Sunday, October 29, 2006


I was so disappointed last night. You see, my friend Emil and I have been planning to go to Malate even before the Sem Break started. We have not seen each other since the start of the classes. I was all set and excited to go when Emil said that he “cannot” go because the two of us were the only ones going. He wanted some more company.

We went to Malate this time last year. He said that he is afraid I might not enjoy again because of his being KJ. Malate is such a fun place especially during this time of the year—Halloween. Trick-or-Tricking is not really a common practice in poor countries such as ours. But Malate is different. Everyone dresses up for the occasion. You will love the drag queens parading in their “scary”, colorful costumes.

I have seen my grades. For the second straight semester, I am not on the dean’s list. And for the second straight sem, I was only .3+ short of making it. Unlike last sem when I was really disappointed, this seam I learned to accept it. I was even more thankful because I got higher grades than what I expected to get especially in subjects where I underperformed.

My grades also made me realize what I failed to recognize last sem—that I can make it to the dean’s list even if I have Varsi, and other activities on the side if I just try. I will just have to study harder next time. Give more time to studying my lessons, and less on leisure and other senseless activities.

Speaking of Varsi, we went on an outing-slash-retreat this week at Ricky Reyes’ Golden Sunset Resort in Calatagan, Batanggas.

The place sucked compared with Caylabne. The tap water tasted like salt water, so did the water from the pools. The food wasn’t that outstanding either. The rooms were not special. But who am I to complain? I did not spend a single cent to get there.

But what I really enjoyed during my stay there was, of course, the company of my Varsi friends. It has been a long time since we had that much fun together.

Here are some pictures:

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Ang dahilan kung bakit akog nagkasipon—si Ketch!!

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Chillax at picture-picture muna bago mag-swimming

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After ng initiation night. Lito, lito sa puso ko!!

The other pictures are at

May bagong bagyo na naman. I hope it’s not as bad as Milenyo!!

Smile naman dyan!! God bless us all!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Internet, inkblots, irritating behaviour

Noticed how often I use the word “finally” to start most of my entries? Well at least to make things different now, I started this entry with the word “noticed”. But my next paragraph will start with the word

Finally!! After 3 weeks, I now have Internet access at home again. I have been wondering why each time I try to connect to the World Wide Web, the window says there was no dial tone when our two phones were working perfectly. It turned out that the cord the connects the cpu to the phone was the problem. Anyhow, I am really happy right now because I’ve got Internet again.

Because I had no Internet access at home for the past three weeks, I was not able to write about the championship of the UST Men’s Basketball squad. Ja-ne, Jewel, and I were present during the three Finals games to support UST no matter how busy we were and how difficult purchasing tickets was. Heck, we were present in most of their games. And I cannot help but feel proud about the Cinderella story the Tigers were able to pull off.

But three weeks after being crowned UAAP basketball champs, the Tigers are somewhat rubbing me the wrong way right now.

They exude this new air—no not the air that actually draws you closer to them, but repels you. It might just be me, but I dare say that the Tigers are a change team—and not in a good way.

Jewel had this experience with a Tiger who sent her a text message that he has a naughty side. He said that he had been on a “sex leave” ever since the season started. I am not going to name this Tiger but what he said definitely put him on a different “spin” in my book.

I heard that this same Tiger flirted with a dozen girls during the Tiger’s victory party at Malate, not minding that the girl he supposedly likes was in the venue and was keeping a close high on him.

The Tigers were also invited by Sir Lito during the 2006 Inkblots for Quinito Henson’s sports writing lecture. They were given first-class treatment. They were seated in front. But that was the Varsi staff members’ biggest mistake because some of the Tigers had the balls to sleep during Henson’s lecture. Kaunting hiya naman!! Nasa unahan pa man din kayo.

Some people may go against what I have written here, but hey, we are all entitled to our own opinion. Also, bear in mind that I am not generalizing. There are still some Tigers who gained the championship, but never lost their decency.


Speaking of Inkblots, its eighth edition was a success. There might have been kinks along the way, but all-in-all, everything was fine. I met a lot of new people from other schools. They were fun to talk to.

I was also able to meet the biggest personalities in the world of journalism. Damn, I met media heavyweights Charie Villa, Jiggy Manicad, Ruel de Vera, Sandra Aguinaldo, Manuel Quezon III, Jess Abrera and many others. But the best thing was I got to seat beside my idol and inspiration, Maria Ressa.

Eto pic namin o, together with Sir Lito.

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Si Sir Lito, ako, at si Idol

I am planning to have the layout of my blog changed. Hello, Rafael?

Smile naman dyan!! God bless us all!!