang umalis?! Bakit di na lang yung unggoy n yun?! Hehehe!!

Bwisit na PE class yan!! Pangako, next enrollment, di n tlga ako pipili ng kuyang encoder!! Hehehehe!!

That’s all, folks!! Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal!! God bless us all!!