Sunday, July 23, 2006

unbelievable with a capital U

I cannot believe this. Just last Thursday, UST upset FEU 90-87. By that time, I already knew that UST is up to something amazing this season.

Thanks to the efforts of Jojo Duncil, Jervy Cruz, Japs Cuan, Dylan Ababou, Allan Evangelista, Anthony Espiritu, Jun Cortez and Co. , UST is growling loud in season 69. I was also sure that more students will watch the next game of UST. True enough, UST supporters trooped the Ninoy Aquino Stadium to watch the game against UE today. Sabi ko, lakas naman ng loob ng mga ‘to. Di naman mananalo ang UST sa UE eh. UE is, of course, the favorite this season.

However, in a series of surprising(?) events, UST upset(?) UE. The last time UST defeated UE was during Christian Luanzon’s time against UE’s KG Canaleta.

Now, the growling tigers and their supporters are riding high. I am very proud. Hehehe!! Sobrang natutuwa ako. I am now in love with Jervy. The guy’s a monster. Brilliant recruit. Sobrang galing nya. As for JoDun, hahaha whata monicker, he’s been very consistent. Si Dylan has been very silent in their last two games. Pero he keeps on delivering the goods whenever they need them. Jemal was not a factor in UST’s last two games due to his injury. We’ll see how things go when he’s back. I think he will see action against Ateneo . Japs is a thrill to watch with his spins. He’s been playing good ball so far this season. Pero sa tingin ko masyado pa din syang mataas magdribble. Evangelista, Espiritu, Taylor, Gile, Canlas, Dizon, Cortez, provide amazing support. Nakakabilib. I have yet to see A.C. Marquez play.

I am sure pati si Allan K, er, Coach Pido is very happy with the way things are going for the Tigers. But the Tigers should not be complacent. Three games pa lang ang nilalaro nila at 1st round palang ito. Remember UP’s exclusion from the Final 4 last season despite a fantastic jumpstart in the first round?

This season is an exciting one. No team’s really a shoo-in in the Final 4. Proof? FEU lost in all 3 of its outings. NU just shamed the Tamaraws yesterday. Let’s see how things will hold up for the Tams as they face the Eagles this Thursday.

UST’s wins against FEU and UE further solidified the Varsi belief that I am the jinx. People think that whenever I watch the game live, UST loses its game. We shall see.


Speaking of Varsi, I have already met six of the seven new staff members. Quite an exciting batch huh, especially Hershey and tooooot.

Tip (warning?) lang dun sa mga bago sa News. Bawal magmaldita. Dahil kung maldita kayo, mas maldita ako. Bwehehehehehe.


Happy birthday sa napakabait at napakalaki kong kaibigan sa V, si Raye!! Hehehe!! God bless u!!


It’s raining cats and dogs again in this side of the world. Dahil dun, suspended ang classes, all levels, sa Metro Manila bukas. Bwahahaha. I guess makakanood talaga kami ng Ms. Universe. At ng SONA. Hahaha!!

Smile naman dyan. God bless us all!!

Monday, July 17, 2006


I have been de-stressing myself for the past 3 days. I did not show up at the office since Saturday. And it feels great—getting yourself some rest from all the pressure that being part of V brings.

Four issues done and I am still not sure if I am happy with what I am doing. Two Saturdays ago, I felt really sad when Ralph, Angela and Jacky dropped me off at the office. I had fun prior to them leaving me. It’s been a long time since I spent that much time with the three of them. I miss my friends. I miss Jewel, Ja-Ne, Clang, Joyce, Aika, Aianne, Jenny, Bangge, Hershey, Dale, and the others. I miss spending time with them. Of course, we spend a lot of time inside our classrooms, but I still miss spending time with them. I just do.

I also miss my high school friends. I do not know what’s going on with all of them except for Emil who I constantly talk to on the phone. But I miss going out with those people.

The thing is, I hate routine. Being part of V was my way out of the routine that I used to when I was just a plain student. I just used to go to school, study, spend some time with my friends, go home, rest, study, and sleep. The next day is the same old story, unless something exciting happens. But now, even being part of V is a routine. The constant hunting for news stories, the constant revisal of articles, the constant pressure to beat the deadline—everything’s just so constant.

But I still have to give it to my friends in V—Camille, Rap, Tanikala, Rieze, Ketch, Raye, Myla, Celina, Tonying, and some of my bosses —who never fail to brighten up my day. They have this power that convinces me to stay and stop thinking about quitting. Oh I love working with those people. I love those people.

I know that in the office, there are those whom I irk because of my being talkative and being noisy. Maybe they think that I am all noise, no substance. I cannot blame them. After all, some of them are just so perfect.

Tomorrow, I will start reporting in the office again. Wish me luck. I will need it.

Smile naman dyan!! God bless us all!!

P.S. Ano ba yan?! One month na since nawala yung cellphone ko at hanggang ngayon, di pa rin sya napapalitan!! ^_^

Monday, July 10, 2006

sporty spice

So Italy won the 2006 World Cup. It was a battle between to “blue” teams—the azzuri and les bleus. The azzuri’s prevailed after they outscored team les bleus in penalty shootout. Well no one really expected the two teams to face off in the finals except of course the Italians and the French. Hehehe!! Sabi ko na nga kasi mananalo ang Italy eh!! Mas madami kasing lolo dun kesa sa prominent lolo from France na si Zinedine Zidane!!

Over-all the World Cup was a success. Sobrang dami pa palang cute players bukod kay David Beckham at isa na ito: si Fernando Torres ng Spain.

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Fernando Torres: Muy Gwapito!!

I was actually rooting for them before they lost to France in the quarterfinals. I guess Spain will just have to wait for 4 more years to see if they can get hold of a World Cup in 2010!!

In Wimbledon, Tennis’s biggest grand slam, Roger Federrer won his 4th straight title after he defeated Rafael Nadal in 4 sets. They are both hot in their own ways. Gwapo!! Hehehe! You get to decide who’s hotter!! Hehehe!!

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Rafael Nadal, Muscle kid

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Roger Federrer hot, hot, hot!!

Finally, after a year, UAAP’s back!! Sobrang excited ako pre-season pa lang. People are saying that UST has big chance to land a spot in the Final 4. UST’s chance comes from the fact that there are only 7 teams competing this season after DLSU was suspended, and the fact that UST has some amazing recruits this season—Gervy Cruz, Mel Gile, and AC Marquez. In their game against U.P. yesterday, Gervy was the top scorer. Mel Gile provided the defensive stops for the team. Jemal Vizcarra’s also back. Pero too bad, mukhang mag-eexit sya agad after the accident he got himself into yesterday. UST lost to UP 90-92. Pero ayos din lang. Sinwerte lang UP!! Hehehe!! I am keeping my faith!!

Nanood ako ng live at ang daming cute na friends nung de Asis. Nakita ko din ang machong machong si Bruce Quebral!! Bwehehehe!! Daming cute talaga na nasa venue. Kakaiba talaga yung feeling kapag nanonood ka ng live kesa nanonood ka sa TV. Pag sa TV mo pinapanood yung labat, you get the plays instantly because they are explained by the sportscasters. Pero iba pa din talaga pag live. Kapag nakikicheer ka ng live. Kapag naririnig mo yung drums. Kapag nakikita mo yung reaction ng players kahit na commercial. At kapag may nagsasabi sa iyo kinabukasan na pinakita ka sa TV!! Bwehehehehe!! Pinakita daw kami ni bosses Kalai and Nascel!! Hahaha!! Katuwa naman yun!!

Ahhhhh basta, kahit ano man ang mangyari sa Thursday, I am keeping the faith!! 1 4 UST!!

Smile naman dyan!! God bless us all!!