Thursday, May 25, 2006

nagaamplaya sa american idol

WTF may be used to express shock. I am not surprised by this year’s American Idol results but I am still going to used it. WTF? Taylor Hicks won.

I am big fan of Katharine and I want her to win. With all objectivity, I can say that the producers and the judges of the show have not been objective. I dare say that it is a TV show, not a talent competition.

First case in point, the producers of the show wanted a male winner all season. They built up the images of Chris, Taylor, Elliot and Ace. I know the producers thought no matter what they do, they cannot make Kevin or Bucky win.

Second point. Before the finale, the judges, especially Simon, were already vocal that they think Taylor will win. Not wanting to end up being wrong and looking stupid, they made sure that they give Taylor good reviews. The three, MOST especially Paula, are stupid.

Third point. Song choice my ass. I have been following American Idol since its third season. What the two remaining contestants do in the end is sing two songs of their choice and the same song which will be the first single of the new American Idol. But this year was different. They gave the two different singles. Supposing Randy was right that Taylor’s song was more beautiful than Katharine’s, then Kat was cheated then and there. But I still stand by what I said, the judges, including Randy, are stupid.

Fourth point. When Elliot was booted out, the producers made sure that Kat would look bad. They showed Kat’s and her mother’s merry faces when many people think it was not the right thing to do—be happy when someone’s booted out. But I doubt that they are happy because Elliot was eliminated; they are happy because Katharine reaches the final 2.

Fuifth point. Even last year’s finale was not fair. They made Bo Bice sing 2 gospel songs which are undoubtedly not his forte. Favoritism.

Overall, this season of American Idol is a forgettable one. Taylor’s awesome, but Katharine should have won. Arghhhh.

Smile naman dyan!! God bless us all!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I Wish This Is Not The Last Stand

If you have not seen X-Men III: The Last Stand (you have to see it) yet, then you have two choices: read my blog or pass it out. What you will lay your eyes into in 5 seconds contain spoilers:

1. Jean Grey is still alive, this time, very dangerous as the Phoenix. Turns out, she has been repressing her alter-ego for a long time because Phoenix is dangerous. The Phoenix brings out the vixen in Jean Grey.

2. The “cure” to mutation was found. It comes from a young mutant named Leech who can repel mutant powers permanently.

3. New mutants are introduced in this film and are killed in the end because they belong to the “evil” side: Callisto, Spike and that other butch-looking mutant. Juggernaut and Multiple Man are also in the movie but I am not sure if they are killed. Shadowcat and Collosus are still on the “good” side but this time, they are given more airtime and are also more exciting. The Beast is also in the film.

3. Jean Grey kills Cyclops, or at least the movie wants us to believe just that. I refuse to buy this one. If the producers decide to do a new X-men movie, which I hope they do, then it will not be a surprise to me if the gorgeous James Marsden reprises his role.

4. Ben Foster, who plays Angel, was “underused” in this movie. The producers and Director Brett Ratner should have capitalized on Foster’s good looks. They are not gay, I guess.

5. Halle Berry, who plays Storm in the trilogy, is more exciting in the third installment that how she was in the earlier two. Her hot new do helps a lot. The real Halle should lose the curls and go back to her short locks.

6. Mystique, played by the sultry Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, loses her powers in the middle of the movie in an attempt to cover Magneto’s back, literally. He becomes human again and is forsaken by Magneto. Guess who else loses her powers? Anna Paquin’s Rogue. She gives in to the pressure that she cannot touch her boyfriend Iceman without hurting him. She goes to the city and gets herself some doze of the cure. Find out later who else “loses” his powers.

7. You can stop reading now if you think you have had too much, already.

8. The most poignant part of the film? Professor X gets killed. He was annihilated by the Phoenix in the "battle of the brains". I was shocked. But will Patrick Stewart return, if and when the producers decide to make another X-Men movie, to revive (double meaning, double purpose) Charles Xavier? Who else dies in the film? Find out later.

8. Magneto loses his powers in the battle. He was given a dose of the cure by the Beast with the help of Wolverine. But in a span of just about five minutes, the director makes us think that Magneto, now staying in a facility for old people, has not really lost his power. I think Sir Ian McKellen is overexposed these days. He stars in two big films this summer: the da Vinci Code and X3. But what can we do? Magaling ang lolo nyo eh!!

9. In the end, Wolverine kills Jean Grey to “save” her. Hey that’s how you “salvage” people in the Philippines. The world has a lot to learn from our third-world country, don’t you think?

10. Overall, it was a “Wolverine movie”. Hugh Jackman was virtually in every scene. A move to promote his spin-off movie “Wolverine” which might be shown in theaters next Summer. Totoo, may Wolverine movie talaga!! Hindi ito joke.

11. Overall, Rush Hour director Retner, who took the job from Bryan Singer, did a pretty good job. Film critics might say that X2 is better than this one, but I enjoyed the third installment more. Moreover, X-Men III: The Last Stand is far better than the Da Vinci Code. So if you are in the dilemma which movie to watch, and have only enough money to see one movie, I suggest you see X3.

12. I want Katharine McPhee to win American Idol.

Anti-climatic, huh? It’s not my fault, you had a choice.

Smile naman dyan!! God bless us all!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

controversies and making history

The Da Vinci Code is undoubtedly one of the most controversial films this year. Following the movie The Passion of the Christ and the documentary Gospel of Judas, Ron Howard’s movie adaptation of Dan Brown’s best-selling novel discusses the life of Jesus Christ. And the whole Catholic world is on its toes for two very different reasons—some are very eager to watch it while the others are quick to challenge it because they think it will shake their’s and others’ faith.

I saw the movie last Sunday at Gateway in Cubao. The movie is banned in all cinemas in Manila and Manila Mayos Atienza backs the order. Manila cinemas exhibiting the movie will be reprimanded. At 10 am, many people had already fallen in line to be part of (hi)story. Who are you kidding? Some people not watch the movie because they are fans of the novel (some, including myself, have not even read the book), much more fans of Tom Hanks or the relatively unknown French actress Audrey Tautou. Some of these people watched the movie because they did not want to be left out in the latest buzz. Just imagine hearing your office mates or classmates talk about it and there you are looking stupid and have nothing to share.

The actors did a splendid job especially Tautou who played Sophie and the gorgeous Paul Bettany (he, not Hugh Grant, is definitely the yummiest British actor known to Hollywood world) who played Silas. But aside from that, there are no more praises I can think of. I also overheard my brother talking to his friend in the phone saying the movie was not faithful to the book. To those who read the novel, watch and figure out for yourselves. The movie is forgettable; no wonder it received lukewarm reviews from movie critics. It was a thriller that did not really thrill me. But if you have some bucks to spare, or are too bored with your lonely lives, or do not want to look stupid in front of your colleagues, watch the movie. Please forget my unparallel sentence construction. ^__^

I dare appeal to the moralists who want the movie banned, watch the movie. You are being extra stupid because aside from not being able to relate with your colleagues who have seen the movie and talk about it, you are already judging it when, in fact, you have not even been able to see the movie. Chillax!! Be reasonable.

Congratulations to Oracion, Emata and Garduce, the first three Filipinos who have reached the summit of Mt. Everest. I am not sure, though, if I got your names right. Next time, please don’t fall prey to the trap of the two warring networks. Share with each other the triumph of conquering the highest peek in the world and being Filipino. This is not a victory for the Kapamilya’s and the Kapuso’s. This is the victory of the entire Filipino Nation.

But being Pinoy is, in many instances, equated with being controversial. I read recently that a wife of a mountaineer is claiming that her husband (I forgot the name), was the first one to reach the summit—yes, ahead of Oracion. Hayyy!! Abangan na lang natin ang susunod na kabanata!!

Smile naman dyan!! God bless us all!!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

tao lang: i make mistakes and i learn from them.

My spirits are low. Since being part of V, I have always been consistent in saying and writing that wrorking for the paper is not an easy task. Gathering your materials, putting them to writing, waiting for your editor to check them, revising them, then waiting for the approval of all your editors are all too arduous. But I am not the one to complain. I applied for this. And I look at the experience as a challenge where I can also learn a lot.

Having your editors correct your work may seem painful for others. Being edited can crush your ego and your belief that you have talent. I admit I feel that too. But most of the time, I consider it a learning experience. I see to it that I thank all my editors after they correct my works because I learn a lot from them. They know better and more than I do. But what I read hours back crushed my heart.

“If you want to stay as V staffer, you better shape up.”
“You can laugh and make fun in the office but make sure that you enter the corrections accurately.”
“Your article is prima facie evidence of carelessness and indifference.”

Those remarks did not hurt me. Having overlooked at some of the corrections I was supposed to enter was my fault. What hurt me was this:

“Take your work seriously.”

Excuse me. But I am taking my work seriously . I regularly come to the office with the main purpose of working, not mingling with the other staffers. Socializing with them is only secondary. I sacrifice the time that I should be spending with my dad— who only returns to the Philippines during our summer vacation— just to go to the office and work. And you think I am not taking my work seriously? You think that I am not taking my work seriously because I overlooked some of the corrections? Please, give me a break.

Tonight the selection committee deliberates on who gets the ax and who stays. If I get the ax, it will be painful. I will be bitter but only for a short time. After all, I will take with me all the lessons I have learned from my editors and from the other writers. I will also take the memories of going on an outing with the V staff in Caylabne and spending 3 days in Caleruega for the retreat. I will also take with me the relationships I formed with the friends I met in V. The biggest regret I will have is missing on doing a lot of things with my dad this summer to go the V office and take my work seriously .

Hours back, I prayed to the Lord. Do not let this destroy my spirits. This is only a challenge.

Please understand why I am writing this. I was and still hurt. But this, too, shall pass.

Smile naman dyan!! God bless us all!!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

isang pasasalamat

Being a mother is never easy, well at least, that's how i see it. Some people think that mothers' day is a bit over-rated but hey, a day honoring our mothers is never enough for all the love they have given us. So to all mothers out there,

happy mothers'


And to my mom, I love you kahit na matigas ulo mo!!

smile naman dyan!! God bless us all!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

o kamon

kamusta naman?

may bago ng layout ang blog ko!!

woohoo!! yehey!!

pansinin nyo sya!! indian-inspired ang drama

at todo-level up dahil may flash na sya ngayon!!

at mas maayos na rin ang fonts!! yehey di na tayo mahihirapan magbasa!!

tsaka di nyo na kelangan mag navigate!! nasa isang page na lahat!!

mejo wala pa syang tagboard pero malapit na rin yun!! hintay lang ng konti!! hehe

lahat ng yan ay gawa ng napakabait

at napakagwapo(?) kong kaklase, ka-varsi at kaibigang si rafael!!

salamatzki rap!!

isa lang masasabi ko!!

o kamon!!

Smile naman dyan!! God bless us all!!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

holiday varsitarian style

I am back from a holiday!! It is Sunday and I will be off to work again tomorrow. I have to cover the CollAsia event tomorrow night for Circle and then do some legwork for News the rest of the week. Deadline’s on Friday. Hectic, noh?

Because of all those things I still have to do, I cannot help but wish that we were still on a holiday. Puro sarap at saya lang. Hehehe!! But then again, life is not a bed of roses, so is Varsi. You will really have to work your butt off to last.

Yun na nga, kagagaling lang namin sa outing mula Lunes hanggang Huwebes sa Caylabne Bay Resort sa Cavite. Hearing the resort’s name, one might think that it is one of those chipipay resorts in Cavite. But once one gets there, one will know the he is mistaken. Caylabne is fabulous. It has a beach, a marina, two swimming pools, a creek, different sports amenities, and dozens of air-conditioned cottages complete with kitchen, ref, telephone, bathroom and television. Ang problema lang dun sa lugar ay yung food. Di sila ganun kasarapan!! Hehehe!! Pero sino ba naman kami, para tumanggi sa libreng pagkain? Hehehe!!

It was nice being in Caylabne. I really got closer with the people I work with in Varsi. Todo bonding kami ngayon. Kasi unlike nung retreat sa Caleruega, mas fun yung mga activities namin ngayon. Mas nakapag-bond kami. Mas masarap din ang tulog dahil aircon na at mas malaki yung kwarto ngayon. Sobrang lawak din ng lugar kaya di mo pipilitin na maglibot sa ilalim ng init ng araw.

We did not just chill when we were in Caylabne. Caylabne was also the venue for the annual V-sports fest. All the staffers are divided among three tribes- Gothic, Bodoni and Itals.

*** Gothic vs Bodoni vs Itals ***

The V-sports fest has been running for a long time now. The battle among the three tribes has always been fierce. And it was fiercer this year.

I got drafted by Gothic. With all objectivity I can muster, I can say that Gothic is the winningest tribe among the three. Galing noh? Hehehe!! I was really happy when I got picked by Gothic.

The three tribes fought it out in different events: basketball, volleyball, swimming, badminton, billiards, cheering, pretty boy, bad girl, and Ms. Caylabne. After three days of intense competition, only one tribe emerged victorious. Hala!! Nagtaka pa kayo? Syempre Gothic!! At ito, Grandslam na kami after winning the general championship for three consecutive years. Bragging rights for one more year, what can I say? Hahahaha!!

*** Last Night, on being a slave and being helpless ***

Our last night in Caylabne was reserved for the outgoing’s rite where we pay tribute to all the outgoing staff members of V. It was a memorable night especially for the outgoing staffers who have been working together for a long time. It was a symbolic night, as the incoming and incumbent staffers honored the outgoing staffers. Masaya na sana ang lahat eh, nang bigla akong nakatanggap ng text galling sa kapatid ko. May problema pala sa Cavite. I felt really guilty and helpless because there I was in Caylabne enjoying while my mom and my siblings were trying to make ends meet in Cavite. I could not help but cry at that moment. Sobrang wrong timing pa dahil akala nung iba, ang dahilan ng pagkabalisa ko ay yung announcement ni Kuya Erick na sila na ni Ate Taz. Hello?! Hello ulit?! Hehehehe!! Di talaga yun yung dahilan sana maklaro na. Nakakahiya kasi eh hehehe!!

After airing my feelings to Ketch bakla, who was very kind and very accommodating, we went to the tent where the rest of the outgoing’s rite was to be held. There, all the outgoing staffers remembered all their memorable moments in their stay in V. Meanwhile, the incoming staffers functioned as servants. It was exhausting dahil di kami nakatulog nung hapon. Nagpractice kasi kami pra sa incoming staffers’ performance. Pero it was also touching at the same time as we got to witness the outgoing and incumbent staffers while they reminisce. Pinatulog kami nung mga superiors namin ng 3 am. Natapos sila mga 8 am na!! Grabe!!

Kinabukasan, uwiaan na!! Hayyyy I am going to miss Caylabne. I love(d) Caylabne. I cannot wait for the mid-year outing!! Hehe!!

Eto nga pala yung pictures:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
the whole news staff upon arrival at Caylabne

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
bodies beautiful. new and old friends taking a break from swimming.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Gothic tribe pageant representatives. Stand-out tlga hehehe!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
the fabulous epal chilling under the sun. kamusta nmn un? hehehe

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
the whole Varsi staff braving the heat of the sun just to pose for pictures.

Go find your princes while I play with frogs!! God bless us all!!

P.S. Woohoo!! Charitai’s also back in the Philippines. I am so happy!! But she told me that she is not going to stay for long. She will be leaving for the States this June. I cannot wait to see her again.

Watch out for a surprise!! Maganda ang surprise na ito!! Thanx in advance, rap!!