Sunday, August 27, 2006


This week has been a rollercoaster-ride for me. And I am not a fan of roller coasters.

It all started a heartbreak. I thought that this guy I met was going to be “it”. Although I am not looking for someone whom I can spend the rest of my life with (I am too young to do just that.), I am looking for someone whom I will be with for a long time. There comes a time when I get tired of playing. There comes a time when I do not look for just sex. This is the time. I have known the guy for just a short time, and yet, I fell for him. I thought he was an amazing guy. Until I realized that he had not been to honest with me. In short, I was fooled—again.

I cried hard the whole of Tuesday—the day I realized it was all just a lie. I cried myself to sleep. I cried upon waking up. I cried before eating.

I have cried for two straight days. That is why on Thursday, I went to watch the basketball game pitting UST against FEU . Good thing Ja-ne and Jewel accompanied to watch the game with me. You see, Varsi people have always stopped me from watching the game. They believe I was the jinx. Each time I watch, UST loses. But I still went. I did not mind if UST would miss the services of JoDun and Jun Cortez. I did not mind if UST would likely lose to FEU. Good thing, I did not give a damn. UST won the match. It was the first game I watched live that UST won. Yes, it was my first time in my three years of college life.

Now, the guy who fooled me and I are back on speaking terms. He sent me a letter on Thursday night apologizing for what he did. Here are some excerpts:

i know that ur not ok, and its all my fault.i just make u feel miserable.lonely.and stupid. i take all the blame now, it just gone flat on my can say anything to me now.ill catch it all.murahin mo na ko! please.

Ivan im so sorry. im very sorry. the only truth in me is my feelings for you.totoo yon. mahal na mahal kita. di ko lang alam na aabot ito nang ganito ka kumplikado.aabot sa point na even i will fall on my own imagination.di ko alam na mag mamahal ako at in return may mag mamahal din sakin.
kala ko after a few days wala ka na at wala na din ako, hindi pala iyon ka dali.

am at school kanina,depressed pa rin. pinipilit kong tumawa sa mga joke nila but it seems bland.then naalala ko nanaman ung ginawa ko sau then my tears just run down.shit.umiyak nanaman ako without knowing school pa.i rember our conversation.our plans.ur joke about uod! am still laughing if i remember it. and i always will.

We’ve told each other that we are going to fix things. I am expecting him to be honest this time. I used to love the guy—the guy he told he was. Now, I am giving him another chance. Maybe we’ll end up as friends. Or maybe I’ll hate him the rest of my life. Or maybe he’s the one I am looking for.

Woohoo, today UST avenged its first-round loss to Ateneo which murdered the Tigers. I did not watch the game live. I was afraid Atenedo will have another blow-out win agains UST. But to my surprise, and I guess to the surprise of all Thomasians and Atenistas, the Growling Tigers dealt the Blue Eagles their first loss in nine outings. No sweep for the Katipunan-based squad this season.

The win was very important because a loss would have pulled the Tigers, who were seating at third place prior to today’s match, to the 5th spot. Maganda ang nilaro ng mga Tigers kahit na wala sila Jodun at Cortez, at ngayon pati na rin si Espiritu. Lahat sila may Typhoid Fever. There must be something wrong with the food the Tigers are eating. Tsk tsk.

I’ve already thought the Tigers’ chances to a final 4 slot were going against God’s will. I, together with many Thomasians, was already losing hope. But after three straight wins, the Tigers may just be able to clinch a place in the final 4. That will please me—after all, it only takes a single basketball game to please me after a heartbreak.

Smile naman dyan!! God bless us all!!

P.S. Pahabol!! Please make sure to get a copy of the latest issue of the varsitarian!! Akin yung banner story eh tungkol dun sa nursing leak eh!! hehehe!! laking pagod ang pinagdaanan ko para lang matapos yung istoryang iyun!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

look-a-like, leak

It’s been a long time since I last blogged. I have been very busy these past few days I could not even reply to my friends’ online messages, or watch high school reunion on dvd, or watch the other dvd’s Ketch lent me.

The last time I blogged was when UST defeated UE in their first encounter. UST was sitting in 3rd place back then with a 2-1 win-loss card. Now UST is at the bottom of the heap with a 2-5 win-loss card.

Enough of that. Ever heard a relative or a friend say you look like someone? I have. And the list of celebrities they compare me with ranges from the wow-do-I-really-look-like-him up to the hala-ganyan-ba-ko-kapangit types.

This is my picture:

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Tapos eto naman daw ‘yung mga ungas na kahawig ko (sabi nila ha!! Hindi ko!!)

Sobrang dami ng tao ang nakapagsabi sa akin na kahawig ko daw itong Koreanong ito. It all started with my cousins in Cavite who told me that I look like Full House’s Justin. I was not watching full house that time so I did not have any idea who Justin was. Until the time came that Full House became so popular. Noon ko lang nakilala sa Rain. Last night, I went to the class of Mr. C to deliver all the papers he was supposed to edit. His students started saying Rainier—obviously coming from Rain’s character’s name in A Love to Kill. It must be the eyes and the nose.

Pero sabi ni ate Palo, sabi daw nung kaibigan niya, mukha daw pinagwapong tae sa Rain. Hahaha!! Siguro mukha din akong pinagwapong tae!! Haha!!

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***Marky Cielo***
Madami-dami na din ang nakapagsabing kamukha ko si Marky. Hindi ko alam sa kanila. May nakapagsabi na din na kahawig ko daw si Iwa Moto. Hahaha!! Tang ina, ilusyonada!! Lol!! Does that mean, pang-starstruck ako? Hahaha!! Tang ina ulit!! Basta ako, crush ko si Marky.

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***Jeremy Marquez***
I have been going out with someone as of late. When we first met, he told me kahawig ko daw ‘yung anak ni Joey Marquez. Akala ko naman yung babaeng anak. ‘Yun pala si Jeremy. Hahaha!! It must be the nose and the eyes. Pero mas type ko si Alessandra kesa kay Jeremy. Hahah t-bird!!

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Eto ba hindi ko kamukha? Hahaha!!

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Banner story ng “V” ngayon yung Nursing leak article ko. I have been monitoring the events ever since the controversy started. And I cannot help but feel attached to the story.
Alam ko na ‘yung pasikut-sikot ng kwento. At mahal ko na ‘yung storya. Kaya naman hindi ako basta-basta pumapayag na makipag-collab dun sa mga taga-V na gusto makipag-collab. Sorry, guys.

The people from the College of Nursing (CON) have been very good to me. At sobrang nagpapasalamat ako sa kanila. They entertained my ambush interviews. They supplied me with all the documents that I needed. They invited me in a close-door meeting. They updated me with what their next move is. Ang bait.

Today, the people from CON and other schools braved the rains to get their sentiments across. At nandun ako.

This is the first rally I have ever attended. At hindi ko pinagsisisihan ang pagpunta dito. Aside from the fact that going to the rally was essential to my report, I believe in the cause that the CON is fighting for.

The integrity of the exam is not in question, it is gone. Madaming taong may kasalanan ang nakalusot. Pati mga kakayanan ng mga nurses natin ngayon ay nasasaalanganin.

Masyado nang nanging komersyalisado ang propesyong nursing. Kaya naman madaming nursing schools na mababa ang kalidad ang nagsulputan.

Madami pa ang mangyayari sa nga susunod na araw, at aabangan ko ‘yung mga pangyayaring iyon.

Sa isang forum na dinaluhan ko, sabi ng isang estudyante, “Hindi naman ako nandaya eh. Kampante ako.”

Sabi naman ng isang guro, “Iyan ang palagay mo hija. Pero ‘yan din kaya ang tingin ng mga magiging pasyente at amo mo sa iyo?”

The scam that rocked the Nursing Licensure Exams will undoubtedly pose a big threat to the public healthcare.
Makonsensya naman!!

Smile naman dyan!! God bless us all!!