Sunday, August 21, 2005

Bitches hate bitches. I am sure. I am certain. Ang magnanakaw ay galit sa kapwa magnanakaw. Bitches hate bitches. Yesterday, I came across with two articles chronicling the lifestyles of the supposed rich but anonymous. One article was about a girl who shops whenever she feels bad. She cried when her classmate back in kinder noticed that the LV bag that her mother gave her was fake. She befriended her classmate and up to now, they remain buddies and are constant shopping mates. She got mad at her high school teacher when her teacher intentionally dropped her Prada bag.

***From high school to college***

I can’t believe it. That girl was using Prada in HS when I still am not sure if I will be able to buy one for my mom by the time I turn 30.

I must say that I have transformed. Back in High school, I wasn’t really the most fashionable guy in school although I was one of the more famous people (modesty aside!!). I wore really baggy clothes (eewwe), I wore a golden tie that did not match my shirt back when Avril was still really famous (eewwe). No, no, no. I would not want to continue anymore with all my fashion crimes. Nahihiya na ako!! Haha!! Now I can’t say that I am the most fashionably fight guy in college. There are just so many people!! But I can say that I have found the style I love and I am willing to change for the better or if there really is a need for change. I can also tell if a girl/guy is a fashion victim. How? I just look at them. Tell them if they look good, shut up if they don’t, tell them that they suck if we’re close.

***Ostentatious Blogger/Queen Bulimia***

The other article was about one of the most famous and most fabulous (famous and fabulous are of course relative) bloggers in the World Wide Web. He writes about himself, what’s the latest about him, himself, what he wore during last night’s party, himself, the bitches he were with yesterday, himself, what he bought and where he bought it, and himself some more. He raves about the latest in LV, Lagerfeld, Galliano, Jacobs and many others. All his entries are accompanied with pictures (pictionaries), many of which feature him donning his latest buys. I read that he even took a picture of him and his new bag and the picture had a caption that says “don’t hate me just because my bag is your annual income.” He took a picture of a shawl/shrug which was made of rabbit fur. He wrote that rabbits are generic and they can multiply easily so he does not really care. I wanted to strangle the guy after reading those things and seeing a picture of a dead rabbit in his entry. But what endears me to this bitch is that he is fabulous, he condemns HOMOcide, and he does not write his entries just to please his readers. All those of course have reasons which make me want to still strangle him. He is fabulous because he can afford to be fabulous. He condemns HOMOcide because he is gay- he could be the next victim, and he does not write entries to please his readers because he wants to please only himself. Of course, if you can afford to buy all those things, all those bags, all those clothes, all those coats and all those friends then go splurge all you want. But remember that you could have spent your money wisely. There are so many kids out there who could not afford to go to school and you remain oblivious of their condition. Of course, you can always say that it is not your fault if they are poor.

***NO Sex and the City/That Bulletin Board Post***

I must admit that I envy him because he has the purchasing power to buy all those designer thingymajiggies but bitches hate bitches. The bigger bitch you are, the more bitches hate you. My life is no sex and the city and I am no Carrie Bradshaw. Carrie lives in fabulous New York, while I reside in poverty-stricken Manila; Carrie writes for Vogue while I can only dream of doing it; Carrie has friends and I have friends too, but they do not wear Chanel or Prada (but my friends are better, and they are real-not fictional and stereotypical characters.); Carrie’s all sexed up while I remain a virgin (ows??); Carrie has a collection of her Blahniks while I am happy with my single Chuck; Carrie’s 30+ while I am 17- and that is where the difference lies. I can make those things happen or make even better things happen. That brings me to the bulletin board entry JP posted. You are happy and optimistic and positive when you are young because you still don’t have any idea of what you do not know, or in this case of how you cannot afford a Jimmy Choo.

***Love affair with Celine/ Celine’s Hate Affair***

I loved Celine’s article last Sunday. She wrote that she couldn’t believe that after all the publicity she brought to some supposed friends, those friends would still stab her in the back. That is the curse that comes with being a constant of Manila’s or New York’s or Paris’ society pages- you do not know who is a real friend and who is just pretending to be a friend. What can I say, bitches hate bitches!!

***And Oh***

Oh, just because you can afford all those Miu Miu and Pucci, means that you are already fabulous. And oh, just because you have that Shu Uemura on your face, means that you already look like a Hollywood goddess. And oh, just because you are at every posh party in town means that you are wanted and you are a star.

Think Kris Aquino. She is rich and all that. She can afford Rajo’s and Paul’s and all that. But she dresses funny. Style Icon? Not!! Definitely not!! I have seen game ka na ba last Saturday and this gay contestant made a comment that Kris reminded him of Madonna when the latter presented a Grammy. Shiekx!! Madonna is Madonna and Kris is err.

Bitches hate bitches. The poor hates the rich. The rich hates the poor. The poor loves the poor. The rich hates the rich. The rich hates the noveau riche. The noveau riche loves the rich one fight party and hates the rich the next day. The poor does not even know how to spell noveau riche.

This is not a hate-blog. And I do not mean to be mean or to bash the lavish lifestyles of the rich and the famous or the rich and the anonymous. These are just thoughts of a 17 year old guy who is affected by the unreasonable oil price-increases but does not own a car. Let us eat cake, not your shit!!

That was all, folks. Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal!! God bless us all!!

P.S. If you want to read the blog that I was raving and ranting about, click this, and enjoy/denounce the experience, click bitch.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

win.loss card

Win/Loss CARD. I am back. I have already written an entry that was supposed to be published last Friday night but due to lagged Internet connection, I was not able to post it. It was about a teacher who was being “democratic” when dealing with his students who cheated and another professor who included items in the exam, which he did not discuss. They were purely evaluations and reactions but I took the incident of it being not published as a warning that I might get caught again had I put out the story although this time I think I can prove my innocence well plus I have mastered the spur-of-the-moment excuse.

Everyone who has read my post in the friendster bulletin must be very well aware of the fact that I lost my sun sim. It was a mishap that I could have prevented. In fact, I was about to prevent it but I let go of the chance to do so. The amount I loaded to the sim the night before I lost it is a sorry loss but the memories that vanished with the sim is a more sorry one. I will repeat it; can I not have 2 sim card and use them both?

I went home after pe class yesterday and opened the TV enthusiastically. I was very eager to watch the UAAP-NCAA all-star game only to see how the NCAA all-stars beat the hell out of the asses of the UAAP reps. I also did not go to church yesterday because I thought ‘gawi was performing during the 2nd game’s half-time. It turned out to be the languid Letran pep. I was disappointed just thinking about the opportunity cost. I went to the church early morning today instead. I thanked daddy Lord because he helped me all throughout the Prelims week. Thank you, Daddy Lord!!

Of course, win/loss card is a term related to sports especially to those which involve round or double round robin eliminations like volleyball and basketball. Speaking of basketball, UST beat UP today. Yehey!! UST now holds a 2-6 win/loss card. It took the tigers another extra 5 minutes just to beat the Diliman-based cagers led by hotties Marvin Cruz and Gino Ferrer (do I see myself swooning here?). The win is a great morale-booster for Santo Tomas now that the 2nd round has started. Dylan played pretty well this afternoon. What the tigers should realize and they should take this seriously is that they lack consistency and that sustaining ability to protect their leads. If only they would be able to protect their leads well and be more consistent then they will not have that hard of a time beating other squads. I hope that their winning will continue. Viva Santo Tomas!!

That was all, folks!! Thanx for being one with the fabulous epal!! God bless us all!!