Sunday, April 23, 2006


Ecstatic- yung feeling na sobrang high sa kasiyahan.

When was the last time you felt really ecstatic? Me? Just now. Well it’s kinda an extension of how elated I as when I found my ID last Friday. Why am I ecstatic? Our computer’s working again!! Sa wakas!! You see, our computer is not an ordinary, er, normal computer. In order to open it, you will have to twist the fuse on the avr while pressing the switch on the cpu a number of times. You will have to do both simultaneously. Talk about dexterity and reflexes. For a week, it did not open. I decided that it’s time we ask help from the ever efficient computer-repair guy, Kuya Erds. Pinalitan nya yung power switch sa cpu!! Ang saya!! Bumubukas na sya ulit. And so far, I do not have to do both switching and pressing just to open our computer. Wahehe!! Sarap ng feeling!! Sobra!! Namiss ko ‘to!!


I am really worried about my “stint” as a Varsi “writer”. The job is not easy. It’s summer and everyone’s on vacation and it’s difficult to talk to school officials. I just want to bribe them if only money could make them talk. But the problem is they are a gazillion times richer than I am. My quota is to write 3 news items for this issue. I have finished one and it is ready for publication. The second one, I am still revising. One of our editors wants another angle. The third one, I still have to figure out. It’s gonna be tough considering that the issue’s gonna come out on Thursday. He he!! Lagot ako nito!!

Bakit ba kasi news ang pinili ko? Mukhang mas masaya magreview ng pelikula sa Circle section. Mukha ring mas masaya ang makipagusap sa mga taong interesante at gumagawa ng ingay sa kani-kanilang larangan sa Features section Mukha ding masaya makipagusap sa mga athletes sa Sports section. It’s too early to complain. The best thing to do is just work on my news stories. Please, help in reminding me that that is the best thing to do!! (“,)

Share ko lang!! Can you just imagine kung ilang pages ang inabot ng news ko bago makarating sa aming publications adviser? Wahehehe mukha na syang thesis sa sobrang kapal!! (‘,)

Rap, yung blog ko ha!! Hehehe!! Do not disappoint me, please!! Thanx!!

Go find your princes while I play with frogs!! God bless us all!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Scar(r)ed. The news came as a shock to me as it did to my high school classmates. Jaime, one of my HS classmates committed suicide dawn of Saturday. We do not know the reason(s) why he did it. But we are not in the position to judge him. Not only because I am scared to talk about him, but because I also do not know the facts, and I was never the one to judge people who commit suicide.

Jaime is one of those guys in high school who never got in trouble with anyone. He was always cool with anything. He never got mad at anyone, not even to those who tease him. He was such a nice man.

Jaime, wherever you are right now, may you rest in peace. We are constantly praying for you.

On a lighter note, I am now part of the Summer Staff of the Varsitarian. I really do not know if it is a lighter note since being part of the Varsitarian is not in anyway light. Being part of the Varsitarian is a dream come-true. No kidding. It is one of the things I set my eyes onto when I entered college. I took the entrance test last year and luckily I passed. The specialized exams followed and it was no piece of cake. It was tough. It made me doubt my skills. It made me think if Journalism is really for me. I passed the test and then came the interview. At the interview, I was asked light questions mostly. They even made me sing our high school hymn. Hehehe!! The same night I received a text message congratulating me for being part of the Varsitarian.

Being part of the Summer staff of the Varsitarian serves two main purposes: 1. to train those who passed; 2. to evaluate those who passed if they are worthy to be part of the staff come June.

This is no walk in the park. It is serious business. And when I say serious, I mean serious. But it also has its benefits. I get to meet many people in the process of gathering data; Lunch and merienda during our summer workshop are free woohoo; There are also some kuyas in the staff another woohoo!!

I don’t know if I should be happy because I am spending my summer doing worthwhile(?) activities instead of watching dozens of dvd’s. Hehe!!

Here’s to a bright future in Varsi.

Go find your princes while I play with frogs. God bless us all!!